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Mr. Lin and his family visited London 3 years ago, when he fell in love with the UK, for its education prospects for his children, realising that the UK Universities are renowned for having top ranking Universities in the world.  He also came to the realisation that the UK would hold endless opportunities for his business, should he live here due to the favourable business time zone with the rest of the world, as well as the high quality lifestyle that he could enjoy with his family. 


Mr Lin was referred to Astons by another existing client, due to his extensive business arrangements around the globe, he needed advice from an Immigration expert and Law firm that would assist him with his relocation and business requirements. He needed a house for his family in a prime location, enabling him to secure the uninterrupted education of his children, and enabling him to continue his business at a strong and favourable pace. Mr Lin needed to take immediate action, and find a quick solution that would allow him to move to the UK, without lengthy permanent residence requirements.




Astons were able to assist him with the sourcing, negotiations and acquisition of a new home in Surrey within only 2 weeks, whilst also arranging for the school visits and meetings with tax advisors and other business associates concurrently. With Super Premium service, the whole family received investor visa in only a week. Astons dealt with the whole application process for the investor visa and Astons Law assisted him with his property purchase, ensuring that the purchase went smoothly. Whilst waiting for the completion of the house, Astons arranged a shortlist of schools near to his prime home location and scheduled visits, enabling him to choose the best private school for his children, and also arranged meetings with interior designers, ensuring that his new home met his and his wife’s tastes, for a comfortable and stylish home. The whole process was seamlessly easy, with £10 million investment in the UK, he received his Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for himself and his family, within a very short time, and would only need to be in the UK for 183 days per year, which was ideal for Mr Lin, enabling him to continue his global business travel responsibilities.


Mr. Lin now owns a British business, using London’s competitive advantage in financial services, enhanced by the advantageous London time zone, where it overlaps with those of other global financial markets.


Astons were able to provide a hassle-free and tax-efficient way to invest in the UK. They were able to solve all his relocation, business, financial and family concerns through their extensive network of partners, guiding Mr Lin and hand holding the whole process.  Through Astons’ multi-cultural team including Chinese staff, they were able to fully understand Mr Lin’s cultural priorities and get ‘into his shoes’, to find him the solutions that worked best to meet his goals.  Furthermore Astons were able to refer him to other partners, to extend his own personal business and further enhance it, so as to have a global presence, and ensuring that the business was set up with the correct tax structure and relevant advisory for a profitable future.


Mr Lin now works with Astons as his Trusted Advisors for all his wealth and investment requirements and is happy to refer other friends and associates to Astons, as they surpassed his expectations and made the UK transition experience pleasurable for him and his family.


Astons’ 30 year sterling reputation is not by chance, they understand the values and wants of their elite HNW clients, building strong relationships and growing with their clients and their families, working to preserve their wealth for future generations.


For further information on UK immigration or global residence and citizenship solutions and to discuss your personal circumstances in a private consultation, contact Astons at where their specialist Lawyers and Immigration team will be happy to assist.