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Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investmentAntigua & Barbuda citizenship by investmentAntigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment

    3–4 months
    140 countries

  • Contribution from

Antigua and Barbuda offers the most affordable route to acquiring a second citizenship for the entire family starting from $100,000.

Travel worldwide to over 140 countries, for business or pleasure, including in the EU & UK with a passport of Antigua and Barbuda.

Program Benefits

Established in 2012, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program offers quick and straightforward routes to acquiring a second passport in just 3–4 months with visafree access to over 140 countries worldwide. The most cost-effective Caribbean program with a minimum investment of $100,000 as a government donation for both a single applicant or a family of 4 (A family of 4 consists of the main applicant and spouse, along with 2 children). With a secure process in place, investors will be required to complete the investments only after receiving citizenship application approval.

  • Program Benefits

    Fast-track Citizenship

    Passport granted in just 3-4 months
  • Program Benefits

    The most cost-effective

    Second citizenship for family of 4, from just $100,000
  • Program Benefits

    Visa-free travel worldwide

    Visa-free access to 140 countries, including EU & UK, Hong Kong
  • Program Benefits

    Entire family are eligible

    Including spouse, children, parents and grandparents
  • Program Benefits

    Short investment period

    5 years if you invest in property
  • Program Benefits

    Attractive tax regime

    No tax on income, wealth or inheritance
  • Program Benefits

    No residence requirements

    No physical residency required with an option to obtain your second passport remotely
  • Program Benefits

    Investment required only after approval

    Complete investments after receiving citizenship application approval
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Why Choose Astons

Why Choose Astons for your Antigua and Barbuda Passport Application? If you've set your sights on citizenship by investment in beautiful Antigua and Barbuda, here are some compelling reasons why Astons is the optimal partner!

  • Why Choose Astons

    Astons is a government authorised agent. Our teams offer comprehensive support with every aspect of your application.
  • Why Choose Astons

    We liaise directly with the Antigua and Barbuda government, expediting the process and cutting out third-party delays.
  • Why Choose Astons

    Our professionals work diligently to ensure you have the highest approval chances, with a 100% success rate.
  • Why Choose Astons

    With over 30 years of experience, Astons' consultants can streamline even complex citizenship applications.
  • Why Choose Astons

    Astons is a leading immigration expert, assisting more worldwide clients with Antigua and Barbuda citizenship than any other agent.
  • Why Choose Astons

    We offer specialist teams of lawyers and tax advisors, providing independent advice to ensure your transition goes smoothly
  • Why Choose Astons

    Astons delivers expedited application processing, with fast-track approval delivered in as little as 45-60 days.
  • Why Choose Astons

    Our outstanding citizenship professionals provide a worldwide service, with 24/7 support from a multilingual team speaking a vast array of languages

Visa-free travel to 140 countries worldwide

Global visa-free travel without visa applications and restrictions. Travel the world with a passport of Antigua and Barbuda - get visa-free access worldwide, including in the EU, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Go on a last-minute business trip or take your family on a spontaneous holiday in Europe.

Visa-free travel to 140 countries worldwide

Investment Options

There are several options for investment to gaining citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. To qualify for citizenship, you can either make a donation of $100,000 to the
government or purchase real estate on the island starting from $200,000.

  • OPTION 1

    $100,000 — Non-refundable contribution to the Government

    • The program features the most cost-effective route to acquiring a second citizenship for the family through a government donation of $100,000 covering a family of 4.
    • The same donation amount would be required if an investor applies alone.
    • Contribution to the Antigua National Development Fund is non-refundable.
  • OPTION 2

    $200,000–$400,000 — Investment in real estate

    All real estate options are approved by the government. After 5 years the property can be sold with option to resale to new citizenship applicants, allowing you to release your capital without affecting your citizenship. Property can be resold to another applicant for citizenship program.

    • $200,000 — Minimum investment for a single applicant when applying though a joint investment with another main applicant (2 individual investors with their families).
    • $400,000 — Minimum investment in real estate when applying individually (one investor with the family).

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Acquisition

Astons’ focus is to provide a hassle-free and seamless service assisting you with the citizenship application. We will guide you through every step of the second citizenship acquisition process with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed up to application approval.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship AcquisitionAntigua & Barbuda Citizenship AcquisitionAntigua & Barbuda Citizenship Acquisition
2–4 weeks
Preparation time
Talk to Astons immigration advisers

Our citizenship advisers will evaluate your personal circumstances and assist you in selecting investment options most suitable for you, matching the required criteria to ensure a successful application.

The entire family can be included under one application:

1. Main applicant
— The main applicant must be 18 years of age and above
— The applicant must have a clean criminal record

2. Children, including dependent children up to the age of 28
3. Spouse
4. Dependent parents and grandparents over the age of 58
Under the program the applicants have to spend a minimum of 5 days in the country within a period of 5 years.

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Prepare documents

A detailed checklist will be provided, and you will be guided through the documents collection stage. Experienced citizenship advisers will collect and check all the documents for compliance and ensure all requirements are met.

8 weeks
Processing time
Submit your application

Once all your original documents are collected and sent to us, citizenship specialists will review your file and prepare it for submission. Your application will be submitted to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda via an authorised local agent, as required by law.

Processing of application

Each application is vetted by the Government through a thorough due diligence background check, during which time submitted information is examined and verified. There is currently no interview requirement.

Receive your pre-approval

Once the application is reviewed by the Government and the decision is made, the applicant will be issued a letter advising of the decision. This letter will be forwarded to you.

4 weeks
Compliance time
Complete your investment

Once your application has been approved, you will be required to complete your investment. (non-refundable contribution or purchase of real estate).

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Acquisition
Antigua And Barbuda Passport in 3-4 months

Upon completion of the investment your citizenship certificate will be issued, and your passport application submitted on your behalf. No visit to Antigua and Barbuda is required, your passport will be couriered to your preferred address.

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