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Portugal Residency by Investment & Golden Visas

Portugal Residency by Investment & Golden Visas

  • Estimated approval in
    90 days
  • Real Estate investment from

  • Investments to be kept for
    5 years
  • Visa-Free Travel within
    26 EU states

Obtain an EU residency for the entire family through the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program.

Your fast-track route to live, work and study in Portugal with further citizenship eligibility after 5 years.

Portugal Program Benefits

One of the most successful immigration programs in Europe, the Golden Residence Permit Program in Portugal, grants the right to live, work and study in the country, with visa-free access within the Schengen zone. The program provides a wide range of investment options, such as purchase of real estate for a minimum value of €280,000 - €500,000, depending on when it was built and the location (if it is within low GDP or low populated density areas). In addition to real estate, alternative investment options are available under the program, such as capital investment of €1,500,000 or creation of at least 10 jobs.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    EU Residency

    Estimated government approval in 90 days.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    Entire Family are Eligible

    Spouses, dependent children and parents.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    Visa-free Travel

    Within Schengen Zone for 90 days within any six-month period.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    EU Permanent Residency & Citizenship

    Apply for citizenship after completing the 5th year.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    Low Minimum Stay Requirements

    7 days during the 1st yr & 14 days during each subsequent 2yrs of residence.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    Attractive Tax Regime

    Beneficial tax regime for non-habitual residents (NHR).
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    Option to Let Your Property

    Secure your EU residency with potential returns on your investments.
  • Portugal Program Benefits

    High Standard of Schooling

    Access to many prestigious universities at lower EU tuition fees.
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Visa-free travel to 26 European states

Portugal Residence by Investment Program offers visa-free access within Shenghen Zone — get visa-free access to 26 EU states, including Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy and Germany. Go on a last-minute business trip or take your family on a spontaneous holiday in Europe — open up Europe with Astons.

Visa-free travel to 26 European states

Investment Options

Investments under the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years from the date the residence permit is granted. Become a permanent resident of Portugal by choosing one of the following three qualifying investments:

  • OPTION 1

    Property Acquisition From €280,000

    • €500,000 - purchase residential or commercial real estate.
      (€400,000 - reduced rate of 20% applied when purchasing a real estate located in low GDP or low populated density areas).
    • €350,000 - purchase residential or commercial real estate over 30 years old requiring renovation. (€280,000 - reduced rate of 20% applied when purchasing a real estate located in low GDP or low populated density)
  • OPTION 2

    Creation of 10 Jobs or Business Investment

    • Create a minimum of 10 new jobs оr
    • Invest a minimum of €500,000 in business and create a minimum of 5 permanent jobs.
  • Option 3

    Capital Transfer From €1,500,000

    Applicants are required to make a capital investment into a Portuguese bank account or specifically approved investment options.

Portuguese Residency Acquisition Process

Astons' focus is to provide a hassle-free and seamless service assisting you with a residency application. We will hand-hold you through every step of the EU residency acquisition process with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed up to application approval.

Portuguese Residency Acquisition ProcessPortuguese Residency Acquisition ProcessPortuguese Residency Acquisition Process
3–4 days
Talk to Astons Immigration Advisors

Astons’ Immigration advisors will evaluate your personal circumstances and help you select the most suitable program and real estate option.

In order to apply you must:
- be at least 18 years of age;
- have no previous criminal convictions;
- be ready to spend at least 7 days per year in Portugal;
- Proof of the qualifying investment;
The main applicant may also add dependents to a residency application, including his/her spouse, dependent children, and parents.

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Prepare Documents

A detailed checklist will be provided, and you will be guided through the documents collection stage. Experienced immigration advisors will prepare all the required documents along with the residency application and will conduct a final check of each document for compliance to ensure all requirements are met, including, proof of investment documentation.

3–4 days
Complete the investment

The purchase of real estate in Portugal, investment in a Portuguese business, or capital transfer to the Bank of Portugal. Astons will provide you with the best investment options available that meet your requirements.

Book a biometrics appointment

We will book an appointment for you and your family to submit biometrics in Portugal.

90 days
Processing time
Submit Residency application

The complete application along with all supporting documents will be submitted to the SEF, the body that processes Golden Residence Permit applications along with documentary evidence of the real estate acquisition or of the investment.

Portuguese Residency Acquisition Process
Receive Residence Permit

Once the application is reviewed you will be granted the residence permit, valid for 1 year, extendable for 2 years each time, provided you meet the 7 days per year requirement, with the right to settle in Portugal and travel throughout the Schengen Area. After the fifth year, you can apply for permanent residency followed by citizenship.

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