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EU Citizenship By Investment

The possibilities to obtain EU citizenship are –


  • a) naturalization – long-term legal residence in the country,
  • b) reparation (proving the existence of kinship ties with a person living or previously resident in the territory of the EU states),
  • c) getting citizenship by investment in Europe.


The naturalization process is quite long, it is possible if the applicant already has a residence permit or permanent residence permit in the country. For example, with the resident card of Portugal it is possible to apply for a passport in just five years of permanent living, in Greece, this process takes about 7 years. To obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit, there must be a legal basis: marriage to an EU citizen, invitation to work, study at a university or also investment.


The official programs of citizenship by investment in Europe provide a more rapid procedure for determining the status of a citizen.


Unfortunately, in February 2022, many programs of EU citizenship through investment, as well as residence permits and permanent residence permits in Europe for investments temporarily suspended their validity for applicants from Russia and Belarus.

ASTONS keeps track of all available and possible options for you.

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Citizenship in Europe

  • Malta Citizenship Malta Citizenship
    • Passport in 14 months
    • Minimum Investment – €1,150,000
    • Visa free travel to 182 countries
  • Montenegro Citizenship Montenegro Citizenship
    • Citizenship in 6 months
    • Minimum Investment – €450,000
    • Visa free travel to 123 countries
  • Turkish Citizenship Turkish Citizenship
    • Passport in 6-8 months
    • Minimum Investment – $400,000
    • Visa free travel to 115 countries

Advantages of EU passport by investment


  • Free residence in any country in Europe;
  • The right to work or conduct business in the EU countries, to register a company;
  • Visa-free travel to the Schengen area and other countries (more than 170 countries);
  • Access to European health and social security systems (pensions, benefits);
  • Right to acquire and dispose of immovable property;
  • Opportunity to study at the best European universities and apply for scholarships and research grants;
  • High standards of living and safety.


How to get EU citizenship by investment


The conditions for participation in citizenship programmes are individual and country-specific: most often it is the acquisition of real estate, donations to public funds or the purchase of bonds. The minimum investment threshold, as well as the official time required for the comprehensive legal and banking verification of the applicant, are established by the Government of the country.


Malta is the only EU country to have an investment citizenship programme. This possibility also exists in Montenegro - the main applicant for membership in the Union in 2025.

The programs provide reliable opportunities for the investor and his family to move to the European Union.


The Maltese passport can be obtained after one year in case of accelerated procedure and after three years in standard mode. The minimum investment threshold is €700,000. The passport of Malta opens the possibility of visa-free entry to 182 countries of the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK and EU countries.


The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme is the fastest second passport scheme in Europe. The process takes 6-8 months. The minimum threshold for entering the program is €450,000. The Montenegrin passport gives citizens freedom of movement without visas to more than 123 countries in the world, including the Schengen area, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and Russia.

Most of the European Union allows you to have a second citizenship without abandoning the former and retaining all rights and obligations in your country.




Astons is a leading investment immigration and relocation provider offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions in the EU and Caribbean.

Astons specialists accompany and take under control clients through all processes – from finding investment solutions and checking documents, issue applications for citizenship to obtaining passports.

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