Astons, a global leader in citizenship- and residency-by-investment and international luxury real estate, has announced a new program simplifying US property purchases in Turkey. This American-style real estate program, based in Astons’ Istanbul office, eliminates cultural and regulatory hurdles for US citizens.

Turkey’s (officially Türkiye) booming luxury real estate market attracts significant US investor interest. However, navigating the business landscape has proven challenging for North Americans.

Astons’ new program enables clients to purchase properties directly, similar to the familiar process in the US. This streamlined program also allows clients to explore residency or citizenship-by-investment options through the same office.

“While Turkey offers a compelling luxury real estate market, navigating its business environment can be a hurdle,” says Alexander Tsyurupa, Head of Astons Istanbul Office. “We’re thrilled to provide a simpler process for US investors familiar with American business practices.”

Astons, with a 30-year legacy in residence and citizenship by investment, offers exclusive listings in over 11 countries. Their programs allow individuals and families to pursue government-endorsed residency or citizenship through secure investments. Astons, originally UK-based with top management and shareholders still in the UK, boasts a global network spanning Europe, the US, Cyprus, the Caribbean, and other sought-after destinations.

This article was adapted from a press release originally distributed on October 3rd, 2023