Dominica Citizenship
by Investment

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3 months

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Programme Benefits

Period of processing up to 3 months

Visa-free travel to 127 countries (including the EU and the United Kingdom)

Minimum investment of $100,000

No visit or residence required

No requirements of wealth, no income or inheritance tax

Minimum period of owning real estate - 3 years

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Two ways to obtain Dominica
citizenship by investment


1. Donation

According to the family category the applicant pays $200,000, which is sufficient for citizenship of Dominica for the applicant, his/her spouse and two children under 18 years. For each additional child under 30 years an extra $25,000 should be paid. If the applicant is single, $100,000 should be paid.

2. Real estate investment

The minimum cost of acquisition is $200,000. The investment should be made for a period of 3 years. When buying real estate, a single applicaut must pay additional $25,000 goverment fee, family up to 4 - $35,000.


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Requirements for investors

No criminal record

Excellent health

Make a direct non-repayable contribution starting from $100,000 or invest $200,000 in real estate

How do we work?

1. Consultation with
an immigration adviser
at Astons

Our certified immigration lawyers carry out a detailed consultation and select the immigration programme that is suitable just for you

2. Selection of
an investment project

We select real estate according to your wishes. If you choose obtaining citizenship through a donation, we will provide full advice on the procedure.

3. Prepayment

We assist in the safe transfer of funds to the account of the escrow agent in a bank of Dominica.

4. Submission of documents
for citizenship

Our experts will collect the necessary package of documents for you and your family and will submit them to the Government of Dominica via an authorised local agent.

5. Due diligence

Obligatory requirement – due diligence for the investor and his/her family members. You do not need to visit the country for this.

6. Completing investments

After checking on due diligence the state agrees to admit you to citizenship. Our advisers assist in the safe transfer of funds.

7. Obtaining citizenship

You passport will be couriered to your preferred adress.


You are required to take the first step –
we take care of all the rest.

Fill in the form and our advisers will contact you to answer all your questions.


About Astons

Astons offers you comprehensive services and a tailored, individual approach.

Our experienced professionals have specialised in citizenship programmes via investment for more than 27 years. We are able to relieve the strain of application and allay any concerns you may have throughout the process. We guarantee full confidentiality and comprehensive support to all our clients.

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The United Kingdom






Saint Kitts and Nevis


Visa, residence permit with the possibility to obtain citizenship




visa-free entry into the EU and the UK

accelerated obtaining of a residence permit (ILR) and fast procedure of registration

residence permit in the EU and visa-free regime

residence permit in the EU and visa-free regime

visa-free entry into the EU and the UK, simplified entry into the USA

Minimum period of residence to apply for citizenship: immediate filing available

5 years

immediate filing available

immediate filing available

immediate filing available

Period of processing the application: up to 3 months

8 weeks

3-6 months

6-24 months

up to 3 months

Amount of minimum investment: $100,000 donation to the EDF; or $200,000 in real estate

£2 million/5 years, £5 million/3 years, £10 million/2 years, invested in government bonds and shares; or £200,000/5 years invested in business in the UK

€2.5 million as a special programme of collective purchase of real estate; €500,000 donation to the Foundation for Development of Science and Technology

€650,000 donation to NSDF; and €350,000 purchase of real estate or lease €16,000/a year; and €150,000 in securities

$250,000 donation to SIDF; or $400,000 in real estate

Amount of investment in euro: from €86,000

from €2.4 million

from €3 million

from €1.15 million

from €200,000

Investment period: 3 years of owning real estate

5 years, 3 years, 2 years

3 years

5 years

non-repayable donation

Visa-free travel to 127 countries

173 countries

151 countries

163 countries

131 countries

Other destinations

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alternative citizenship services

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