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Without any doubt, the United States is the most sought-after destination for residency and citizenship by all global entrepreneurs, investors, and families – making the US Golden Visa, better known as the EB-5 Investor Visa Program one of the most popular investment migration options.

The EB-5 Investor Visa is the quickest and most direct route to living, working, and studying in US for your whole family, and it is the only US visa program that offers a direct route to a green card – as well as US citizenship eligibility after only 5 years.

Like all Golden Visas, the US Investor program is open to individual investors or entire families.

Unlike many Golden Visa programs, the US EB-5 Investor program is open to all nationalities – there are no country exclusions for the program.

US Golden Visa applications typically require around a year for approval which results in a temporary residency permit, and after the second year of residency, Golden Visa holders receive a US Green Card.

Astons’ US office in Fort Lauderdale Florida, has handled hundreds of EB-5 applications assisting global entrepreneurs, investors, and families to realize their own American Dream. Astons’ US team is on the ground and will guide you through every stage of the application process to deliver success – and our experts are available to answer any question, such as:

  • What is the minimum investment requirement for the EB-5 program?
  • How do I know if the project I want to invest in is approved for the Golden Visa program?
  • Is there an investment hold period with the EB-5 program?
  • Can I qualify for the EB-5 Investor Visa through purchasing real estate?

For the US EB-5 Golden Visa, it is best to begin with our Free Confidential and Comprehensive Consultation, and Astons’ experts will analyze how your specific wants, needs, goals, and demands align with the program and provide you with the best solutions.

Trust Astons – a better life awaits.

Program Benefits

US Residency

Live, study,work or retire anywhere in theUS on a conditional Green Card.

Fast Processing

US Residency in 12 months; the EB-5 visa is a faster Green Card route than other US Immigrant Visas.

Whole Family Qualify

Applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 years are eligible

Visa-Free Travel

Green Card holders may visit countries such as Canada and Mexico visa-free. US passport holders may travel to 170+ countries without a visa.


Green Card holders may access public and private high schools and colleges (includingmedical and law school)

Fewer Requirements

The EB-5 program has no specific requirements for employment history, education or English

5 Year Investment Term

Investments in US-approved businesses with a secure return on investment.

US Citizenship

Eligibility for US Citizenship after 5 years of holding a Green Card, subject to requirements.
Program Requirements

The US EB-5 Investor Visa has a very basic list of eligibility requirements:

  • Due Diligence: The US actually implements a very straightforward approach to due diligence – only requiring a complete criminal background check for all applicants 16 and older, standard identity documents, source of funds documentation, and that the investment project be approved for the EB-5 program
  • Investment Threshold: The US Golden Visa requires a minimum investment of $800,000
  • Investment Options: The EB-5 is an investor visa that is designed to create US jobs and stimulate the US economy, so the investment must be made into an approved US-project or business and must create at least 10 jobs
  • Investment Hold: The US Investor Visa program requires the investment to be held for 5 years
  • Physical Presence: One element that makes the US Golden Visa different from others is that the EB-5 is designed for actual residency. Though the program does not explicitly state Golden Visa holders must live in the US, lengthy absences from the US can result in the US government deciding that you have abandoned your residency status
  • Golden Visa Duration: The initial residency permit is for 2 years and then switches to a Green Card, which is good for 10 years. However, EB-5 investors are eligible to consider US citizenship after 5 years of residency
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    Visa-Free Travel for US Residents and Citizens

    US citizens may travel without a visa to over 185 countries worldwide, including the EU & UK. Green Card holders can visit several countries without a visa, including Mexico and Canada. US Residents can travel internationally with their Green Card provided they are travelling to a country offering the same rights to Green Card holders as to American citizens.

    Which is right for me?
    EB-5 Investment Requirements

    To qualify for the EB-5 Visa route, the main applicant must invest a minimum of $800,000 in a US business.

    The investment must directly create ten full-time jobs, and the money must remain at risk throughout the process.

    Most successful EB-5 investments are made through a Regional Center; a USCIS-approved economic entity that covers a specific jurisdiction. Most Regional Centers are real estate developments, with the capacity to generate job vacancies for the EB-5 program.

    Investing through such a center relieves the EB-5 investor from the responsibility of running the business and meeting job creation requirements – the center handles these requirements alongside the day-to-day business.

    Option 1 / General Investor Requirements:

    • 18+ years of age
    • No criminal record
    • Confirmed investment sources

    Option 2 / Minimum investment threshold - $900,000

    • The investment must directly create ten full-time direct jobs
    • The EB-5 center must be compliant with USCIS requirements
    • There is a potential return on investment, however, investment funds must be perceived tas “at-risk” to meet EB-5 visa requirements

    US Permanent Residency Acquisition Process

    EB-5 is a multi-step process administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Astons’ focus is to provide a hassle-free and seamless service, assisting you every step of the way from initial consultation to successful US Residency/Citizenship acquisition.

    We will guide you through the EB-5 visa process with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed through to application approval.

    Stage One
    Up to 3 Months

    Free Consultation with Astons' Experts

    Astons’ immigration advisors will evaluate each investor’s personal circumstances and guide them through each of the EB-5 program stages, helping to select the right Regional Center, and a suitable business to invest in.


    Invest $900,000 into an Approved EB-5 Project

    Once the EB-5 investor has selected the right project, investment funds must be transferred into an escrow account.


    Submitting I-526 Petition

    To establish an investor’s eligibility for classification as an EB-5 Immigrant Investor, our expert immigration lawyers will file the initial application, called the I-526 petition, with the USCIS.

    The I-526 petition must provide proof of investment and verify that the enterprise will create the necessary number of jobs.

    Stage Two
    12 to 24 Months

    Applying for Conditional Permanent Residency

    If the I-526 petition is approved, Astons proceed with the documentation for a two-year Conditional Green Card. If the I-526 petition is denied, then investment funds are returned in accordance with the terms of the Regional Center partnership agreement.


    Conditional Permanent Residency Approval

    Once an applicant has been approved as an EB-5 investor, they and their qualifying family members receive Conditional Green Cards valid for two years, and must enter the US within 180 days if not already present.


    Submitting I-829 Petition

    The final step in the EB-5 visa process is to become an unconditional permanent resident by removing the two-year conditional status. Between months 22-24 of the EB-5 investor conditional period, Astons’ immigration lawyers file the I-829 petition. This is supported with documents to prove that EB-5 visa requirements have been met and at least 10 jobs have been created.

    Stage Three
    Three years

    Unconditional Permanent Residency Approval

    The investor and eligible family members receive a permanent Green Card if the I-829 petition is approved.

    All applicants including the investor, their spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21 may then permanently live and work in the United States and may apply to become US citizens after a five year period from the date initial conditional residency began.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is life like in the US?

    As one of the world’s most developed countries, the United States has been called the land of opportunity, and for business interests, there is a lot of truth in that statement. However, the US also offers world-class healthcare and education, state-of-the-art infrastructure and services, and the country is very eclectic when it comes to lifestyle choices – if you can dream it, you can probably find it.

    What’s the minimum investment for residency?
    How do I know if the project or business is approved for the EB-5 program?
    Does real estate investment qualify for the EB-5 Visa program?
    Can EB-5 investors become US citizens?
    What are the tax obligations of US residents?
    Do I need to visit or reside in the US for the EB-5 Visa?
    Are you a licensed agent for the EB-5 Visa?

    Why Our Clients Choose Us

    Trust Astons

    33 years of industry leadership and dominance - ASTONS is one of the original firms that molded the investment immigration industry. Founded in London in 1989, Astons has evolved into a family of global companies now headquartered in Dubai.

    Communicate on your terms

    Astons personally serves clients via our global footprint with offices in Istanbul (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai (UAE),Athens (Greece), Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Saint Julians (Malta). As well as, via text message, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email.

    Globally licensed firm

    ASTONS maintains licensed partnerships with the official govermental agencies operating the CBI and RBI programs. ASTONS operates in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of every country where we do business - cooperating with local regulators and government officials. Ensuring no risks for you, your reputation or brand, and your investment.

    Earned reputation

    ASTONS, on average, helps nearly 300 clients a year. With historical totals of:
    More than 9,000 clients
    A clientele from over 50%+ of the world’s nationalities
    $2.6 Billion+ USD in immigration and real estate investments

    100% success rate

    100% of clients who pass the Astons’ due diligence review have their applications approved. The Astons due diligence team of seasoned UK lawyers and industry experts advance our clients’ interests by maintaining direct and constant contact with government officials - leveraging our experience, expertise and methodology of the British law school to conclude the immigration process in our client’s benefit.

    Client focused Service

    ASTONS offers only the best the world of investment immigration and luxury real estate has to offer. We expertly select citizenship and residence programs that can deliver solutions to virtually any client. As well as premium real estate in 11 countries to appease the most discerning buyer or investor. Our experts find the most advantageous solutions to address every client’s wants, needs, and demands.

    Internationally relied upon experts

    ASTONS experts are regularly relied upon by global media outlets and publications to provide expert insights and comments for investment immigration; including: Bloomberg, The Times, CNN, The Telegraph, El Tiempo, El Pais, El Economista, MSN UK, SchengenVisainfo and many others.

    World leader in immigration services

    ASTONS didn’t create the world of immigration investment, we perfected it for the benefit of investors. Astons consistently ranks as a TOP-25 firm in the international immigration industry by Uglobal Immigration Magazine, Best European Citizenship Advisor 2018, and Best Full-Service Investment Immigration Firm 2019.


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    • Create a list of the best strategies and solutions for you
    • Discuss and explain the various investment options available

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