All election years are stressful, but none so much as 2024. As the US is divided by the vote, half the country feels that it won’t be the America they believe in come November. But, for conservative Americans, there are Plan B options that deliver the society they yearn for.

Since the 1980s, the realities of what conservative America is versus what liberal America is have evolved to be far more than ideological. 

In the contemporary zeitgeist of American society, for conservative Americans, cancel culture and wokism have become pandemic – having spread far beyond Hollywood and into America’s schools, workplace, and banking.  

Thus, for conservative Americans, having a real-world Plan B is no longer a luxury but a means of preserving family and wealth.

Though it can be difficult to contemplate the need to look beyond America for the perfect society, the facts speak for themselves – it is an option that cannot be ignored.  

What is a real Plan B for conservative Americans?

Generally speaking, Americans do not agree on what a real Plan B looks like, much less on the reasons why US citizens genuinely need to have one.

But that is because there are a variety of reasons why Plan B is the most important investment an American family can make.

However, many Americans would disagree on what a real-world Plan B should be because a Plan B is really a Plan A – version 2.

The America you want and dream of – but outside of the America that now exists. 

A real-world Plan B must provide and maintain the lifestyle you and your family demand in an area with community values that reflect those of your family.

So, while what a real-world Plan B needs to look like greatly depends upon:

  • Who you are
  • What you think the perfect society is
  • What ‘event’ you are buffering against

Everyone agrees that it is necessary in 2024.

With that said, a real-world conservative American Plan B has three critical parts:

  1. The ability to implement the Plan B ahead of time without anyone knowing
  2. The ability to maintain your lifestyle while in Plan B mode
  3. The ability to benefit from your Plan B until you need it, such as:
    1. An income source
    2. A retirement plan
    3. Yearly vacations
Enhancing global travel options & privacy

    5. Alternative legal identity for banking and business
    6. Access to medical rights and procedures

The bottom line is straightforward: A real-world Plan B for conservative America must provide value and values. 

Best Plan B options for HNW conservative American families

While there are numerous viable and effective Plan Bs for Americans, what options rise to the top of the list for conservative US families?

There are actually a few.

Option #1: Malta citizenship & EU passport

Malta is as close to the utopian society that American conservatives yearn for- with the added bonus of being in the Mediterranean.

The Malta citizenship by investment program offers investors flexibility regarding cost and approval speed to acquire not simply a second citizenship but an EU passport:

  •  1-year expedited process
  • 3-years standard process 

The Maltese program opens up more than a single option – its citizenship opens up the vast majority of the European continent – paired with a passport that opens up more than 95% of the world.

But that is simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Why Malta is perfect for conservative US HNW families

To start, English is the official language in Malta – yes, you already speak the language. 

Malta’s legal and community values are very much aligned with the US conservative community, as the country’s origin story is very much intertwined with the Church :

  • A firm focus on family values and society operates as such
  • Abortion is illegal [the only EU country to do this]
  • Malta ranks 17th in the world for personal gun ownership, as there is a legal right to own a gun
  • In the EU for gun ownership, Malta ranks 7th
  • As a Mediterranean island, Malta has very strict immigration regulations and essentially hand-picks who can reside in the country
  • The Malta program implements the most rigorous due diligence in the world, ensuring the finances of all investors are stable and sustainable for the benefit of the Maltese economy
  • Private and public health care are among the best in the world
  • Private education is relatively selective and among the best in the world
  • The education system is free of political indoctrination
  • Maltese society is 98% Catholic
  • Provides ETIAS & EES exemption status

To note, Malta has implemented changes per EU obligations to recognize gender identity issues, same-sex marriage, and other LGBTQ rights.

However, by and large, Maltese society is still relatively conservative about public displays of LGBTQ behaviors and issues. 

Option #2: Greece Golden Visa & EU residency

Greece is a balancing act—politically, it is a bit more liberal, but at the community level, it is more conservative.

Thus, finding a neighborhood that feels like home will not take long. 

This positions Greece as a far more affordable Plan B than Malta and an option conservative American families should consider.

The Greece Golden Visa offers enormous value as a Plan B strategy:

  • It is real estate-based
  • Potential annual rental yields up to 7%
  • Offers two investment options – €250K and €500K [approx. $270K and $540K] – lowest-priced EU program
  • Chose between island living or a mainland lifestyle
  • Greek residency is EU residency
  • Can lead to citizenship – thus, an EU passport
  • Fastest approval time of EU programs – only 3-6 months
  • Most personal and financial privacy-focused due diligence of all EU programs
  • Fully remote program – can be done from the US
  • An effective Non-Dom Tax program
  • Provides ETIAS & EES exemption status

In March 2024, the Greek Golden Visa was updated from its 2023 prices and investment zones. 

The new 2024 Golden Visa:

  • €250K -> €400K
  • €500K -> €800K

Under the 2024 update, areas previously in the lower €250K zone are now in the €800K zone.

For example, under the 2023 program, Crete and Athens [Attica] were divided between the €250K and €500K zones—under the new 2024 updates, all of Athens [Attica] and Crete are in the €800K zone.

The 2023 prices and zones can be secured until 30 August 2024.

Option #3: The Caribbean Five

If Europe is too far to travel, the Caribbean is only a 3-hour direct flight from the US.

Just off the coast of Florida lie the most popular and most affordable Plan B citizenship programs in the world – known as the Caribbean Five:

  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • St. Lucia

The Caribbean Five are the world’s oldest citizenship by investment programs – with decades of success and credibility.

Caribbean society is relatively conservative; for example, abortion is illegal or only legal in very limited circumstances on the islands, but generally, these programs are not for physical residency.

The Caribbean programs primarily provide Americans with five benefits:

  • A second citizenship
  • A legal alternative identity to travel, bank, and conduct business with
  • Access to some of the world’s more renowned offshore banking, outside the jurisdiction of US courts, and with citizenship protections
  • A Plan B that can generate financial ROI as well as provide an annual vacation plan
  • Prices begin at $100K for a family of four*

Caribbean citizenship is one of the most affordable Plan B citizenships in the world. 

It enables conservative Americans to depart the US as US citizens and enter another country as Caribbean citizens.

With a Caribbean identity, it is then possible to initiate the residency process in the country, open bank accounts with the residency identity, and live life while waiting to reach citizenship eligibility. 

*The Caribbean programs have signed a collective agreement to increase the minimum price to at least $200K, and the price increase must be implemented “no later than 30 June 2024.”

Option #4: Hungary, the EU’s newest Golden Visa

If Trump does not return to the White House in 2025, there is a backup in Hungary with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Hungarian PM Orbán has not only been one of Donald Trump’s most outspoken allies, but unlike Trump, Orbán has been able to implement much more change in Hungary due to his parliamentary partisanship.

In fact, Hungary has its own MAGA-inspired Conservative Political Action Conference – CPAC Hungary, which is considered conservative America’s gift to Eastern Europe.

While not yet launched, the Hungary Golden Visa is scheduled for July 2024 and will have various investment thresholds and options:

  • Minimum of €250,000 in a registered Hungarian real estate fund or REIT
  • Minimum of €500,000 in Hungarian residential real estate
  • Minimum of €1 million donation to a public interest trust foundation supporting education, science, arts, or creativity

Budapest is not only one of Europe’s oldest cities but was quintessential in defining European luxury and lifestyle. 

One of the central elements to Hungary’s conservative nature that will appeal greatly to conservative American families, the wave of conservative politics that is sweeping across some of Europe is spearheaded by young voters.

Thus, the stability and sustainability of conservatism in places such as Hungary has a bright future.

Option #5: Turkey: Where millionaires can live like billionaires

Sort of a pick from right-field, but a definite consideration for America’s conservative families. 

Politically, Turkey is a secular country. Socially, it nurtures and supports conservative values and behaviors.

Both the Orthodox Christian and Muslim communities are well represented and live together very peacefully with the shared belief that society and neighborhoods should function with respect to families, not progressives. 

Furthermore, Turkey’s citizenship by investment program not only provides a Plan B passport but also connects investors to one of the hottest real estate markets in Europe.

Currently, the Turkey program has a minimum real estate investment requirement of $400K, but insiders have informed Astons’ Istanbul office that the government has been discussing a price increase to at least $600K.

Astons – Partnering with America’s best to keep their dreams alive

For over 30 years, Astons has been an industry leader and trusted partner for wealthy families from around the world; connecting them to solutions that provide:

  • Enhanced mobility
  • Elevated levels of privacy
  • Alternative legal identities for conducting personal and professional affairs
  • Lifestyle security
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Enabling wealth preservation and generational wealth
  • The best Plan B strategies that money can buy

Never before, has the Astons trademark service and internationally respected team been more responsive to the needs of our growing American clientele than now.

At Astons, we know what Americans families want and are concerned about, and we have already empowered dozens of American families with Plan B strategies that ensure their personal preservation long past November 2024.

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