Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica – aka the nature island-  is a tropical paradise home to majestic volcanoes, hot springs, winding rivers, breathtaking mountains, and the quintessence of the eco-chic luxury lifestyle in the Caribbean.

Moreover, for the global entrepreneurs, investors, and families that have moved here in recent years, the island blends incredible tax optimization options with serene privacy –  stress and worries simply melt away under the welcoming glow of the Caribbean sun.

The Commonwealth of Dominica may be small, but for the global wealth community, the Caribbean nation packs a powerful punch of opportunity infused with luxury living. 

A snapshot of Dominica

Dominica is unique.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, the country’s charm lies not in hundreds of pristine touristy beaches but in its untouched nature and abundant biodiversity. 

Despite being a relatively small island in the Lesser Antilles, it’s packed with wonders, including Boiling Lake (the world’s second-largest hot spring) and the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

While the rest of the Caribbean relies on mass tourism, Dominica has focused on more sustainable luxury ecotourism. 

Dominica is an experience—hiking, diving, kayaking, canyoning, and whale watching, coupled with a degree of luxury that only the Caribbean can offer.

Unfortunately, the island suffered immense devastation when it was struck by Hurricane Maria in 2017, with 95% of the nation’s buildings and homes destroyed.

In the aftermath, foreign direct investment (FDI), especially from Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program (heralded as the best in the world), was a critical source of funding for community-level projects and to rebuild the nation.

Since Hurricane Maria, the government has begun working with the IMF to better gauge natural disasters. Dominica aims to become the world’s first nation resilient to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other such natural disasters.

As a result, Dominica welcomes global investors and FDI with open arms. 

The community encourages HNWIs and their families to enjoy the elegant lifestyle while rewarding them for their role in developing local infrastructure, housing, luxury resorts, and other amenities.

Where to live in Dominica?

Dominica has, so far, been preserved from mass tourism, making real estate investment a goldmine of opportunity.

For discerning buyers, an array of upscale properties surrounded by the island’s jaw-dropping scenery. 

For ROI-focused investors, major five-star resorts and other developments represent prime opportunities (Coulibri Ridge is a recent standout), along with owning a slice of paradise.


Most of Dominica’s 75,000-strong population live in or around Roseau, the vibrant capital city. The city offers diverse real estate options, from elegant colonial-era estates to contemporary apartments.

Living in Roseau means having the best of both worlds. The convenience of modern amenities and the allure of historical and natural attractions at your doorstep:

  • The local botanical garden showcases Dominica’s national tree and flower—the beautiful red Bwa Kwaib—as well as various other palms, tropical trees, lizard species, and wild birds, including green herons, hummingbirds, and butterflies.
  • The Old Market of Roseau is one of Dominica’s most alluring and vibrant attractions. Held on Saturdays, stalls are filled with beautiful, fresh, and colorful organic local produce, spices, and authentic handmade goods.
  • The mountain hamlet of Wotten Waven, just a 15-minute drive eastwards, highlights some of the country’s natural wonders – canyons, hot springs, and waterfalls.


Portsmouth is Dominica’s second-largest town and a haven for those drawn to the charm of island life.

Portsmouth’s community is characterized by its friendly locals and a growing expat population drawn to its relaxed pace. 

The town serves as a base for exploring Dominica’s northern attractions, including pristine beaches, the Indian River, and the Cabrits National Park.

The area boasts luxurious waterfront homes and upscale apartments, known for their spacious layouts and emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.


Heading south down the coast from Roseau, you’ll eventually come to Soufrière.

Known for its hot springs and the world-renowned Scotts Head Marine Reserve, Soufriere is a small, quaint village. However, its access to the country’s most picturesque bays and best dive spots makes it popular with locals and foreign nationals.

The award-winning Jungle Bay resort is attached to the village and is a major attraction for those seeking a world-class eco-lodge, gourmet dining, and wellness spas.

The real estate landscape here is characterized by elegant villas and charming cottages designed to blend with the surroundings.


Calibishie is perfect for those who dream of living in a picturesque coastal village.

The area around Calibishie is home to Dominica’s best beaches (Batibou Bay is a local favorite). Properties range from high-end beachfront villas to secluded hilltop retreats, all offering exceptional views northwards towards the island of Guadeloupe.

The lifestyle in Dominica


Dominica’s cuisine is rooted in Creole cooking. It consists of a medley of mouth-watering fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood straight from the nets of local fishermen.

The national dish is ‘Callaloo’ – a traditional soup featuring locally grown leafy vegetables, such as dasheen or spinach, mixed with seasonings, meat, and coconut milk. 

For indulging in the extravagance, there is Dominican lobster, crayfish, and a variety of fish – prepared with a touch of Creole flair and served alongside staples like yams, plantains, and breadfruit.

Thanks to Dominica’s mineral-rich, volcanic soil, the produce alone embodies the true flavor of luxury. 

For gourmet dining, there are several excellent options across the island:

  • Zing Zing – Part of the gorgeous Secret Bay resort, a Relais & Chateaux member, and led by chef Fabio Fernandes, Zing Zing is a true gem. Expect an exclusive experience with a creative, “no-menu” approach to dining.
  • The Palisades Restaurant – Boasting a stunning oceanfront location in Roseau (the only one of its kind), the Palisades marries sleek, modern design and the warmth of Dominican hospitality. There’s a private jetty, too, so you can moor up for a special evening onshore.
  • Poz Restaurant & Bar at Calibishie Gardens – A locally-loved, small, and more casual restaurant. Poz has long been considered one of Dominica’s best lobster venues. Its reputation means reservations are necessary.

Exclusive leisure activities


Dominica doesn’t yet have the extensive marina infrastructure found elsewhere in the Caribbean. Still, it’s a compelling yachting destination nonetheless – either for cruising around the island or as part of a more extensive journey through the Windward Islands.

Portsmouth serves as the primary anchorage for visiting yachts. The Prince Rupert Bay area is well-regarded for its deep and protected waters.

However, Dominica does recognize the potential for yachting to contribute more to the island’s economy. In November 2023, construction began for a new marina in Cabrits, Portsmouth, that will provide slips for yachts up to 60 feet. 

Luxury resorts

In Dominica, the emphasis on ecotourism and sustainability is reflected in the country’s hotel options.

You won’t find sprawling golf courses or vast chains of hotels as is standard in more developed tourist destinations. Instead, Dominica has a collection of intimate, eco-friendly resorts:

  • Secret Bay is a six-star, all-villa rainforest resort that epitomizes eco-chic luxury. On cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, each residence is a private retreat, with a personal plunge pool, gourmet kitchen, and a dedicated villa host. There are also wellness options on-site, including private yoga, meditation sessions, and spa treatments.
  • Jungle Bay Resort & Spa is an adventure and wellness hideaway renowned for its eco-friendly design and focus on health and wellness. Set among tropical forests and overlooking the marine sanctuary of Soufriere & Scotts Head, the resort is famous for its yoga retreats, volcanic stone massages, and an array of adventure excursions.
  • Rosalie Bay Resort is an eco-boutique located on the wild Atlantic coast of Dominica. With its stunning oceanfront setting, Rosalie Bay provides an unbeatable backdrop for yoga, meditation, and wellness treatments, all while championing environmental efforts, including turtle conservation initiatives.
  • Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort is built around a 17th-century fort, making for a unique property ideally located on the waterfront in Roseau. Spend relaxing days at the full-service spa before enjoying an evening of dining at the Palisades restaurant.


Dominica has an eclectic cultural heritage – an infusion of African and European influences with the Kalinago – the island’s indigenous people. 

Carnival is a major highlight of the island. The celebration coincides with Ash Wednesday and features native dance, music, and pageantry. The annual art & literary festival showcases local writers, Creole music, and documentary films.

Diving, hiking, & adventure

After all, Dominica is an experience, and the abundance of outdoor activities is one of the island’s main attractions.

Dominica’s waters are renowned for their clarity, biodiversity, and spectacular underwater topography – ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. The island lies at the edge of an underwater drop-off, creating dramatic walls and pinnacles teeming with marine life. 

  • The Champagne Reef is a famed diving spot where warm bubbles rise from the ocean floor, creating a sensation akin to swimming in a champagne glass. 

Dominica’s extensive network of hiking trails traverses through its vast rainforests, over mountains, and along rivers, leading to hidden waterfalls and secluded pools. 

  • The Waitukubuli National Trail, spanning the length of the island, is the longest trail in the Caribbean. Keep an eye out for some of the island’s endemic species, including the Sisserou parrot, Dominica’s national bird.

While Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches, Dominica has 365 rivers. As a result, kayaking and canoeing are hugely popular. You can spend days winding through the island and navigating rapids.

  • Canyoning in the Titou Gorge, where visitors rappel down waterfalls and jump into crystal-clear pools, is an exhilarating way to explore Dominica’s volcanic terrain. 

Mountain biking through forest trails and paragliding over the island’s dramatic landscape are a couple of high-octane ways to gain different perspectives of Dominica’s breathtaking beauty. 

Business and finance in Dominica

Aside from daily life, Dominica presents HNW investors and entrepreneurs with a compelling proposition for business and finance. 

The island’s focus on creating a tax-efficient, investor-friendly environment positions it as a prime destination for investors and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on Dominica’s – and the Caribbean’s – growth potential.

In Dominica, capital gains and inheritance are not taxed. 

Tax residents enjoy lower income tax rates on worldwide earnings compared to other countries. 

Non-tax residents [those who don’t physically reside in Dominica year-round] are only taxed on income generated in Dominica. 

Buoyed by the CBI program, investors have the opportunity to participate in projects that offer attractive returns and contribute to the island’s tourism and sustainability goals. 

The CBI real estate option allows investors to invest in the island’s developing luxury resort industry. 

As traditional home ownership by non-citizens is a privilege [primarily due to the low volume of inventory], most investors first acquire hotel shares and citizenship via Dominica’s citizenship by investment program.

Then, it is simply a waiting game until your dream home becomes available on the local market. 

Astons – Your partner in Dominica

Whether you’re an eco-chic traveler, an investor, ESG-conscious, or simply want to own some of the most exclusive real estate in the Western hemisphere, Dominica presents an unmatched opportunity.

It cannot be overstated – Dominica is an experience: the luxury of Caribbean living, the richness of simplicity, and the grandeur of biodiversity.

Astons is an officially licensed partner with the Dominican government, helping to enable the global HNW community to funnel FDI into the nation while benefiting from the personal and financial ROI.  

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