Cyprus Citizenship by Real Estate Investment:

  • Passport in 180 days from application submission
  • Live, work and study anywhere in the EU
  • Minimum Investment period – 5 years
  • Visa-free travel to over 170 countries worldwide
  • Simple process with no residency required
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Property Investment

Attractive property investments in Cyprus qualifying for Cyprus Residency and Citizenship programs. Secure Permanent Residency status in 2 months with a €300,000 Property Purchase, or Cypriot Citizenship in 6 months when investing from €2,000,000. Cyprus is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to consider. All our top-rated properties come at competitive market prices, have excellent anticipated ROI and rewarding rental income potential. Investors may purchase several properties to make up the required real estate investment value. Contact us to arrange a property viewing.

Investing in Cyprus Real Estate

With an efficient application process, Cyprus provides clear and straightforward investment requirements offering the fastest and most assured route to gaining a European passport or Permanent Residency status in Europe through investment in real estate.

Buying a new development property from €300,000 grants the investor the right to obtain Cyprus Permanent Residency in just 2 months. The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program requires a higher minimum investment of €2 million and gives investors the opportunity to obtain a European Passport in just 6 months. Investments qualify throughout residential and commercial real estate, and may be either new builds or resale properties. Cyprus benefits from constant development and continuous high growth.

Cyprus also offers highly attractive investment opportunities as real estate returns (yields) in Cyprus are amongst the highest and most secure in Europe. Rental returns (yields) on residential properties are typically around 4.7-5.6% and for commercial properties around 4-5% rental yield.

There is a wide choice of properties suitable for the Cyprus Residency and Citizenship programs available, offering a solid investment with the potential to rent out the property and receive rental income. Acquired property may be resold after 5 years of citizenship acquisition with a high return on investment. However, the investor is required to hold real estate to a minimum value of €500,000 as their main residential property.