For over 30 years, Astons has established itself as a leading force in the investment migration industry. Founded in 1989 with a focus on bespoke residency and citizenship solutions, the firm has grown from its London roots to a global presence headquartered in Dubai. Astons’ commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in its impressive track record: facilitating over 9,000 successful applications and exceeding $2.6 billion in investment transactions.

“Our core values – dedication, integrity, and unwavering client focus – have guided us throughout this journey,” says Alena Lesina, a citizenship, residency, and real estate investment expert at Astons’ US office. “We go beyond simply offering investment options. Astons crafts personalized pathways to opportunity, ensuring each client’s unique needs are understood and addressed with the highest level of service and expertise.”

This client-centric approach is evident in Astons’ global network of offices strategically located in key destinations like Istanbul, Limassol, Athens, Fort Lauderdale, and Saint Julians. Whether working remotely or in person, Astons tailors its services to each client’s specific requirements, from investment advisory and property acquisition to tax, asset management, and legal support.

Astons’ position as a global leader is reinforced by consistent recognition from prestigious publications, ranking them among the top firms in the industry. Success goes beyond numbers; Astons prioritizes client satisfaction, boasting a diverse clientele spanning over 50% of the world’s nationalities.

“Our team embodies Astons’ commitment to excellence and reliability,” adds Lesina. “Educated in the rigorous tradition of British law schools, our professionals are a trusted source for international media seeking insights into investment migration trends.”

Astons’ meticulous approach extends to a comprehensive understanding of due diligence processes. By providing every client with a preliminary review, Astons maintains a remarkable 100% application success rate. This commitment not only ensures legal compliance but also guarantees the safety and satisfaction of clients and their investments.

This article was adapted from a press release originally distributed on March 6th, 2024