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Muhammad, CEO


Very impressed by the professional approach of the Astons team. Despite the difficult “covid” time, all issues were resolved very quickly and constructively.

As a result, the process of preparing the entire set of documents for Dominica citizenship for 3 family members took no more than a month, and the passports themselves were received in record time – 3 months after filling out the D1 questionnaire. I recommend this company to everyone.

Luan, Businessman

Aged 65, South Africa

Having reached my 60s, I am less involved with my business and was looking to travel and enjoy life with my partner. It is tough to travel with a South African passport, and obtaining visas is difficult.

I also wanted extra security due to the political situation in my home country. I required a streamlined solution with a reputable investment citizenship program. I reached out to Astons, and Igor recommended Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program, which has been operating since 1984. The team provided full support with the documents and application, as well as payments, and in three months, my wife and I became owners of the SKN passport. We are now free to travel around the world with no visa implications, and are happy to enjoy our new enhanced lifestyle!

Mahesh, IT Business Owner


As an IT company owner based in Delhi, I continuously travel around the world both for business and with my family. I was tired of continuous visa applications and found it impossible to fly during the pandemic.

Having decided that is was high time to secure a second passport we looked around for the fastest and most reliable solution. I contacted Astons and received a detailed quote from Konstantin, based at the London office. I was asked about my requirements and was advised to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship as the quickest and cheapest option. In just two weeks, Astons had completed my application, and two weeks later, my citizenship was approved. I went ahead with my investment, and received my passport two weeks after that, making the whole application process a total of 1.5 months start to finish! Konstantin is an expert, and the team is very professional, so I would highly recommend Astons if you are considering second citizenship and require a fast service.

Lucas, Logistics Business Owner

Aged 45, Brazil

I was interested in a second passport to gain protection from potential risks and attacks on my business by state inspections and other bodies. I also wanted to invest in property overseas to protect my wealth.

After consulting with the Astons experts, I decided to obtain Turkish citizenship via the real estate investment route. Astons’ team prepared a lucrative real estate portfolio for me, showcasing properties in the centre of Istanbul, with 6-7% annual profit yield and the potential to re-sell in 3 years after citizenship had been obtained. The team seamlessly and expertly prepared and submitted the documents, as well as assisting with the property acquisition. After just two months, I received my Turkish passport and would highly recommend Astons to those who are considering second citizenship.

Peter, IT Company Owner

Aged 38

I turned to Astons for a consultation on Caribbean passports, having seen an article about Pavel Durov and how he obtained Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship. For me, this was relevant since I travel a lot, live in different places, and have long considered myself a citizen of the world.

Therefore, I wanted to get a second passport for global mobility, and to have the freedom of movement any time I travel abroad. I contacted Alexander, who guided me through all the options and explained the advantages and pitfalls to be aware of. My primary intention was to obtain a fast passport for global mobility, so the Vanuatu Program best fitted my requirements. The application process was smooth, and I wasn’t keen to wait for several months for a new passport. What most impressed me was that every timeline Alexander gave me was spot on. Thanks to all of the Astons team for your help, and your excellent work. I could see from day one how hard you all work, with a degree of efficiency, creativity and patience.

Anonymous Anonymous

My experience with Astons has been incredible. After vetting a number of international & Turkish companies for my Turkish citizenship application, I’m so glad I went with Astons. Both Susanna & Alev were outstanding throughout the process & made all the difference.

The entire process was well-defined & thoroughly explained to me, amazing real-estate properties (with great ROI prospects) were carefully vetted for me to choose from, the in-person visit to Turkey was efficient, and the communication from Astons team was excellent throughout. What a great team of experienced professionals to deal with! Thanks for making the entire experience predictable & hassle-free. :pray:

Dana, Holding Group Financial Director

Aged 50, Lebanon

My daughter is 16 years old, and so I needed to plan for her university education. She has a more European mindset, and I have always hoped she would be able to study in the UK, as well as being keen to live in and explore Europe myself.

My career is reasonably successful, so I wanted to diversify my life, travel more often and work remotely. Some friends recommended Astons as having helped them obtain Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship, so I went ahead, and we discussed various options. The ideal solution was to apply for Cyprus citizenship, being a European Union country and the investment being in reliable real estate. We also had the bonus that my daughter would receive Cypriot citizenship within one year – and therefore be able to choose a university in the UK or Europe. The processing was seamless, and I felt surrounded by great care and attention. Astons’ experts prepared an exclusive property portfolio for me and arranged a virtual tour. They also carried out the essential checks to ensure the safety of my purchase. Now, with a Cyprus passport, I can live wherever I wish, and my daughter can study in the UK. Astons also helped us with her relocation to London and university selection for which I am especially grateful!