For the discerning entrepreneur, investor, and family, Grenada transcends its reputation as a vacation destination. It represents a strategic asset – a key to a life of luxury, privacy, and astute opportunities in business, finance, ESG investing, and real estate.

Due to its treasure trove of spices, Grenada was fiercely defended by every empire that controlled the Caribbean throughout history.

The Spice Island represented wealth as much as its geographic location was strategic. Two factors that modern entrepreneurs, investors, and families still leverage the island nation for. 

While Grenada represents the luxury lifestyle the global wealth community seeks, there is more to the island than meets the eye.

Whether it’s the allure of a zero-tax environment, the ease of visa-free travel, or the promise of a life filled with serene beauty and opulence, Grenada is willing and waiting to welcome you home. 

A brief overview of Grenada

A Caribbean paradise famous for its exotic spice trade, Grenada still intoxicates your senses with the occasional aromatic whiff of nutmeg, mace, or cloves embraced within its tropical breeze. 

The island enjoys an almost perpetual summer, with the sun coating its beaches, rainforests, and spice plantations throughout the year.

Temperatures are consistent year-round, too, although you can expect fast-passing but heavy showers in the wet season (June to December). Fortunately, storms are rare as Grenada sits south of the hurricane belt, a significant benefit for the yachting community.

Since gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1974, Grenada has made remarkable progress and innovation while remaining a proud member of the Commonwealth. 

Since then, the economy has diversified beyond traditional agriculture. While spices continue to be significant, the tourism industry has flourished thanks to services, amenities, and infrastructure developments – much of which has been funded by foreign direct investment [FDI].

Grenada’s sustainable development and ESG endeavors get more than $100m in FDI annually, primarily through its world-renowned citizenship by investment program. 

In addition to the political stability, low crime rates, and upscale lifestyle opportunities, the country has all the right conditions for HNW entrepreneurs, investors, and families to thrive.

Where to live in Grenada?

Grenada’s property market is truly impressive, featuring spacious villas, hillside retreats, revived plantations, and investment-based hotel shares in some of the Caribbean’s most prestigious resorts. 

There are properties to cater to any taste – the possibilities are endless. The only question is the location.

Fortunately, Grenada’s beauty is that its size allows for easy exploration and accessibility, ensuring that residents can enjoy a diverse island lifestyle without being far from essential amenities and natural attractions.

After three decades in the industry, here are Astons’ most impressive spots to invest and even live in Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is arguably the most famous sight in Grenada. 

It’s also part of the southern region of the main island, home to most of the country’s expat community. 

Grand Anse Beach is every bit grand, with two miles of white sand and crystal-clear waters that give way to a sweeping bay. Here, you can enjoy the best of Grenada at your doorstep, from beachfront relaxation to top-notch dining and shopping facilities. 

Properties here often come with stunning sea views and direct beach access.

This is also a hub for luxury hotel investing, providing premium ROI.

Lance Aux Epines

Lance Aux Epines is another sought-after residential community known for its tranquil setting and upscale properties. 

Like Grand Anse Beach, Lance Aux Epines is home to a thriving community of expatriates and affluent Grenadians. 

You can expect to find an elegant range of properties featuring private docks, lush gardens, and access to secluded beaches. 

The area is ideal for those who value privacy and serenity yet wish to remain close to the country’s main activity center.

It’s worth noting that just west of Lance Aux Epines is True Blue, home to St George’s University. Predominantly a School of Medicine, the student populace (over 7,400) adds a vibrant, youthful feel to the area.

St. George’s

The capital city of St. George’s is not just the administrative heart of Grenada; it’s a bustling hub of culture, history, and commerce. 

If you’re seeking more urban living, St. George’s has a range of residential options, from historic homes to modern apartments within walking distance of local markets, restaurants, and cultural sites. 

Living in St. George’s allows residents to immerse themselves in the daily rhythm of Grenadian life while enjoying the conveniences of city living.

Picturesque & rural countryside

Most expats who move to Grenada choose to live in one of the three locations above. These are beautiful locations, and they’re especially great for families as they’re where most schools, sports clubs, and other amenities are based.

But for a more secluded and peaceful connection with Grenada’s natural beauty, you can head north.

Villages like Gouyave and Victoria have a genuine community feel along the island’s northwest corner. These areas are celebrated for their fishing heritage and lively cultural events, such as the famous Fish Friday in Gouyave (a must-try). 

Meanwhile, St. Patrick’s is the island’s most northerly parish. It’s rural, but it’s an opportunity for an authentic experience in the Grenadian countryside. The properties range from traditional Grenadian homes to expansive villas designed to blend into the surrounding nature.

The Grenada lifestyle


The food in Grenada embodies the country’s moniker as the ‘Spice Island.”

Local chefs make full use of the abundance of spices and fresh ingredients, so the local culinary scene is bold, delicious, and satisfying.

The national dish is oil down. You’ll find it in most restaurants and at every local neighborhood event. A hearty, flavorful stew made from breadfruit, coconut milk, turmeric, dumplings, and a medley of local vegetables and salted meat, oil down symbolizes a heritage that includes African, Indian, French, and British influences.

Grenada’s gastronomy scene may not boast Michelin stars, but that’s not to say there aren’t high-end culinary experiences available. Restaurants all over the island display the creativity of Grenadian cooking. 

Particular highlights include:

  • The Aquarium—On the shores of Magazine Beach, The Aquarium complements picturesque views with tempting lunches, fine dining, and a Sunday BBQ. It is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.
  • Laluna – A boutique resort and member of Marriott’s Design Hotels group with a restaurant that blends Italian classics with the freshest Grenadian produce. 
  • Rhodes Restaurant – A dinner-only restaurant combining the expertise of celebrity chef Gary Rhodes with Grenadian influences. Part of the award-winning Calabash Hotel, a Relais & Chateaux member.
  • Local Gems – Grenada is dotted with casual roadside eateries, beach bars, and street food vendors. These aren’t fine dining, just great local homemade cooking. Look for fresh fruit juices, roti filled with curried chicken or goat, and grilled fish straight from the sea.

Exclusive Leisure Activities


With year-round sunshine, calm weather, and pristine waters, Grenada was crowned the “Yachting Destination of the Year” in 2023. 

The island nation hosts a sizeable superyacht community centered around the main super yacht marina, Port Louis, owned and operated by Camper & Nicholsons

The marina, designed to accommodate vessels up to 90 meters in length, is set against the backdrop of historic St. George’s. 

There’s a host of docking services, plus a lively marina village containing upscale shops, cafes, and waterfront restaurants.

Yachting in Grenada extends beyond the marina. The island is surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean, offering endless opportunities for adventure. 

Head north for the Grenadines, or bear south to find Trinidad and Tobago—all are within easy cruising distance.

There’s also the annual Grenada Sailing Week, attracting sailors from around the world and showcasing the island’s maritime history and love for the sea.


Until recently, Grenada hasn’t proved much of a golfing destination. 

The Grenada Golf & Country Club has the country’s only course—a nine-hole course built in the 1930s that makes for an enjoyable afternoon in the Caribbean sun. 

However, Robert Trent Jones II (RTJ II) has designed a new 18-hole course – the Mulan Golf Club- as part of a 5-star hotel resort project. Construction began in late 2022, and further updates on progress are expected. 

Once it opens, expect a wave of golfers from around the world to descend on the Caribbean’s newest course, which RTJ II himself has promised: 

Mulan Golf Club will be another must-play golf course in the Caribbean.

Resorts and Spas

Grenada’s resorts and spas stand out for their commitment to quality, privacy, luxury, and personalized service.

Whether it’s the modern elegance of Silversands, the all-inclusive splendor of Spice Island Beach Resort, the personalized touch of Calabash, or the intimate tranquility of Laluna, Grenada has a diverse range of options to relax and rejuvenate in paradise:

  • Silversands Grenada: Located on the famous Grand Anse Beach, Silversands Grenada is a testament to modern luxury and minimalist elegance. The resort features the longest infinity pool in the Caribbean, sophisticated villas, and offers guests a serene spa experience.
  • Spice Island Beach Resort: An all-inclusive resort, Spice Island Beach Resort is a recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award. The resort’s Janissa Spa is one of the most restorative experiences in the Caribbean. 
  • Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel: Combining the charm of boutique accommodation with the service of a five-star hotel, Calabash is renowned for its personal touch and attention to detail. Soak up the relaxing atmosphere at the spa and enjoy exclusive treatments in a tranquil setting.
  • Laluna Hotel & Resort: Nestled on a secluded beach, Laluna is a hidden gem for those seeking a more intimate experience. You’ll find Balinese-inspired cottages, an Italian restaurant, and a unique wellness center offering yoga and a variety of spa treatments. FYI – Laluna does not permit children under 12 to stay in the hotel. 


Grenada is the destination for scuba diving in the Caribbean. 

It’s the only country in the world to have created an underwater sculpture park. This unique attraction combines art and environmentalism, serving as a habitat for marine life and an exploration of human interaction with the natural world. 

The coral reefs surrounding the islands, especially Carriacou, make for world-class diving and snorkeling spots. The reefs are in excellent health and teeming with tropical fish, turtles, rays, reef sharks, and other marine life.

But the real draw for dive enthusiasts is Grenada’s shipwrecks.

More than 20 wrecks are in the waters surrounding the islands. The most famous is the Bianca C, known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean.” The cruise liner sank off the coast of Grenada in 1961 and now lies as a hauntingly beautiful artificial reef. 

At over 600 feet long, the wreck is a haven for marine life and offers an unforgettable dive experience.


If you’re considering making Grenada your home, especially with a young family, you’ll be pleased to find that the island offers a range of educational opportunities.

Like many Caribbean nations, Grenada strongly emphasizes community, and this extends into the educational sphere, where schools are centers of learning and community engagement. 

A few elite private education options exist, including the Westmorland School in St. George’s and Sandpipers Nursery and School in Lance Aux Epines.

The prestigious St. George’s University (SGU) is famed for its School of Medicine, which has a 95% US residency placement rate.  

Business & Finance

Grenada has long been known as an impressive tax haven, and that appeal still exists today. 

The country does not levy taxes on non-residents for: 

  • Capital gains
  • Wealth
  • Inheritance
  • Foreign-sourced income

The country offers a high degree of privacy and security, with strict confidentiality laws protecting personal and financial information.

One unique business advantage for Grenada’s citizens is the E-2 Visa Treaty with the US. 

Grenada is the only Caribbean nation to hold the treaty, which means citizens can apply for the E-2 visa to reside in the US, helping them expand their business interests into the US market.

Astons – Make Grenada your Plan B

Grenada’s diverse landscape, from its stunning beaches to lush rainforests, provides the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle that balances leisure and adventure. 

Whether relaxing at a world-class resort, exploring the underwater wonders, or enjoying a round of golf, Grenada ensures that every day can be as laid-back or active as you desire.

Since its inception, Grenada’s citizenship by investment program has proved an incredibly popular option for sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs, and families. 

Beyond the benefits of global citizenship and a second passport, there is a life to be enjoyed in Grenada – a Plan B investment that provides lifestyle security and financial reward. 

The Grenada citizenship by investment program presents an enticing opportunity that leverages:

  • Luxury living
  • Growing economy
  • World-class property investment opportunities
  • Visa-free travel
  • Tax benefits
  • Political security and stability
  • Easy accessibility to and from Europe and the US

If Grenada’s mix of natural beauty, upscale living, and privacy benefits has piqued your interest, contact our team for a deeper discussion.

Schedule your Free Confidential and Comprehensive Consultation with Astons, and our experts will analyze your unique wants, dreams, goals, and demands and provide you with a list of options—including the Caribbean Five—that satisfies them all.