with the American flag in the background and a hand is inserting an Astons passport into a US election ballot box
Best 2024 Plan B Citizenships For US Citizens

With November just a few months away, these are the Best Plan B citizenships for US citizens in 2024. With political uncertainty and social unrest spreading, America’s wealthiest are looking for the best exit strategies possible – second citizenships and alternative residencies. There’s a partner for that – Astons.

Famous statue of Saint Stephen in Budapest Hungary
The Hungary Golden Visa – Everything You Need to Know

The new 2024 Hungary Golden Visa – a new pathway to EU residency and EU citizenship. With three real estate investment options, the Hungarian residency by investment program is purpose-built for US, UK, and other global investors to gain a foothold in Europe at the lowest investment available [once the Greek Golden Visa increases to €400K in the summer of 2024].

a man in a very expensive suit in an airport using his cellphone to apply for ETIAS approval
ETIAS: What Is The EU’s New eVisa Requirement And Will It Affect Me?

Here is everything you need to know about ETIAS, the new EU eVisa – pre-approval screening system that all US, UK, Canadian, and other third country nationals will need to obtain in order to enter the EU starting in 2025.

Two High Net Worth investors standing over a 3D map of a city discussing the changes to investment migration
2024 – Changes To Dual Citizenship, Second Passports, and Golden Visas

2024 is already proving to be a pivotal year for citizenship by investment and Golden Visa program – Greece Golden Visa price is increasing, Caribbean programs are doubling in prices, and Hungary is launching the newest EU Golden Visa program – which may become the new King of Golden Visas.

The facade of an iconic building in Portugal with the words Portugal Golden Visa and the national crest
Astons Offers Access Exclusive European Opportunities Through Portuguese Residency-by-Investment

Astons, a leader in global citizenship- and residency-by-investment, invites discerning clients to unlock EU residency through Portugal’s revamped “Golden Visa” program. This update presents exceptional opportunities for investors seeking a European foothold. The official Portuguese Residency-by-Investment program grants access to a coveted European destination renowned for its cultural vibrancy, economic strength, and favorable investment climate. […]

The navigation area of a superyacht showing a gold-plated compass
Navigating Global Real Estate Markets: A Brief Overview

The global real estate market presents a rich tapestry of investment opportunities, each with its unique charm and challenges. Investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with luxury properties in Europe, the Caribbean, the UAE, and beyond. Each location offers its own set of advantages, from investment returns to lifestyle enhancements, making global real […]

A financial advisor sitting at a desk checking off a list for the due diligence of investment migration programs
Astons Elevates Investor Confidence and Privacy with Investment Migrations Due Diligence Reviews

Astons, a world-renowned leader in investment migration, empowers investors seeking to elevate their lifestyles and portfolios through second citizenship or residency. Leveraging over 30 years of experience, the firm’s comprehensive approach equips clients with a profound understanding of essential due diligence processes. “Our discerning clientele isn’t simply acquiring alternative citizenship; they’re seeking to seamlessly elevate […]

a man holding a second passport representing dual citizenship as the best strategy against de-banking
De-banking – The New Cancel Culture & Latest Threat To HNWIs

As Shakespeare says ‘a rose by a different name smells the same’ and this one stinks. Regardless of what it is being called: exiting or de-risking, in many cases, it is the latest from of cancel culture called de-banking – and it is being wielded by many large US & UK banks. However, there is a solution to beating this new threat to your wealth and success.

an elegant chess board demonstrating the strategy and position of investment migration
Leveraging Residency- and Citizenship-by-Investment for Strategic Tax Planning: A Brief Guide

In today’s complex financial landscape, investors and families are increasingly seeking sophisticated strategies to optimize their wealth management and secure their financial legacies. With their unique combination of global mobility and potential tax benefits, many countries’ official citizenship-by-investment (CBI) and residency-by-investment (RBI) programs serve as powerful tools for entrepreneurs, investors, and families.  As an industry […]

A gold globe showcasing Astons 30 years of experience in the citizenship by investment and golden visa industry
Celebrating Over Three Decades of Excellence in Investment Migration

For over 30 years, Astons has established itself as a leading force in the investment migration industry. Founded in 1989 with a focus on bespoke residency and citizenship solutions, the firm has grown from its London roots to a global presence headquartered in Dubai. Astons’ commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in its impressive […]

A gold key with a globe as the keychain demonstrating investment migration is the key to the world
Understanding Citizenship-by-Investment: A Gateway to Global Opportunities

In the world of high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and families, the concept of citizenship-by-investment (CBI) has emerged as a golden key, unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities that span the globe. Astons, with its deep-rooted expertise in guiding clients through the intricacies of acquiring a second citizenship, sheds light on how these programs are not just […]

A drone image of Valletta, the capital city of Malta with the superyachts docked in Grand Harbour
Malta: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

Malta – one of only two Mediterranean islands to be EU countries, Malta is many things, not the least of which is the perfect EU Plan B for US and UK entrepreneurs, investors, and families. The most conservative country in the EU, Maltese citizenship opens the door to the totality of the EU, so lifestyle is nothing more than a choice. Live where you choose in a community that shares the values you and your family embody. That is the advantage of Malta.

A mobile phone with 2 news images - the first showing Astons brand and logo and the second showing a webinar icon
Astons’ Webinars Illuminate Pathways to Caribbean Dual Citizenship and EU Residency for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Astons, a preeminent global leader in investment migration and luxury real estate, recently hosted two insightful webinars exploring the most promising residency and citizenship pathways in the Caribbean and Portugal. These informative sessions, led by Astons’ migration specialists, unpacked valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and families seeking strategic solutions to diversify […]

A mobile phone with 2 images - first is the Astons citizenship by investment and Golden Visa brand and logo. the second shows the Caribbean
Astons Report Shows Major Shifts in Dual Citizenship and Golden Visa Programs from 2023

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Astons, a recognized authority in global investment migration, unveils a detailed report analyzing the significant shifts within Golden Visas and dual citizenship programs in 2023. This insightful report delves into the dynamic changes and trends shaping the future of investment migration, with a particular focus on EU Golden Visas and Caribbean […]

An older gentlemen on a private jet in front of his laptop working on his retirement planning goals
Retirement Planning Strategies: How To Leverage Golden Visa & Second Citizenship Hold Periods

In the world of today – and that of tomorrow – all strategic retirement planning must include either a second citizenship or a Golden Visa element. These programs allow retirement planning to pay for itself while also providing investors a real-world Plan B in the meantime. Retirement is an investment and an asset, and by leveraging the power of investment migration, you transform your retirement plan into a family legacy.

A white super-yacht docked off the coast of Antigua and Barbuda with the tropical rainforest in the background
Antigua & Barbuda: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

Epitomizing what a Caribbean crown jewel is, Antigua & Barbuda – an exclusive member of the Caribbean Five – are now being called the Caribbean’s playground for billionaires. Offering the best fusion of eco-chic and traditional luxury, the islands provide an unparalleled degree of lifestyle security and satisfaction.

A desk with a document on it and written on the document is the checklist that the UK is abolishing the non-dom tax regime along with Brexit
The Best Non-Dom Tax Programs in the EU

It’s official – first Brexit, and now the UK is abolishing its Non-Dom Tax Regime. Not to worry though, it will only affect those who subject themselves to the new tax program. Here are the best non-dom tax programs in the EU and Caribbean now that the UK is abolishing its non-dom tax regime for sophisticated entrepreneurs and investors.

A luxurious image of a waiter with expensive champagne on a beach in Grenada with the setting sun in the background and the Astons logo projected as the rays of the sun
Grenada: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

Grenada – a preeminent destination in the western hemisphere that attracts HNW investors from around the globe who seek opulence with their ROI. Grenada is a complete Plan B package, offering citizenship, a passport, portfolio diversification, ROI, and the highest-end luxury lifestyle to enjoy now and for generations. Here is Astons 2024 Ultimate Guide to the island that adds Spice To Every Lifestyle.

A gray and white map of showing Mexico and the Caribbean - highlighted with a red location icon - along with a retirement strategy title
Retirement Strategy – Mexico Is Out, The Caribbean Is In

Mexico was the retirement strategy of your grandparents – for the 21st century, the best retirement strategies for entrepreneurs, investors, and families lie in the Caribbean. By capitalizing on the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, retiring is when you will really start living life.

a silver key in a lock next to an abstract image of the globe with the Astons logo designed to symbolize the benefits of being a dual citizens
Dual Citizens – An Exclusive Club With Global Benefits

An exclusive community, dual citizens are leverage and enjoy top echelon advantages and benefits worldwide. While some people are born as dual citizens, others have to take specific steps to join this elite club. But, as Astons’ clients know, membership comes with unmatched privileges.

An images show two different cultural elements of Turkey, with the Hagia Sophia and a pristine coastline in Bodrum or Izmir - the image depicts Turkey as an ultimate destination
Turkey: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

Turkey has been a long held insider secret by European and Asian HNW investors, but now the secret has now leaked and the rest of the world is rushing to capitalize before the entire investment landscape changes. Among the best European real estate markets for investing and European Plan B programs via the Turkey citizenship by investment program, this is the 2024 Ultimate Guide to Turkey.

a man in a white shirt looking at icons of marriage, birth, travel, and investment migration that symbolize ways to acquire dual citizenship
Dual Citizenship & A Second Passport – Pros And Cons Of Common Methods

Dual citizenship and a second passport are much more than paperwork; in today’s world, citizenship is an asset and sovereignty – the more you have, the wealthier and freer you are – and these are freedoms and opportunities that will echo for generations. Here are the pros and cons of the most common methods to acquire dual citizenship and a second passport.

A US passport, a UK passport, and an Astons passport in front of a legal scale representing the decision of renunciation
Thinking About Renunciation? The Pros and Cons Of Renouncing Citizenship

Due to social, political, legal, and mobility issues and concerns, renunciation of citizenship is a growing trend – especially in the US & UK. But there are Pros and Cons to renouncing citizenship, and it is a decision that requires strategic planning – and most importantly, a real-world Plan B, a second citizenship and second passport.

Luxury living in St. Lucia with a view of the Atlantic Ocean from a luxury hotel suite with Astons passports on the table
St. Lucia: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

St. Lucia is a prize gem amongst Caribbean crown jewels and Astons 2024 Ultimate Guide has been crafted by our seasoned Caribbean experts who have both personal and professional experience in the country. Everything you need to know about why St. Lucia should be your retreat, Plan B, and dual citizenship with a second passport asset.

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