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A man's wrist with the men's luxury watch brand Tag Heuer on it
Men’s Luxury Watches For 2024

Men’s luxury watches are not mere timepieces – they are extensions of the status of the men who wear them. Sophisticated investors invest in time, it’s the only asset you can’t buy, but you can own.

A view from the dining room of one of Athens Michelin Star restaurants with the Acropolis in the background
Athens Michelin Star Restaurants – A Taste Of Luxury

Athens Michelin Star restaurants offer the best culinary experiences to enjoy in the Greek capital city. These venues demonstrate the Gold Standard that Greece is – not solely in the realm of fine dining, but for EU Golden Visas as well.

A scenic view from a luxury penthouse with the words, retire in Turkey, as the caption
Retire in Turkey – Ultimate Retirement Plan

Ready to create the perfect retirement plan? Here it is in 3 word – retire in Turkey or Turkey CBI program. A retirement strategy that includes Turkey is an investment that could eventually pay for itself. Astons has already done all the hard work, you only need to choose the property of your dreams. Here is everything you need to know.

the dining car on a European luxury train in the mountains
Luxury European Train Travel – the Ultimate Slow Traveling Experience

Luxury European train travel fuses contemporary five-star accommodation with old world European opulence. It is unrivaled in it elegance and simplicity – a quiet luxury that roars through the European countryside.

images of gold coins representing cryptocurrency and bitcoin as a way to explain crypto-backed loans
Cryptocurrency And Investment Migration – Are Crypto-backed Loans The Next Frontier Of Freedom

Cryptocurrency and investment migration represent self-sovereignty, global mobility, & asset security. Is it possible to use crypto-backed loans for a Golden Visa or second passport program? The answer may surprise you.

HNW private client consultation at a desk
Astons Offers Bespoke Solutions for Lifestyle Security Through Investment Migration

Global leader in investment migration, Astons, unlocks significant financial benefits for clients through official residency- and citizenship-by-investment programs. As a renowned law firm and relocation consultancy, Astons offers over 30 years of expertise. Their comprehensive services range from investment applications, investment advisory, and property acquisition, to tax planning, education, asset management, and legal support. This […]

a private jet sitting on a runway with a sunset in the background
10 Private Jets For HNW Entrepreneurs, Investors, & Families

Private jets demonstrate not only status but sovereignty – ownership over you life and success. The exact same qualities and dominance that Plan B passports and residencies provide HNW clients as well. When combined, they create an unparalleled force.

An retired couple on a cruise ship heading toward the Italian island of Sardinia - a global Blue Zone
Blue Zones – The Ultimate HNW Retirement Strategy

Blue zones are the perfect retirement strategy for HNW entrepreneurs, investors, and families and the largest percentage of these destinations of longevity are in the European Union [Greece & Italy], with options in Asia and Latin America as well.

An NBA player holding a basketball with the Astons logo on it
The NBA – A League Of Global Citizens

The NBA is not simply the apex of the basketball world, it represents the world at large. A league of global citizens demonstrating skill, success, and dreams are not bound by geography or governments, but only restricted by one’s decisions.

a laptop screen showing some of the lowest income taxes in Europe
Lowest Income Taxes In Europe

The countries with the lowest income taxes in Europe may surprise you. When it comes to tax optimization, Europe needs to be on every HNWI’s list – and here are only 8 reasons why. While the top income tax rate in Europe can easily reach 56%, by effectively leveraging Astons solutions, in some cases, that rate can be cut by 75%.

The Peloponnese peninsula of Greece with an exclusive Greek resort for a luxurious couples getaway
Eco-Chic Resorts In Greece For A Luxurious Couples Getaway

For a luxurious couples getaway Greece should be at the top of every couples list. From the home of Hippocrates to exclusive luxury island hideaways, the Hellenic style of couples therapy has persisted for centuries – and may be exactly what your relationship has ordered.

the Downtown Dubai landscape from the waters just off the coast of the UAE shoreline
UAE: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

The Gulf Tiger – also known as the UAE or United Arab Emirates – has become the hub of wealth, innovation, and investment in the Middle East, as well as the world. For luxury living, there are few other destinations that compare, and leveraging the power of the country’s Golden Visa opens up a world of regal living and opportunity.

The comparison of a yacht next to a superyacht as a symbol of the differences between the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs
Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Which Caribbean citizenship by investment program is the best one for you in 2024? In a year of unprecedented change for Caribbean CIPs, there is still a window of opportunity to capitalize on.

The view of the Mediterranean from a luxury penthouse in Turkey
Turkey’s Property Market – 2024 Insights

Turkey’s property market remains one of the best real estate investment opportunities in the world. Hosting one of the best rental markets in Europe, Turkish property is showing a strong end to 2024 thanks to its citizenship by investment program along with a potential turnaround for 2025. Astons’ Istanbul office continues to connect our HNW private clients to Turkey’s ground floor property opportunity.

A glass globe with gold accents and the words 0% tax on dividends
Countries With No Dividend Tax

Dividends are a cornerstone to wealth generation and many countries implement Draconian tax regimes against them. However, there are legal and effective ways to achieve optimal dividend tax strategies for HNWIs. Explore countries that offer zero tax on dividends and how to capitalize on the opportunity.

A huge grey stone building that is a Wall Street bank symbolizing a bank in a non-CRS country
Leveraging Non-CRS Countries: Understanding CRS Requirements And Investment Migration

Should you bank in a non-CSR country? The simple answer is – it depends. But should you decide to, the most effective strategy to use is to bank leveraging a second citizenship and Plan B passport or alternative residency. The combination of investment migration and global banking cannot be overstated or underestimated, and capitalizing on the privacy of banking systems who respect their client’s rights is always something to consider.

a family sitting on the side of a pool at an eco-chic resort in Greece
5 Greece Luxury Eco-Chic Family Retreats

Greece eco-chic retreats elevate quiet luxury to unmatched dimensions. From luxury island family getaways to exclusive Santorini village life, Greece proves luxury and sustainability can be beautifully balanced. For HNW entrepreneurs, investors, and families Greece offers the best of investment opportunities as well as an eco-chic way to get away from the world.

An impressive English building that is one of the UK's best prep schools
UK Prep Schools For Boys – A British Tradition In Excellence

Success is a life process – it must begin early, and UK prep schools for boys exist for that very reason. These elite institutions have even been relied upon by monarchies. Boys boarding schools are historically the most effective educational and social model for growing strong and successful men, and the British tradition is among the best.

Portugal, Portugal golden visa, EU golden visa, buy a passport, golden passport, dual citizenship, golden visa, eu residency, ETIAS, second passport, EU passport
Astons Celebrates Unparalleled Success in Citizenship- and Residency-by-Investment and Global Real Estate

Astons, a pioneer in citizenship- and residency-by-investment with over 30 years of success, highlights its remarkable preliminary assessment success rate. Founded in London (1989) and now headquartered in Dubai, Astons is synonymous with excellence and innovation. The firm offers citizenship and residency solutions alongside global luxury real estate investment opportunities. Astons’ robust global presence spans Istanbul, […]

Investing In Caribbean Luxury Hotel Shares – Basics You Need To Know

Investing in Caribbean luxury hotel shares is not simply a good investment option, but one of the best ways to secure a second citizenship and Plan B passport for you and your family. All of the Caribbean Five programs offer luxury hotel shares, but they are not all the same. Here are the basics you need to know.

Athens Greece Riviera Asteras Vouliagmeni
Athens Riviera – Elite Greek Neighborhoods

The Athens Riviera is one of the hottest and chicest real estate markets on the Mediterranean Sea, and these are the five most prestigious neighborhoods and an Astons insider insight about the next big thing.

a map of Europe with signs that say euro, the EU, and Schengen Zone
The Many Faces Of Europe

Europe has many faces – the EU, the Eurozone, the Schengen Zone are all different places and just the tip of the iceberg in understanding modern European life, business, and movement.

a yacht in the Caribbean Sea and a part of the Acropolis in Greece
Astons Highlights the Rising Demand for Passport and Residency Portfolios

Astons, a leader in luxury real estate and investment migration, addressed the evolving landscape of global investment migration through two insightful webinars. The sessions focused on rising costs for residency and citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs due to surging global demand. Rising Program Costs The webinars explored significant program adjustments, including price and investment zone changes in […]

a collage of horse racing, fine wine, expensive artwork and using cryptocurrency to buy it
From Horse Racing To Fine Wine, Crypto And Smart Devices Are Changing The Game

Horse racing, fine wines, art and antique collecting may all be hobbies and investments that date back centuries, but crypto and smart technology is revolutionizing them for the digital age. Today, HNW investors and collectors have digital ways to establish legal provenance, find the best items to invest in, and even establish a better understanding of value before making an offer.

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