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5 Ways American HNWIs Leverage The Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most popular residency by investment programs in the EU. Here are 5 ways that US HNWIs – as well as global investors – can effectively leverage the Portugal investment program to gain residency and realize their investment vision.

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Cyprus: The Ultimate Guide – Luxury Lifestyle Edition

Cyprus – a Mediterranean island, an EU nation, and a luxury paradise that attracts global HNWIs on a daily basis. Not solely a vacation destination, Cyprus has become a European foreign investment hub that offers prestigious real estate options, EU residency, and incredible ROI.

The Complete Guide To Buying Real Estate In Turkey

Turkey [officially Türkiye] – One of the hottest real estate markets in both Europe and Asia. A market where luxury is the fusion of the best that two cultures have to offer and where the US dollar, Euro, or British Pound provides HNWIs unmatched investment power.

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Wealth Solutions Firm Offers Bespoke Solutions for Lifestyle Security Through Investment Migration

Astons Press Release About Bespoke Wealth Solutions For The HNWI Community That Provides Lifestyle Security, Asset Diversification, Freedom Of Movement, And Enduring Wealth Capabilities

Offshore Banking & Trusts: #1 Wealth Management Solution

Offshore banking and offshore trusts – key elements used by the global 1% to protect both wealth and privacy. When paired with citizenship by investment and residency by investment (Golden Visas) programs, they create an unmatched mechanism for creating enduring wealth that reaches generations.

Three passports with Astons' logo on the front depicting dual citizenship
Global Investment Migration Leader Announces New US-Friendly Real Estate Brokerage Program

Astons Press Release Announcing Launch of Luxury Real Estate Service and US-friendly Istanbul Office

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All You Need To Know About Investment Migration Due Diligence

For eras, global elites have leveraged the power of investment migration – through various forms – as a means of enhancing and protecting their personal freedoms as well as transforming their wealth into an enduring legacy that persists for generations. However, with investment migration comes due diligence, and when privacy concerns are at all time highs, what exactly does due diligence mean?

The Heart of Europe Is Also The Gateway To EU Dreams – Hungary Residency By Investment Program

Hungary has made it official – 2023 is a watershed year. The updated Hungary Residency by Investment – Budapest real estate program may become the most competitive and exclusive EU program there is. In light of Portugal’s success story, the big question is – How long will it last?

St. Kitts and Nevis Changes Citizenship Program To Maintain Passport Strength – Update 2023

St. Kitts and Nevis have introduced their new and improved 2023 citizenship by investment program.

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Greece Real Estate – The Complete Guide To Buying Property In Greece

A complete buyers guide to the real estate market, legal process, and everything you need to know about buying property in Greece – including the coveted Greek Golden Visa.

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Breaking News From Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis – Reduced Investment Extended For A Limited Time

One of the world’s best and most sought-after citizenship by investment programs has just gotten better! St. Kitts and Nevis has announced an extension of their limited-time offer to invest into the Sustainable Growth Fund and help the nation advance and achieve its ESG goals.

The Best Start-Up Visas In The World

Are you a global innovator, entrepreneur, investor, crypto genius, or even a digital nomad? Here are the best start-up visas that you need to know about, what the eligibility requirements are, and what you need to do to get started.

Top 10 Best Countries In The World For Healthcare

Traveling or relocating and worried about healthcare? Here is where you can find some of the best medical care in the world – for your move abroad or simply vacation piece of mind.

Vanuatu Introduces New Citizenship By Government Bond Investment Option

Vanuatu, the cryptocurrency paradise, has just made a move that is causing shockwaves in the crypto and immigration world. A new investment option for the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program.

Top 10 Easiest Countries To Retire Comfortably

Thinking about retiring abroad? Get expert insight and up to date information about the best international retirement locations. These countries offer the easiest and established ways to transition into your Golden Years.

Top 10 Safest Countries To Live In 2023

Have current events lead you to question your future and safety? You are not alone. With the recent pandemic, the ongoing war in Europe and increasing crime, many people are on the hunt for a safer and more secure home. Let’s explore, based upon one credible source, what are the world’s top 10 safest countries […]

Living In Dominica: A Natural Paradise With A Vibrant, Eclectic Culture

Dominica is an island country of the Lesser Antilles situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is a tropical paradise home to numerous volcanoes, hot springs, and the soaring Morne Bruce mountains. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is part of the Commonwealth – its closest neighbours are Martinique and Guadeloupe. Dominica’s […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In 2023

Feeling the strain of the cost of living crisis, the ever-rising gas and electricity bills, and wondering how to pay the next one? Well, let’s take a moment and spare a thought for the ‘unlucky’ few who live in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. With food, rent, and transportation prices shooting […]

The Top 5 Happiest Countries In The World 2023

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the disruption and suffering from a war raging in Europe, and climate change a huge ongoing global concern, fearful uncertainty about the future is understandable. So, it’s worth highlighting some of the good in the world, and which countries are the happiest. Despite global divisions, some communities weather […]

Why Greece Is The Most Effective Golden Visa

If you are thinking of taking positive action to secure your financial and personal security by taking out a second residency, then you should know why Greece offers one of the most effective Golden Visa programs in the world. When considering which is the best country and residency program to invest in, there are many […]

The Tax System In United Arab Emirates

A country that attracts the world’s wealthiest, the United Arab Emirates is known for luxury and extravagance. With that said, any discussion about wealth, business, and lifestyle must – by default – include the subject of taxes. And in the case of the United Arab Emirates, the tax system is not as straightforward as content […]

Golden Visa In The United Arab Emirates

There are a handful of locations on the Earth that have become synonymous with wealth and success, and without a doubt, the United Arab Emirates [UAE] is among them. Thus, the relatively new Golden Visa opportunity by the UAE is causing shockwaves in the global communities of HNWIs and sophisticated investors. Strategically located in the […]

Investment Citizenship: A Game Changer For The HNWI In The Age Of Globalization

Investment citizenship, also known as citizenship by investment, is a program that allows high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) to obtain citizenship in a foreign country in exchange for a significant investment. The concept has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially among wealthy individuals looking to expand their global reach and secure a more stable future for […]

Further And Higher Education In Cyprus

The education system in Cyprus is sophisticated and well-developed, with many options in the public and private sectors. For a family relocating to the country with older children, Further and Higher Education will be of paramount importance, while lifelong educational opportunities enhance employability and enjoyment of life for students of all ages; all factors that […]

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