Astons Webinar: Benefits of Caribbean Citizenship – An Alternative Passport In The New Reality

Benefits of caribbean citizenship – an alternative passport in the new reality The webinar will provide you with a unique opportunity to receive the latest and most up-to-date information and advice about the Caribbean programs. It is becoming abundantly clear that unpredictability is the only thing we can confidently predict in the highly volatile and […]

Comparison of Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean

Which Caribbean citizenship by investment program is the best one for you in 2023? In a year of unprecedented change for Caribbean CIPs, there are still some great reasons to get in now.

How to get a citizenship in Malta

Malta is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean that is famous for its prosperity, high quality of life, stable economy, great business opportunities, as well as mild climate, beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is also recognized as the country with great educational system and relaxed lifestyle. Benefits of Maltese passport: Right to work […]

How To Get Citizenship of Grenada

Grenada’s beautiful setting in the Caribbean Sea, along with its safe environment and cost-effective Citizenship by Investment program makes it an attractive destination for investors looking to gain a second citizenship for themselves and their families.  Known as the “Spice Island” it boasts beautiful landscapes, idyllic beaches and a stable economy. Astons’ team of experienced […]

How to Get Citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two-island nation in the Caribbean, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The islands are known for their beautiful mountains and scenery, and for their atmospheric former sugar plantations, as well as a thriving offshore banking industry. There are a number of ways to gain citizenship, including through […]

Which passport is the best for travel?

The strength of the passport is due to the number of visa-free countries it opens up. Let's see which citizenship provides more opportunities to travel around the world. Japan Nowadays, Japanese passport is considered the most powerful in the world and its holders can enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival regime with 193 countries. Singapore, South Korea […]

Portugal Considers Scrapping Its Golden Visa Program

There was concern yesterday as it was revealed that Portugal is considering ending its popular Residency by Investment Program, which could spark an upsurge in enquiries from investors keen to gain a second residency and potential citizenship in Portugal. The news agency Lusa reported on 2 November that the decision to consider withdrawing the scheme […]

Countries that offer fastest ways of getting citizenship

To obtain citizenship by naturalization, you have to live in the country for 5-10 years, depending on the laws in a particular state. Citizenship by Investment Programs offer a faster path, but Due Diligence and  bank complience are time consuming. Let's get acquainted with the most popular and fastest programs for obtaining a second passport. […]

How To Get Residency In Portugal

Portugal is a popular country in which to seek residency, for good reasons – its warm climate, high standard of living, the quality of healthcare and education in the country, its secure place within the EU and its favourable tax arrangements. There are two main routes through which to gain residency – The Golden Visa […]

What’s the difference between residency and citizenship

Sometimes there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to the words “residency” and “citizenship”. Some people use them interchangeably, others furiously favour one option when choosing between the two. But the reality is that each of them has its own benefits and disadvantages. Residency A residency is basically a permit issued for […]

Where In The EU Is The Easiest Place To Get Citizenship?

Since its inception, the EU has been and continues to be a desirable destination for many people, for many reasons. For the general population and particularly for business people and investors, residing and/or holding the passport of an EU country has a number of benefits: Freedom to live and work in several countries Opening access […]

Tax Residency In Cyprus

Becoming a resident of a country with favourable tax arrangements makes perfect sense for a variety of people, particularly those in business and with high incomes.  Taking out tax resident status is a popular option, providing much flexibility as taxes are determined for each year in isolation, depending on where the person resides during that […]

Citizenship By Investment Program in St. Lucia

The island of St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean is a beautiful and tempting place in which to acquire a second citizenship.  Not only is it attractive – mostly covered in rainforest and home to its famous twin peaks, the Pitons – it also has sophisticated links with the rest of the world, being a […]

How To Get Citizenship In Dominica

Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, a much larger island in the Caribbean) is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean, part of the Windward Islands. A former colony of Britain, tourism is its main industry, with lush rainforests and wonderful diving and hiking. It is regarded as one of the most […]

Benefits of the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program

How to get citizenship in Turkey? Turkey is considered one of the best places to live in the modern world. It’s famous for its mild climate, incredible cultural heritage and hospitality. It’s a perfect combination of the ancient and modern western world with Eastern twist. The growing economy also played its part: today Turkey offers […]

How to Get Greek Citizenship?

Greece is famous for its cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, mild climate and friendly people, which makes it popular among those who want to move to other country, whether to do business or make profit from renting out real estate or for their retirement. According to the Quality of Nationality Index, the Greek passport is among Top […]

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