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Global changes and trends in investment immigration. Could Citizenship by Investment Programs be canceled?

The focus of the world’s attention has shifted to the acute and emotional geopolitical crisis in Ukraine. As part of the package of sanctions for citizens of Russia and Belarus, many schemes of investment immigration have been suspended. But let us turn to what is happening directly in the European Union – the Citizenship by […]

Astons Case Study: St. Kitts & Nevis Second Passport Via Real Estate Investment

Overseas property investment is an excellent option for investors seeking dual benefits: Lucrative investment assets in a high-demand property sector. Travel freedom and protection with a family second passport. In our latest case study, we’ll explore one such scenario. Our US client and an established crypto investor was looking for alternative opportunities to provide a […]

EB-5 Visa Process

Applying for an EB5 US visa involves several stages, each of which investors need to complete before proceeding to the next. By the end of the final step of the EB5 immigration process, applicants become permanent residents of the USA. Here Astons explains each of the steps, in turn, to explain how to get EB5 […]

E-2 Visa Requirements For Investors

An E2 Investor Visa is a route to securing the right to live in the US, alongside the opportunity to purchase a business venture or launch your own enterprise in the States. As with many US visa routes, the conditions are extensive, so the Astons team has compiled this guide to summarise the essential eligibility […]

Grenada Visa-Free Countries in 2021

Grenada citizenship offers passport holders the opportunity to travel across the globe without any visa or permit requirements. Applications take just three to four months to process, allowing entrance to 143 countries, including the EU and UK, with options ranging from a $150,000 donation to a real estate purchase of $220.000. In this guide, the […]

Second Passport for US Citizens

Whether you’re looking at alternative business opportunities, safe havens in healthcare crises, or a politically stable place to call a second home, overseas citizenship is an enticing option. Around a third of Americans say they are interested in relocating, often with elections a pivotal time when most families look at the quality of life overseas. […]

EB 5 Visa Requirements

The EB-5 Visa is a popular route to acquire permanent US residency, also known as a Green Card. While the process is far more straightforward with support from the immigration experts at Astons, we appreciate that the requirements of a US visa can be reasonably complex. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) assesses each […]

How Irish Residency Works

Enjoy the Benefits of an Irish Residency Permit with a 1-Day Stay Did you know that, to maintain a residence permit in Ireland, it is enough to stay there for only 1 day a year? Ireland is an island in north-western Europe that was split in two in 1920. Most of the island went to […]

Comparing Citizenship by Investment Routes in 2021

Lots of countries attract foreign investment through immigration programmes as a secure way to enhance economic activity and entice affluent investors to their shores. However, choosing the optimal citizenship by investment programme requires expert insights into the benefits on offer and the level of investment needed. In this guide, the Astons consultants have short-listed some […]

Astons Case Study: Vanuatu Citizenship Via Donation

Citizenship in one of the most tranquil island nations in the South Pacific is a goal for many people – and with Astons immigration team, it’s an aspiration we can turn into reality! Our latest case study looks into a US client searching for an accessible, stress-free second passport, providing a multitude of assurances: Safeguards […]

Relocating to Portugal from Russia as a Permanent Resident

Portugal is a highly desirable Western European country, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. This destination is popular with Russian investors, offering rapid economic growth and a pleasant climate of warm winters and mild summers. Advantages of Portuguese Permanent Residency for Russian Investors There are many reasons that Portuguese permanent residency is a draw for […]

Astons Case Study: Portuguese Residency Through Real Estate Investment

Investment visas offer a remarkable opportunity for those looking for citizenship status, global mobility, secure returns, and of course, a beautiful home in one of the most desirable locations on earth! However, the key to a successful real estate investment is having local, on-the-ground knowledge. Whether clients have a specific country they would like to […]

Turkish Fast-Track Citizenship Through 2021 Real Estate Investment

The Turkish residency via real estate permit is a highly lucrative option for global investors, with zero investment thresholds and exclusive resort properties available from as little as $30,000. Prospective investors are flocking to take advantage of the benefits available from this highly affordable initiative. In this guide, the Astons team outlines the advantages of […]

Global Business Immigration Opportunities

Business immigration programmes are an exciting opportunity for foreign investors to engage in portfolio diversification and secure global mobility. Such initiatives immediately offer residency permits or citizenship on an investment in property, businesses, job creation, or an economic contribution. Each country offers varying terms, with a minimum investment threshold of $100,000. To demonstrate the advantages […]

Second passport as a new trophy asset: the 5 destinations for 2021

“Pandemic” second passports: the best citizenship by investment programs for 2021.

Breaking News: Dominica Passports Are Going Biometric!

As one of the most sought-after passports globally, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme represents an incredible opportunity for global mobility with attractive returns. In the news just released, the Government of Dominica has announced that from 19th July 2021, this coveted passport will be issued with a contemporary biometric chip. The enhancement is excellent […]

North Macedonia Is Ready To Launch Citizenship By Investment Program

The Government of North Macedonia is ready to launch its long-awaited citizenship by investment program, Astons understands. This program will help investors to become citizens of North Macedonia after investing 200,000 euro in a government-approved fund. North Macedonia has been a candidate for accession to the European Union since 2005, citizens of this country don’t […]

Cyprus Reforms Residency Program: More Options For Investments

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus introduced a new version of the country’s Residency By Investment program with a wide range of options for investments. Under the new rules, the minimum requirement for investment remains the same — €300,000. Until now, it was only possible to invest in a newly-built property, but the reform […]

Astons Client got a second passport and moved to Vanuatu

It’s easy to become a citizen of Vanuatu without leaving your house and unlock visa-free travel all over the world. Before the pandemic it was necessary to give the Oath of Allegiance to Vanuatu in front of the Commissioner of Oaths either in Vanuatu or abroad, nowadays it is possible to become a citizen of […]

Vanuatu solution to travel in COVID world now accounts for almost half of the country’s income

The revenue from the official Vanuatu citizenship by investment program grew more than 30% in 2020 amid pandemic and travel restrictions all over the world. Overall revenue from the CBI in Vanuatu totalled more than $132.6 million. Vanuatu’s CBI program revenue grew for the 5th consecutive year. In 2016 it was only 24.4 million USD. […]

St. Kitts & Nevis To Extend Citizenship By Investment Discount For Families

The Government of St. Kitts & Nevis expected to extend its popular offer for families up to four applying for citizenship under the investment programme of this Carribean country. The offer was introduced in July, 2020 amid pandemic in order to help investors regain their right to travel and lasted until January, 2021. After considering […]

Astons: The London postcodes where property values are up by as much as £500,000 during the pandemic

London homeowners have seen the value of their property climb by +£34,526 on average since the end of 2019, according to research from, Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship through investment. Astons analysed property price growth across the capital’s postcodes since December 2019 and found that many parts of the capital […]

Astons: 52% of London postcodes have seen a property price increase since the end of 2019

Arthur Sarkisian, managing director of Astons: “London has been hit harder than most where a COVID decline in buyer interest is concerned, largely due to the need for a quick commute dwindling in importance amongst homebuyers. However, the London market is far from on its knees and although there is almost a fifty-fifty split between […]

Investor’s Guide: How To Get Second Citizenship in Caribbean Countries and Vanuatu

Real estate and residency solutions consultancy Astons presents an Investor’s Guide to second citizenship programmes in Carribean countries and Vanuatu. St.Kitts & Nevis Benefits: Passport of St. Kitts & Nevis offers an opportunity to travel without visas to 152 countries, including the EU and Great Britain. This is extremely important in the face of the […]

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