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Malta Residency By Investment & Golden Visas

Malta Residency By Investment & Golden Visas

  • EU Resident Permits Issued in Only 60 Days From Approval
  • Low Threshold Real Estate Investments From €300,000
  • Investment Period of Five Years With Multiple Options
  • Travel Freedom Throughout the EU Schengen Zone
  • Entire Family Residency, Including Spouse, Children, Parents and Grandparents
  • No Minimum Stay Period For New Residency Applicants

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) - the safe route to obtaining EU permanent residency status for your whole family.

Receive your Maltese residency card within 60 days of approval with staged contribution payments and access to Europe without a visa.

Malta Residency Benefits

Residency in Malta via any investment route provides secure permanent residence, enabling investors to live in Malta indefinitely. As a Schengen Area Agreement participant, residents in this prime EU destination have eligibility to travel without a visa across Europe, without requiring any permission to travel. Residence rights are available through two investment routes. Option one requires a governmental contribution of €68,000 with a property purchase from €300,000 in South Malta or Gozo or €350,000 in popular coastal resorts. The second Maltese residency option requires a €98,000 donation, plus property rental of €10,000 in South Malta and Gozo, or €12,000 in the rest of the country. Both residency options carry a minimum five-year investment or rental term, with some of the lowest threshold contribution or investment rates for international immigration in the EU. Residency applications take around 12 months, but permits are issued within 60 days of approval. Residents can renew permits indefinitely every five years.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    EU residency

    Permanent EU residency in 12 months.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    Favourable tax system

    Non-domiciled Maltese residents pay tax only on domestic earnings.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    Visa-free EU travel mobility

    Travel within the Schengen Zone without a visa for 90 days per six months.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    Entire family eligibility

    Spouses, children of any age as long as they are not married and dependent, parents and grandparents.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    No residence requirements

    Prior or after residency is granted.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    High educational standards

    Access to world-class universities offering low tuition fees.
  • Malta Residency Benefits

    Easy work permit process

    Maltese permanent residents enjoy simplified work permit application processes.
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Visa-Free Access to Travel Across the European States

Unrestricted travel across the Schengen Zone, with no visa requirements. Malta Residency by Investment provides visa-free travel rights within the Schengen Zone - including Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Enjoy the flexibility to take business trips on short notice, or opt for a European family holiday - experience all Europe has to offer with Astons!

Visa-Free Access to Travel Across the European States

Investment Requirements

From €98,000 — €350,000

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) offers several options for international investors looking to secure EU residency through a range of flexible routes.

There are no requirements to live in Malta for any minimum period, and residency holders must have medical insurance for Malta, that also covers the EU.
These requirements apply only for the initial five years of residency.

  • €98,000 Government Donation & Five Years Property Rental

    • Investors may contribute €98,000 to Maltese programmes, alongside property rental in Malta for at least €10,000 - €12,000 per annum, depending on the region, for five years.
    • Additional family members, including parents and grandparents, may be added to the application for a contribution of €7,500 per person.
  • €300,000 - €350,000 Real Estate Investment

    • Property investors may purchase a home with an additional government donation of €68,000. Eligible properties must be valued from €300,000 in South Malta or Gozo or €350,000 in North and Central Malta.
    • Investors must hold real estate assets for five years from the date of residency. The same option applies to add relatives in addition to spouse and children for €7,500 per additional dependent.
  • €500,000 Capital Asset Requirements & NGO Donations

    • Applicants must make an additional donation of €2,000 to an NGO registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.
    • Investors require €500,000 in capital, of which €150,000 should be evidenced liquid financial assets held in a bank account.

Malta Residency Acquisition Process

As international immigration experts, Astons provide a seamless professional service, assisting with every aspect of your Maltese residency permit application.
Our accomplished team navigates the EU residency process to ensure every care, and due diligence task has been completed. This attention to detail means every application is submitted accurately and advanced to help expedite approval.

Malta Residency Acquisition ProcessMalta Residency Acquisition ProcessMalta Residency Acquisition Process
1 Month
Talk to Astons Immigration Advisers

Astons' immigration advisers will evaluate your circumstances and help you select the most suitable programme and real estate investment opportunities.

Prepare Documents

We will provide a detailed checklist and guide you through the documents collection stage. Experienced immigration advisers will prepare all required documents along with the application, to ensure all requirements are met, including proof of investment documentation.

3–4 days
Select Properties and Apply
Submit Residency Application

Astons will submit the complete application and all supporting documentation to Residency Malta, the government agency responsible for application processing. At this stage, investors will be asked to make an initial deposit of €10,000.

Processing of Application and Receipt Confirming Submission

Once approval of the application has been acquired, Residency Malta will send the confirmation of formal validity. Application processing can take up to 6 further months, with second contributions due of €30,000 when the approval in principle is issued. At this stage, your property investment may proceed, along with the charitable NGO donation, and proof of health insurance.

12 Months
Complete the Investment

After the final approval has been received, you will be required to complete the investment and to pay the remaining amount of Government contribution: €58 000 Lease option or € 28 000 Purchase option.

Visit for Biometrics collection

All Malta citizenship applicants, with the exception of children under six years old, must at some point visit in person a Maltese embassy or the Malta Passport Office in Valletta to give their biometrics.

Malta Residency Acquisition Process
Receive a Residence Permit

Applicants will receive a certificate valid indefinitely and a residence card valid for five years and renewable every following five year period.

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