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Astons is proud to be one of the original officially licensed agents for Malta’s very exclusive Residency by Investment program, along with being a specialized real estate broker for the country – Astons is your reliable, end-to-end partner in Malta.

The Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) is among the most selective programs in the EU and the country is among the safest in the world. Malta provides an effective route to obtaining permanent EU residency for your whole family.

The MPRP provides entrepreneurs, investors, and families with various degrees of flexibility regarding investment channels and investment options – specifically purchasing or leasing a property. While the minimum required investment for the Malta program can be as low as [approx.] $170,000, the program also requires a substantial proof of funds in excess of half a million dollars.

However, by investing in Malta, entrepreneurs, investors, and families can secure the highly coveted EU Plan B – permanent Malta and EU residency that includes the right to live in Malta indefinitely – enjoying the country’s year-round sunshine, favorable tax regime, English as the official language, and visa-free mobility throughout the Schengen area – and ETIAS exemption to enter all of the EU.

Astons’ Malta office located in St. Julian’s is staffed with seasoned agents with expertise in both the MPRP and Maltese real estate market, and are available for a Free Confidential and Comprehensive Consultation to address any questions or concerns, such as:

  • What are the investment options for the Malta Golden Visa?
  • How long does a rental contract need to be to qualify for the Golden Visa program?
  • How long does the entire process take?

For the Malta Golden Visa, it is best to begin with our Free Confidential and Comprehensive Consultation, and Astons’ experts will analyze how your specific wants, needs, goals, and demands align with the program and provide you with the best solutions.

Trust Astons – a better life awaits.

Program Benefits

EU residency

Permanent EU residency in 12 months.

Favourable tax system

Non-domiciled Maltese residents pay tax only on domestic earnings.

Visa-free EU travel mobility

Travel within the Schengen Zone without a visa for 90 days per six months.

Entire family eligibility

Spouses, children of any age as long as they are not married and dependent, parents and grandparents.

No residence requirements

Prior or after residency is granted.

High educational standards

Access to world-class universities offering low tuition fees.

Easy work permit process

Maltese permanent residents enjoy simplified work permit application processes.
Program Requirements

The Maltese residency program in a nutshell:

  • Due Diligence: Malta implements the strictest degree of due diligence of all global programs, which is only one of the factors that make Maltese programs the most selective in the world
  • Health: Applicants must provide proof of health insurance that not only covers Malta, but all of the EU
  • Investment Threshold: The Malta Golden Visa has varied investment requirements depending upon whether you choose to buy or rent a property. For rentals, the required minimum is approx. €160,000 [approx. $175K] and for real estate purchases, the minimum is €300,000 [approx. $325K]
  • Investment Options: The MPRP permits both real estate purchases and renting real estate. However, if investors choose to rent, they are required to secure a rental contract for a minimum duration of 5-years with a total value of €60,000 [approx. $65K] – depending upon location + administration fees and costs.
  • Investment Hold: The Malta residency program requires rental contracts to be a minimum of 5-years and investors how purchase properties are required to hold the property for a minimum of 5-years as well.
  • Physical Presence: The Malta residency program is a fully remote process and there are no requirements to reside in Malta once approved
  • Proof of funds: Malta requires all investors, regardless of the chosen investment route, to establish a proof of funds valued at least €500,000 [approx. $540K] of which at least €150,000 [approx. $160K] must be liquid assets
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    Visa-Free Access to Travel Across the European States

    Unrestricted travel across the Schengen Zone, with no visa requirements.

    Malta Residency by Investment provides visa-free travel rights within the Schengen Zone – including Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

    Enjoy the flexibility to take business trips on short notice, or opt for a European family holiday – experience all Europe has to offer with Astons!

    Which is right for me?
    Investment Requirements

    The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) offers several options for international investors looking to secure EU residency through a range of flexible routes.

    There are no requirements to live in Malta for any minimum period, and residency holders must have medical insurance for Malta, that also covers the EU. These requirements apply only for the initial five years of residency.

    Option 1 / €98,000 Government Donation & Five Years Property Rental

    • Investors may contribute €98,000 to Maltese programmes, alongside property rental in Malta for at least €10,000 – €12,000 per annum, depending on the region, for five years.
    • Additional family members, including parents and grandparents, may be added to the application for a contribution of €7,500 per person.

    Option 2 / €300,000 - €350,000 Real Estate Investment

    • Property investors may purchase a home with an additional government donation of €68,000. Eligible properties must be valued from €300,000 in South Malta or Gozo or €350,000 in North and Central Malta.
    • Investors must hold real estate assets for five years from the date of residency. The same option applies to add relatives in addition to spouse and children for €7,500 per additional dependent.

    Option 3 / €500,000 Capital Asset Requirements & NGO Donations

    • Applicants must make an additional donation of €2,000 to an NGO registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.
    • Investors require €500,000 in capital, of which €150,000 should be evidenced liquid financial assets held in a bank account.

    Malta Residency Acquisition Process

    As international immigration experts, Astons provide a seamless professional service, assisting with every aspect of your Maltese residency permit application.
    Our accomplished team navigates the EU residency process to ensure every care, and due diligence task has been completed. This attention to detail means every application is submitted accurately and advanced to help expedite approval.

    1 Month

    Free Consultation with Astons' Experts

    Astons’ immigration advisers will evaluate your circumstances and help you select the most suitable programme and real estate investment opportunities.


    Prepare Documents

    We will provide a detailed checklist and guide you through the documents collection stage.

    Experienced immigration advisers will prepare all required documents along with the application, to ensure all requirements are met, including proof of investment documentation.

    3–4 days
    Select Properties and Apply

    Submit Residency Application

    Astons will submit the complete application and all supporting documentation to Residency Malta, the government agency responsible for application processing. At this stage, investors will be asked to make an initial deposit of €10,000.


    Processing of Application and Receipt Confirming Submission

    Once approval of the application has been acquired, Residency Malta will send the confirmation of formal validity. Application processing can take up to 6 further months, with second contributions due of €30,000 when the approval in principle is issued.

    At this stage, your property investment may proceed, along with the charitable NGO donation, and proof of health insurance.

    12 Months

    Complete the Investment

    After the final approval has been received, you will be required to complete the investment and to pay the remaining amount of Government contribution: €58 000 Lease option or € 28 000 Purchase option.


    Visit for Biometrics collection

    All Malta citizenship applicants, with the exception of children under six years old, must at some point visit in person a Maltese embassy or the Malta Passport Office in Valletta to give their biometrics.


    Receive a Residence Permit

    Applicants will receive a certificate valid indefinitely and a residence card valid for five years and renewable every following five year period.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is life like in Malta?

    One of only a handful of EU island nations and floating in the Mediterranean of the coast of Sicily, Malta offers laid-back charm, sophisticated European vibes, and exceptional weather. However, that is merely the tip of the iceberg for this island paradise. Malta is also an ideal destination for history buffs and the eco chic with opportunities to hike through its mountains, explore its hidden coves, and visit historical sites, including Baroque palazzi fortifications and churches.

    What’s the minimum investment for residency?
    Why should I opt for Maltese residency?
    How long does a rental contract need to be to qualify for the Golden Visa program?
    Can Maltese residency become citizenship?
    How long does the MPRP application take?
    Do I need to visit or reside in Malta?
    Are you a licensed agent for Malta?

    Why Our Clients Choose Us

    Trust Astons

    33 years of industry leadership and dominance - ASTONS is one of the original firms that molded the investment immigration industry. Founded in London in 1989, Astons has evolved into a family of global companies now headquartered in Dubai.

    Communicate on your terms

    Astons personally serves clients via our global footprint with offices in Istanbul (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai (UAE),Athens (Greece), Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Saint Julians (Malta). As well as, via text message, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email.

    Globally licensed firm

    ASTONS maintains licensed partnerships with the official govermental agencies operating the CBI and RBI programs. ASTONS operates in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of every country where we do business - cooperating with local regulators and government officials. Ensuring no risks for you, your reputation or brand, and your investment.

    Earned reputation

    ASTONS, on average, helps nearly 300 clients a year. With historical totals of:
    More than 9,000 clients
    A clientele from over 50%+ of the world’s nationalities
    $2.6 Billion+ USD in immigration and real estate investments

    100% success rate

    100% of clients who pass the Astons’ due diligence review have their applications approved. The Astons due diligence team of seasoned UK lawyers and industry experts advance our clients’ interests by maintaining direct and constant contact with government officials - leveraging our experience, expertise and methodology of the British law school to conclude the immigration process in our client’s benefit.

    Client focused Service

    ASTONS offers only the best the world of investment immigration and luxury real estate has to offer. We expertly select citizenship and residence programs that can deliver solutions to virtually any client. As well as premium real estate in 11 countries to appease the most discerning buyer or investor. Our experts find the most advantageous solutions to address every client’s wants, needs, and demands.

    Internationally relied upon experts

    ASTONS experts are regularly relied upon by global media outlets and publications to provide expert insights and comments for investment immigration; including: Bloomberg, The Times, CNN, The Telegraph, El Tiempo, El Pais, El Economista, MSN UK, SchengenVisainfo and many others.

    World leader in immigration services

    ASTONS didn’t create the world of immigration investment, we perfected it for the benefit of investors. Astons consistently ranks as a TOP-25 firm in the international immigration industry by Uglobal Immigration Magazine, Best European Citizenship Advisor 2018, and Best Full-Service Investment Immigration Firm 2019.


    Schedule A Free Consultation

    Connect with Astons via our website, email, WhatsApp, or Telegram, to schedule a consultation. Together we’ll find the perfect residency by investment program for you and your family. In the consultation, we will:

    • Define and understand your wants, needs, goals, and demands
    • Create a list of the best strategies and solutions for you
    • Discuss and explain the various investment options available

    Susanna Uzakova

    Citizenship, residence permit and real estate investment expert
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