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Countries that offer fastest ways of getting citizenship

To obtain citizenship by naturalization, you have to live in the country for 5-10 years, depending on the laws in a particular state. Citizenship by Investment Programs offer a faster path, but Due Diligence and  bank compliance are time consuming. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular and fastest programs for obtaining a second passport. […]

How To Get Residency In Portugal

Portugal is a popular country in which to seek residency, for good reasons – its warm climate, high standard of living, the quality of healthcare and education in the country, its secure place within the EU and its favourable tax arrangements. There are two main routes through which to gain residency: the Golden Visa and […]

What’s the difference between residency and citizenship

Sometimes there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to the words “residency” and “citizenship”. Some people use them interchangeably, others furiously favour one option when choosing between the two. But the reality is that each of them has its own benefits and disadvantages. Residency A residency is basically a permit issued for […]

Where In The EU Is The Easiest Place To Get Citizenship?

Since its inception, the EU has been and continues to be a desirable destination for many people, for many reasons. For the general population and particularly for business people and investors, residing and/or holding the passport of an EU country has a number of benefits: Freedom to live and work in several countries Opening access […]

Tax Residency In Cyprus

Becoming a resident of a country with favourable tax arrangements makes perfect sense for a variety of people, particularly those in business and with high incomes.  Taking out tax resident status is a popular option, providing much flexibility as taxes are determined for each year in isolation, depending on where the person resides during that […]

How To Get Citizenship In Dominica

If you’re interested in Dominican citizenship, this is the guide for you. Perhaps you have familial ties to the Caribbean island state, or you already live and work there, or you’ve heard about the country’s popular citizenship by investment program. Whatever your reason, we’ll explain all of the available options to obtain Dominican citizenship, along […]

Benefits of the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program

How to get citizenship in Turkey? Turkey is considered one of the best places to live in the modern world. It’s famous for its mild climate, incredible cultural heritage and hospitality. It’s a perfect combination of the ancient and modern western world with Eastern twist. The growing economy also played its part: today Turkey offers […]

How to Get Greek Citizenship?

Greece is famous for its cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, mild climate and friendly people, which makes it popular among those who want to move to other country, whether to do business or make profit from renting out real estate or for their retirement. According to the Quality of Nationality Index, the Greek passport is among Top […]

Top 10 Countries For Yacht Registration

Buying a yacht is a well-known form of investment and it differs a lot from purchasing real estate or a car. Doing so, you should consider different regulations, tax regimes, privacy protection, cost of maintenance, and opportunities for travelling. For all these reasons, investors take the process of choosing where they will register their yacht […]

The D7 (Portugal Passive Income) Visa

What Is The D7 Visa? The Portuguese D7 Visa (or Portugal Passive Income Visa, also known as the Retirement Visa) is a visa for non-Portugese-nationals and non-EU/EAA/Swiss nationals who have a passive income and is intended to provide an entry facility into the country so that they can apply for permanent residency. What Are The […]

How To Get EU Citizenship?

There is such an array of benefits to living and working within the member countries of the European Union that it is no wonder so many non-EU nationals want to become EU citizens. Fortunately, for those born outside the EU, there are several ways to get EU citizenship, each with differing timescales and processes. In this […]

How To Get Portuguese Citizenship

Portugal is a popular destination for those looking for a new country to call home. The year-round warm climate, gorgeous landscapes, stunning wines, and unique culture make it an attractive choice for anyone. Plus, as a modern country at the heart of the EU, it caters brilliantly to those seeking a life of luxury (see […]

How To Get US Residency

For many investors looking to gain foreign residency, the USA is a popular choice, with few language/cultural barriers and many benefits. Astons’ expert and knowledgeable team can advise you on the best and speediest way to obtain US residency. Benefits of USA Residency The right to permanently live, work and study in the country Visa-free […]

How Many Citizenships Can A Person Hold?

What Is Dual Citizenship? Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is when a citizen of one country can also hold citizenship of another country or countries at the same time without losing their rights to their first citizenship. Different countries have their own rules about whether a citizen is able to hold dual or […]

What Are The Requirements Of The E2 Visa?

For those wishing to live, work or be educated in the USA, the E-2 Visa can provide a convenient route to residency, with many benefits. What Is The E-2 Visa? The E-2 is a USA non-immigrant visa, allowing residency in the US by investment into a US business.  The applicant can either purchase an existing […]

How Many Countries Allow Dual/Multiple Citizenship

Dual and multiple citizenships are taken out when a person decides and is permitted to hold more than one nationality. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from the security of knowing there is an alternative safe country to live in during times of danger or unrest; to multiple financial and business reasons; […]

A Complete Guide To The EB-5 Visa

For individuals and families looking to gain permanent residency in the United States of America, the EB5 visa – a fast-track residency by investment program – may be the best way to achieve this. Providing a speedy, secure route into the US, the visa allows people the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of being […]

Which Countries Do Not Tax Cryptocurrency?

A growing number of people are investing in cryptocurrency – such as Bitcoin, Solana and Litecoin – defined by as “a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography” with “decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any […]

A Guide To Golden Visas

“Golden Visa” is a phrase that is commonly mentioned when referring to residency abroad. But what exactly is a golden visa, how does it work, what are its benefits and which EU countries offer them? What Are Golden Visas? Essentially, golden visa schemes are arrangements whereby a person can obtain residency in a foreign country […]

Countries With The Lowest Tax Rates In Europe

One of the most important factors in deciding where to base one’s personal or business interests is the amount of tax charged by any particular country.  Whilst we all accept that it is necessary to pay taxes to contribute to the countries we live and work in, it is sensible when considering citizenship or residency […]

The Top 15 Countries With No Income Tax

When taking an additional nationality the choice of country will depend on personal, business and financial circumstances. One of the major factors, particularly for high earners, will be the differences between countries in their approach to income tax. Several countries do not tax income and this may make the ultimate destination an easier decision to […]

What is the Cheapest Citizenship by Investment Program?

There are many reasons why people might want to become citizens of other countries. These can range from personal (better quality of life) to security reasons (a safe haven in times of political or social unrest), to business and financial reasons (for example better tax conditions for companies) and international visa-free travel. A number of […]

Records on the turkish real estate market. Why the turkish programme is becoming more and more popular

The Turkish real estate market has in the last few months seen a marked increase in popularity with international investors keen to fast-track applications for Turkish citizenship, despite a forthcoming increase in the amount of capital required to be invested in property in the country in order to qualify for citizenship.  The route to Turkish […]

What Are The Best Citizenship by Investment Programs?

With so many citizenship-by-investment programs available, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons on offer and the relative terms on the market. There are many CIP programs available around the world, each offering attractive returns, opportunities to purchase a home in beautiful destinations, and global freedom through visa-free travel. Let’s sort through the best […]

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