Fort Lauderdale, FL Astons, a preeminent global leader in investment migration and luxury real estate, recently hosted two insightful webinars exploring the most promising residency and citizenship pathways in the Caribbean and Portugal.

These informative sessions, led by Astons’ migration specialists, unpacked valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and families seeking strategic solutions to diversify their portfolios and secure a brighter future.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment: A Roadmap for 2024

The first webinar, held in December, delved into the dynamic landscape of Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment Programs. Beyond the allure of island living and access to luxury real estate investments, many Caribbean nations offer programs with significant Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) benefits, aligning with the values of purpose-driven investors. Alena Lesina, Astons’ US office head and recognized Caribbean expert, guided participants through the evolving landscape and charted a course for success in 2024.

“The Caribbean presents a diverse array of programs, each boasting unique advantages,” explained Lesina. “Our webinar aimed to demystify these options, empowering clients to make informed decisions tailored to their long-term family and investment goals.”

Portugal’s Golden Visa: A Gateway to Europe with Real ROI

The second webinar, presented on January 11th by Astons’ Director of Business Development, Denis Kravchenko, focused on Portugal’s Golden Visa program, with a particular emphasis on the newly launched Portugal Golden Visa Private Equity Fund.

“Portugal’s Golden Visa program extends far beyond mere residency; it represents a sound investment strategy,” highlighted Kravchenko. “Our private equity fund option is poised to be one of the most attractive investment channels within the EU for 2024, offering tangible returns and a gateway to European living.”

Commitment to Client Empowerment:

These webinars embody Astons’ dedication to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information to clients globally. Participants gained valuable insights from industry experts and had the opportunity to have their questions addressed directly. Registrants also received a complimentary guide on Portugal’s Golden Visa program.

Stay Informed with Astons:

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This article was based on a press release originally distributed on February 28th, 2024