Astons, a leader in global citizenship- and residency-by-investment, invites discerning clients to unlock EU residency through Portugal’s revamped “Golden Visa” program. This update presents exceptional opportunities for investors seeking a European foothold.

The official Portuguese Residency-by-Investment program grants access to a coveted European destination renowned for its cultural vibrancy, economic strength, and favorable investment climate. The revised program now boasts a minimum investment threshold of just €500,000.

“Our Portugal offering unlocks not only a cherished European lifestyle but also the potential for significant equity growth,” says Denis Kravchenko, Director of Business Development at Astons’ Cyprus Office. “Portugal remains a consistently attractive proposition in today’s dynamic investment landscape.”

Beyond “Golden Visa” status, the firm facilitates luxury real estate investments in coveted Portuguese locations, including government-approved resorts and hotels. Their dedicated Portugal office offers a seamless turnkey solution. Similar opportunities exist across the EU and beyond through Astons’ premier real estate brokerage programs.

Astons streamlines the process with a 24-hour preliminary assessment, efficiently gauging potential investor eligibility. While Portugal’s Residency-by-Investment program boasts a historically swift approval timeframe (around three months), increased popularity may necessitate earlier application submissions.

Portugal’s status as a global crypto hub further enhances the program’s appeal to modern investors seeking a blend of innovation and tradition – a perfect fit for Astons’ approach of combining cutting-edge solutions with established expertise.

“Astons recognizes our clients’ need for precision and timeliness,” says Kravchenko. “With the program’s new investment options, our team ensures every application is handled with meticulous accuracy, guaranteeing a smooth and rewarding path to Portuguese residency.”

Participating in Portugal’s official Residency-by-Investment program not only secures coveted Portuguese residency but also unlocks unmatched mobility across the EU. Golden Visa holders enjoy the freedom to travel, work, and reside within the Schengen Zone, placing a tapestry of European experiences at their fingertips. This enhanced mobility empowers clients to reimagine their lifestyle, business prospects, and personal growth within the diverse and prosperous EU landscape.

Astons invites investors to explore the potential of Portugal’s revamped Residency-by-Investment program. With Astons’ expert guidance, clients can embark on a transformative journey toward a new residency and a future brimming with possibilities.

This article was adapted from a press release originally distributed on December 4th, 2023