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Citizenship by investment

Travel worldwide for business or pleasure without restrictions, including EU and UK

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Residency by Investment

Unique opportunity to obtain visa free travel within the EU and UK and expand your business opportunities

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Citizenship programs
Residency programs
  • Malta Citizenship Malta Citizenship
    • Passport in 14 months
    • Minimum Investment – €1,150,000
    • Visa free travel to 182 countries
  • Montenegro Citizenship Montenegro Citizenship
    • Citizenship in 6 months
    • Minimum Investment – €450,000
    • Visa free travel to 123 countries
  • Turkish Citizenship Turkish Citizenship
    • Passport in 6-8 months
    • Minimum Investment – $400,000
    • Visa free travel to 115 countries
  • Grenada Citizenship Grenada Citizenship
    • Passport in 4-8 months
    • Minimum Investment – $150,000
    • Visa free travel to 144 countries
  • Dominica Citizenship Dominica Citizenship
    • Passport in 3-6 months
    • Minimum Investment – $100,000
    • Visa free travel to 143 countries
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis CitizenshipSaint Kitts & Nevis Citizenship
    • Passport in 45-60 days
    • Minimum Investment – $125,000
    • Visa free travel to 157 countries
  • Vanuatu CitizenshipVanuatu Citizenship
    • Passport in 2 months
    • Minimum Investment – $130,000
    • Visa free travel to 135 countries
  • Saint Lucia Citizenship Saint Lucia Citizenship
    • Passport in 3-6 months
    • Minimum Investment – $100,000
    • Visa free travel to over 140 countries
  • Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda
    • Passport in 3-4 months
    • Minimum Investment – $100,000
    • Visa free travel to over 150 countries
  • Greece ResidencyGreece Residency
    • EU Residency in 2 months
    • Minimum Investment – €250,000
    • Visa free travel to Schengen Zone
  • Malta ResidencyMalta Residency
    • EU Residency in 4 months
    • Minimum Investment – €330,000
    • Visa free travel to Schengen Zone
  • Irish ResidencyIrish Residency
    • EU Residency in 2 months
    • Minimum Investment – €500,000
    • Visa free travel to Ireland
  • Spain ResidencySpain Residency
    • EU Residency in 2 months
    • Minimum Investment – €500,000
    • Visa free travel to Schengen Zone
  • Monaco ResidencyMonaco Residency
    • EU Residency in 2-6 months
    • Minimum Investment – €1,000,000
    • Visa free travel to Schengen Zone
  • Cyprus ResidencyCyprus Residency
    • EU Residency in 2 months
    • Visa free travel to 173 countries
  • US Permanent ResidencyUS Permanent Residency
    • Green Card in 12 months
    • Minimum Investment – $900,000
    • Visa free travel to 175 countries
  • Portugal ResidencyPortugal Residency
    • EU Residency in 3 months
    • Minimum Investment – €280,000
    • Visa free travel to Schengen Zone

Astons FAQs

  • Who Can Be Added to My Application?

    While it depends a little on which residency or citizenship by investment scheme you apply to, most programmes offer whole family eligibility, with each individual granted a second passport or residency status. The age of the dependents varies from program to program – please check this with one of our consultants.
    That includes options to add a spouse or civil partner, dependent children, parents, sometimes siblings and grandparents to your application.

  • How Long Does the Process Take?

    Astons has years of expertise expediting immigration by investment applications, with some of the opportunities allowing you to acquire a second passport in as little as 30 days!
    Other programmes require around three to four months.
    Some have phased citizenship with an initial residency period - although several investment schemes have the option of securing fast track processing for a nominal charge if you would like to relocate or secure a second passport faster.

  • Can I Sell the Investments After I Get the Passport/Residency?

    Citizenship by investment offers an exceptional way to invest in emerging economies, sought-after property markets and businesses.
    Most second passport schemes require you to retain your investment for a minimum period, usually up to five years.
    However, when that period has passed, you can sell your investment to recoup the capital, often making a sizable profit in addition to returns earned in the meantime.
    If you opt for a non-refundable government donation route, then the value is not recoverable.

  • How Can I Renew the Passport/Residnecy After 5-10 Years?

    Once you have a second passport, you don't need to do anything further to retain your citizenship other than comply with any requirements to maintain your investment for a certain number of years.
    When your passport falls due for renewal, you can request a replacement through the regular passport processing system in that country.
    Alternatively, please contact Astons if you need any assistance finding the quickest way to renew a second passport when the original expiry date is approaching.

  • How Long is the Passport/Residency Valid For?

    A second passport is valid for life - you remain a citizen of that country indefinitely, with most citizenships passing down to your descendants.
    The only reason a passport might be revoked is if you breached a fundamental term of citizenship or residency program (such as selling your investments earlier than required by the program) or committed a serious offence in the country that issued the document.

  • What is the Difference Between the Programmes?

    Every country with a residency by investment or second citizenship scheme has benefits and incentives on offer. The differences include:

    • Types of investment - ranging from property purchases to charitable donations.
    • Invest thresholds - starting at $100,000 for Caribbean second passport schemes.
    • Terms - you might not need to retain an investment or may need to keep a real estate acquisition for between three and five years.
    • Travel rights - our supported programmes offer generous visa-free travel, including to prestigious destinations throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.

    The Astons website includes detailed information for you to compare different immigration programmes, or our friendly team is always available to offer advice.

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Global Residency & Citizenship Solutions

Global Residency & Citizenship Solutions

Astons is an investment immigration firm offering residency and citizenship solutions.

Astons has over 30 years’ experience in providing holistic management of legal affairs for private clients, providing advice in investor immigration solutions, tax advisory, private education, asset structuring and investment services. Astons acts as Trusted Advisors to HNWIs and their families, as well as to leading lawyers, family offices, banks and investment firms around the world.

Our wealth of experience and highly-skilled multilingual immigration team and citizenship & residence advisors, ensures a truly international and personalised service, conducted with absolute discretion, speed and integrity. A firm with robust international connections, Astons has offices worldwide, including Istanbul, Limassol, Dubai and Cascais.

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Key Benefits of Working with ASTONS

  • Decades of experience in immigration
    Over 30 years of experience in investment, immigration and relocation sector.
  • Proactive at all times
    We are always at hand 24/7 and quick to respond. All documentation is processed rapidly and managed efficiently.
  • Authorised Government agent
    We always perform with the highest integrity and the best interests of our clients in mind. We are regulated by the respective authorities in our countries of operation.
  • A UK-based company which is internationally operative
    With our international offices in Dubai, Istanbul, Cascais and Limassol we ensure that our clients receive the most effective and efficient client care available.

Astons — licenced provider of residency and citizenship by investment

Authorised Agent of the Grenada Citizenship Program

Authorised Agent of the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship Program

Authorised Agent of Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Programme

Authorised Vanuatu Citizenship Agent

Membership of The Property Ombudsman (UK)

Authorised Representative of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

Authorised Promoter for the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

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Key Benefits of Alternative Residency or Citizenship


High quality lifestyle

Opportunity to live in the place of your desire while running the business and giving the best education to your children.

visa free countries
Hassle free travel across the globe, including Schengen zone, UK, USA and China.
Every year property prices in Europe rise by

Better future for your children

Home student fees for the best international school and universities. The citizenship is passed down as inheritance to your children.


Passive income from property

High demand for property rentals will provide you with stable passive income from your investments.

You can get 4-5% yearly profit on the property investment, higher than interest in any international bank.


Mahesh, IT Business Owner


As an IT company owner based in Delhi, I continuously travel around the world both for business and with my family. I was tired of continuous visa applications and found it impossible to fly during the pandemic.

Peter, IT Company Owner

Aged 38

I turned to Astons for a consultation on Caribbean passports, having seen an article about Pavel Durov and how he obtained Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship. For me, this was relevant since I travel a lot, live in different places, and have long considered myself a citizen of the world.

Dana, Holding Group Financial Director

Aged 50, Lebanon

My daughter is 16 years old, and so I needed to plan for her university education. She has a more European mindset, and I have always hoped she would be able to study in the UK, as well as being keen to live in and explore Europe myself.

Luan, Businessman

Aged 65, South Africa

Having reached my 60s, I am less involved with my business and was looking to travel and enjoy life with my partner. It is tough to travel with a South African passport, and obtaining visas is difficult.

Lucas, Logistics Business Owner

Aged 45, Brazil

I was interested in a second passport to gain protection from potential risks and attacks on my business by state inspections and other bodies. I also wanted to invest in property overseas to protect my wealth.

Muhammad, CEO


Very impressed by the professional approach of the Astons team. Despite the difficult "covid" time, all issues were resolved very quickly and constructively.

Anonymous Anonymous

My experience with Astons has been incredible. After vetting a number of international & Turkish companies for my Turkish citizenship application, I’m so glad I went with Astons. Both Susanna & Alev were outstanding throughout the process & made all the difference.

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