St. Kitts And Nevis Citizenship By Investment

Passport in 3-6 months
Minimum Investment -
Visa free travel to 157 countries
388 properties in portfolio
From $110,000
272 properties in portfolio
From €170,000
151 properties in portfolio
From €100,000
100 properties in portfolio
From $100,000
19 properties in portfolio
From €280,000
12 properties in portfolio
From €245,000
30 properties in portfolio
From $388,020
9 properties in portfolio
From $200,000
6 properties in portfolio
From $220,000

Answers to frequently asked questions

While it depends a little on which residency or citizenship by investment scheme you apply to, most programmes offer whole family eligibility, with each individual granted a second passport or residency status. The age of the dependents varies from program to program – please check this with one of our consultants. That includes options to add a spouse or civil partner, dependent children, parents, sometimes siblings and grandparents to your application.

Astons has years of expertise expediting immigration by investment applications, with some of the opportunities allowing you to acquire a second passport in as little as 30 days! Other programmes require around three to four months. Some have phased citizenship with an initial residency period – although several investment schemes have the option of securing fast track processing for a nominal charge if you would like to relocate or secure a second passport faster.

Citizenship by investment offers an exceptional way to invest in emerging economies, sought-after property markets and businesses. Most second passport schemes require you to retain your investment for a minimum period, usually up to five years. However, when that period has passed, you can sell your investment to recoup the capital, often making a sizable profit in addition to returns earned in the meantime. If you opt for a non-refundable government donation route, then the value is not recoverable.

Once you have a second passport, you don’t need to do anything further to retain your citizenship other than comply with any requirements to maintain your investment for a certain number of years. When your passport falls due for renewal, you can request a replacement through the regular passport processing system in that country. Alternatively, please contact Astons if you need any assistance finding the quickest way to renew a second passport when the original expiry date is approaching.

A second passport is valid for life – you remain a citizen of that country indefinitely, with most citizenships passing down to your descendants. The only reason a passport might be revoked is if you breached a fundamental term of citizenship or residency program (such as selling your investments earlier than required by the program) or committed a serious offence in the country that issued the document.

Every country with a residency by investment or second citizenship scheme has benefits and incentives on offer. The differences include:

• Types of investment – ranging from property purchases to charitable donations.
• Invest thresholds – starting at $100,000 for Caribbean second passport schemes.
• Terms – you might not need to retain an investment or may need to keep a real estate acquisition for between three and five years.
• Travel rights – our supported programmes offer generous visa-free travel, including to prestigious destinations throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.

The Astons website includes detailed information for you to compare different immigration programmes, or our friendly team is always available to offer advice.

Alexander Kosovskiy

Alexander Kosovskiy

Investment Citizenship Expert

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Global Residence & Citizenship Solutions

Astons is an investment immigration firm offering residence and citizenship solutions in the EU & Caribbean.

Astons has over 30 years’ experience in providing holistic management of legal affairs for private clients, providing advice in investor immigration solutions, tax advisory, private education, asset structuring and investment services. Astons acts as Trusted Advisors to HNWIs and their families, as well as to leading lawyers, family offices, banks and investment firms around the world.

Our wealth of experience and highly-skilled multilingual immigration team and citizenship & residence advisors, ensures a truly international and personalised service, conducted with absolute discretion, speed and integrity. A firm with robust international connections, Astons has offices worldwide, including in UAE, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and Portugal.

Global Residence & Citizenship Solutions

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Trust Astons

33 years of industry leadership and dominance - ASTONS is one of the original firms that molded the investment immigration industry. Founded in London in 1989, Astons has evolved into a family of global companies now headquartered in Dubai.

Communicate on your terms

Astons personally serves clients via our global footprint with offices in Istanbul (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai (UAE),Athens (Greece), Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Saint Julians (Malta). As well as, via text message, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email.

Globally licensed firm

ASTONS maintains licensed partnerships with the official govermental agencies operating the CBI and RBI programs. ASTONS operates in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of every country where we do business - cooperating with local regulators and government officials. Ensuring no risks for you, your reputation or brand, and your investment.

Earned reputation

ASTONS, on average, helps nearly 300 clients a year. With historical totals of:
More than 9,000 clients
A clientele from over 50%+ of the world’s nationalities
$2.6 Billion+ USD in immigration and real estate investments

100% success rate

100% of clients who pass the Astons’ due diligence review have their applications approved. The Astons due diligence team of seasoned UK lawyers and industry experts advance our clients’ interests by maintaining direct and constant contact with government officials - leveraging our experience, expertise and methodology of the British law school to conclude the immigration process in our client’s benefit.

Client focused Service

ASTONS offers only the best the world of investment immigration and luxury real estate has to offer. We expertly select citizenship and residence programs that can deliver solutions to virtually any client. As well as premium real estate in 11 countries to appease the most discerning buyer or investor. Our experts find the most advantageous solutions to address every client’s wants, needs, and demands.

Internationally relied upon experts

ASTONS experts are regularly relied upon by global media outlets and publications to provide expert insights and comments for investment immigration; including: Bloomberg, The Times, CNN, The Telegraph, El Tiempo, El Pais, El Economista, MSN UK, SchengenVisainfo and many others.

World leader in immigration services

ASTONS didn’t create the world of immigration investment, we perfected it for the benefit of investors. Astons consistently ranks as a TOP-25 firm in the international immigration industry by Uglobal Immigration Magazine, Best European Citizenship Advisor 2018, and Best Full-Service Investment Immigration Firm 2019.

Astons is a licensed provider of residence permit and citizenship programs

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At the consultation we:

  • Let’s define the investment goals
  • We will select an approach to choosing a strategy based on your entry amount and deadlines
  • We will choose investment instruments based on the risk strategy and the level of profitability
Susanna Uzakova

Susanna Uzakova

Citizenship, residence permit and real estate investment expert

Key Benefits of Alternative Residency or Citizenship

High quality of life

The possibility of living, studying, working and doing business abroad.


Countries without visas!

You will be able to freely visit half the world, including the countries of the Schengen area, the UK, the USA and China


Every year, prices for non-movable property in Europe grow on average by.

The future for your children and grandchildren

Tuition on preferential terms in the world’s best international schools and universities. Citizenship is inherited.

Passive income from real estate

Consistently high demand for rental real estate allows you to receive regular passive income.
Rental income abroad is 4-5% per annum, which is higher than the interest on deposits in a foreign bank.


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