According to research done between 2016 and now on UK attitudes to immigration, the beliefs of a large minority are that there is a lack of migrant integration into British culture. In addition, only 15% of those asked were satisfied with how the government dealt with immigration.

Although 40% of those asked felt that cultural diversity had a negative effect on British culture, overall the effects of immigration appear to be seen more positively than negatively.

The basis of the study was the responses of just over 3,500 people questioned in June and 60 citizens’ panels supporting an anti-racism group and a think tank.

More than a quarter believed that the truth about immigration is never told by MPs with 50% of the population wanting fewer low-skilled EU workers coming into Britain. In addition, the think tank found that the public want their opinions heard and want the government to have more control over immigrant numbers but at the same time, they see both sides to immigration, the positive effects in terms of economics and culture as well as negative concerning public services and accommodation.

Negative views on Islam from panel discussions were invariably publicised, with repetition of the same incidents of child sex abuse by groups of Asian males in the north of England.

Where you live is very relevant to the survey responses .Findings of the research differed depending on location of the responders.  Those living in large cities found the impact of immigration much more positive than those in country areas.

The authors of the report are asking for official open dialogue where views of the public expressed.