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ID plan proposed for UK

According to the think tank Policy Exchange, there should be an ID registration scheme in the UK for EU citizens who want to remain post Brexit

With such a system, an EU national here in the UK could have proof that they were entitled to services and jobs.  Policy Exchange’s report also stated that it would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to operate in the country.


What is useful about the system is that it would be done digitally and thus there would be no need to carry around an ID card.  Policy Exchange goes on to say that concerning security issues, there would be safeguards to prevent misuse of the system.


A previous plan to use ID cards by the then Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2006, was objected to on the grounds of concerns about personal security. In fact, when Teresa May became Home Secretary in 2010, her first Bill was to shelve the plan. However, the report’s authors believe that with Brexit, this is a good time to reconsider the ID scheme.


The government expects the estimated 3.6 million EU citizens already here and who hope to remain after the end of the intended transition period to register with the scheme.  That date is 31 December 2020.


It is claimed that the scheme will function online and with an app and the fee should be around £75 and could start as a trial run which may later be extended to include UK citizens.


The report is proposing that the scheme can also concern the removal of failed asylum seekers as well as illegal immigrants.

A recommendation is that more research and investment needs to be done on border control.