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Case Study: From South Africa to Grenada

Passport in just 3-4 months

St. Vincent Leader Proposes Citizenship by Investment Program

Saint Vincent Leader Wants Citizenship by Investment Program

5 EU Countries Meet with the US Regarding Visa-Less Travel

EU & US Meet to Discuss Expanding Visa-Less US Access

Citizenship by Investment – Building the New World Economy?

Citizenship by Investment: Vital Tools for 1st World Nations

Grenada Passes Extradition Treaty Bill with China

Grenada Boosts Its Security with a New Extradition Agreement

Astons Awarded Best European Citizenship Advisor Award

Astons is honoured to be awarded the Best European Citizenship Advisor Award as part of the Russian Global Citizens Awards 2018

Dominica Citizenship By Investment Case Study

CLIENT SCENARIO Mr Abbas is a businessman from the UAE. He is a young and ambitious businessman, who travels regularly to Singapore and India, expanding his networks and growing his business. He often feels restricted at not being able to run his business at the pace he would like, as he is always awaiting visa […]

Australia Offers Investors Path to Residency & Citizenship

Australia Offers Foreign Investment & Residency Opportunities

Antigua Announces Plans To Modify Citizenship Requirements

New Citizenship Laws on the Horizon for Antigua & Barbuda

Moldova Launches Their Citizenship by Investment Program

Moldova Becomes 3rd Citizenship by Investment Option in Europe

Top 10 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dual Citizenship

How to Select the Best Citizenship by Investment Country

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Revenue Up 33%

Q3 Revenue Increases for Grenada’s Citizenship Program

Australian Business Talent Visa – an Alternative to EU Citizenship

The program requires minimum investment funding of AUD $1 Million

Malta Expects Budget Surplus Thanks to Citizenship Program

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program Yields Budget Surplus

Citizenship Program Insider Clears the Air on Negative Media

Citizenship by investment programs have received plenty of negative attention but what’s the truth behind the fears?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Criteria Drastically Reduced

Turkey sparks off renewed interest with the revised Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkey Lowers Minimum Investment Criteria for Citizenship Program

Turkey’s Revised Citizenship Program Leaps to the Forefront

An Estimated 40,000 Investors Have Purchased Dual Citizenships

To date, citizenship by investment programs have already been utilised by 40,000 people.

UK Property Price Record has Been Smashed with Sale of £160 Million

Property One Hyde Park has been sold at an amazing price of £160 million, by property tycoon Nick Candy, who owned the two storey B.10.01 penthouse property since developing the luxury Knightsbridge development in 2009.

Dominica once again tops 2018 Financial Times CBI Index

The Citizenship by Investment Index, published by Financial Times’, Professional Wealth Management confirms that once again Dominica tops the rankings in 2018 and St Kitts and Nevis ranking second, (with all top 5 places been taken by the Caribbean programs), with Vanuatu in 6th place and Cyprus and Malta in 7th and 8th place respectively.

Why Citizenship by Investment is not an EU Security Threat

Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for Justice has stated that CIPs are a threat to security. She initiated an investigation of the ‘citizen by investment programmes ‘and is making new recommendations for countries offering CIPs. However, these programmes are not such a threat to peace and stability in Europe for four reasons. 1. The background […]

Updated EU Guidelines Could Lead to EU Citizenship Program Changes

The EU is currently reviewing citizenship by investment which may lead to changes in EU citizenship programs.

Learn more about the benefits of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program

Citizenship by Investment in Grenada Adds New Options

Caribbean Citizenship Programs Net Top Ratings from Financial Times

New 2018 Rankings of the Top Citizenship by Investment Programs

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