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Grenada Offers Pathway to the USA for Wealthy Investors

USA Visa Backlog Creates More Demand for Grenada Citizenships

Demand continues to grow for access to USA markets through visas or permanent residence. Unfortunately for those who plan to apply, the waiting list for an EB-5 can take years. 


One way to avoid the backlog is to obtain Grenada citizenship and then apply for an E-2 investor work visa for US entry and residency.  Although the US does not provide a direct path to citizenship, it does offer foreign investors with both visa and permanent residence opportunities. The E-2 investor visa through Grenada is a 5-year, indefinitely renewable visa that allows investors and his or her spouse and children to live within the US or visit as much as desired. 


This E-2 investor visa option is only available to citizens of countries that are party to a bilateral treaty with the US. Then, E-2 applicants must plan to make a substantial investment within the US. The minimum level of investment isn’t clearly defined but it is generally lower than the investment requirements for an EB-5 permanent residence visa. The bigger issue with EB-5 visas is the waiting list. Due to the popularity of the EB-5 visas and the annual cap on the number of people admitted to the US through this program each year, applicants can often expect to wait for years. The EB-5 program also includes quotas by country. The total number of people allowed through the EB-5 program each year is 10,000. A China investors, for example, currently face more than 10 years on the waiting list. 


The wait required for citizens of many countries that lack access to the E-2 visa option has increased the demand for second citizenships in countries that are party to bilateral investment treaties with the US. Currently Grenada is the only country to have both a bilateral investment treaty with the US and a Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP). This has made citizenship in Grenada a particularly desirable option for investors from around the world. 


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