Astons had the pleasure of being interviewed by the BBC Radio Glasgow Drive time Show discussing how Britain has seen a surge of EU Citizenship applications in light of Brexit.

Laura Maxwell, Presenter of BBC Radio Glasgow, interviewed Astons to find out why the growing interest in EU Citizenship.

Why are people living in the UK interested in EU Citizenship? 

With the rise of Brexit, Astons has received huge interest in European Citizenship namely because they are sceptical of the future of the UK, post-Brexit, regarding the EU.

There are four main types of applicants living in the UK, interested in EU citizenship:

  • Those with European ancestors and who apply through citizenship by Descent route
  • The process for this can be quick or lengthy depending on the European country in question and varies and may also include health and language test or via the naturalisation route of that specific country, having to wait for the residency term to expire prior to citizenship being granted
  • Wealthy Non EU Citizens who have been living in the UK for some time are reconsidering their options of protecting their wealth and preserving their EU trade freedom
  • British Wealthy Elite who are sceptical as to the future of the UK economy post Brexit and who want to move to EU, in order to protect their capital, preserve their wealth and diversify their investments

Applicants interested in EU Citizenship also want

  • to protect their rights to trade in EU and travel visa free unrestricted, so that their business runs uninterrupted
  • to preserve their wealth in fear of a future Labour government
  • to restructure their wealth in attractive on shore tax jurisdictions with low corporation taxes and no IHT, such as Cyprus and Malta
  • to protect their European Freedoms to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries

Astons’ expertise is in offering EU Citizenship by investment on an expedited basis to the wealthy elite, and to those who cannot qualify for the Citizenship by Descent route to EU Citizenship.

Which EU Citizenship programs are the most popular?

  • Cyprus citizenship as it is the quickest citizenship program in EU of only 180 days with no physical residence requirements and a straightforward process
  • Malta Citizenship is also very popular, which can be attained in approx. 14 months

What are the benefits of EU Citizenship?

  • EU citizenship is available for the entire family including children, adult dependants and parents and can be passed on to descendants, and is valid for life
  • They get a European passport and can preserve all their EU freedoms to live, work, study and travel visa free in any of 28 EU countries
  • Can travel to over 171 countries worldwide visa free with Cyprus and over 183 in Malta
  • As well as diversification of their assets and very attractive tax benefits as a non-domiciled individuals, with zero tax on worldwide income
  • Cyprus citizenship has limited residency requirements with only one physical day required to travel to the island to provide biometrics prior to citizenship being granted, and have no minimum stay country requirements
  • Can enjoy having a holiday home and property investments in the sun, with blue flag beaches, lowest crime rates, and Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Applicants continue to have rights as EU citizens to live in the UK, and put their children through top world rated UK Universities and benefit from lower school fees as an EU citizen
  • They can choose to live in Cyprus or any of the sought after European countries such as UK, France, Germany, Spain which have high quality living and growth potential

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