To make it easier to extradite criminals to China, Grenada’s Parliament has passed a bill that would speed extradition of criminals to China. Extradition would include any applicable people who had obtained passports through Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP). China is expected to pass a reciprocal extradition agreement with Grenada, as well.

Grenada is currently the only CIP in the world that provides visa-free access to China. Because of this, the bulk of Grenada’s applicants for the country’s CIP are Chinese. In fact, as of February 2018, 98% of Grenada’s CIP applications had been from China according to Kasha Ince, Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment Committee in Grenada.

The passage of the new extradition bill is designed to maintain Grenada’s close relationship with China and ensure that any Chinese criminals who manage to circumvent the Grenada’s extensive vetting process can easily be returned to China.

According to Peter David, Grenada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Extradition Treaty makes it clear that the government of Grenada “will do everything to ensure that the scourge of corruption” will not become established in the island country.

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