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Montenegro Announces Rules for Investment in Agriculture, Fisheries, Wood Processing

Montenegro is one of the latest Citizenship by Investment (CIP) programs in Europe. As for property investment, it has just approved one development project – a ski resort. That said, Montenegro has now come up with formal requirements that apply to CIP applicants investing in agriculture, fisheries and wood processing. Montenegrin officials have voiced the […]

From Ancient World Citizenship to Citizenship by Investment: The Brief History

Citizenship can be defined as a relationship between a person and a state. The person bears certain responsibilities towards the state – the state, in its turn, protects the individual. Citizens enjoy specific rights and freedoms under the jurisdictions of their respective countries. In fact, the modern concept of citizenship dates back to ancient times. […]

Procuring Citizenship In Montenegro Fast and Easy

The Astons’s experts answer the most frequent questions regarding investment immigration and elaborate on the new Montenegrin citizenship program that enables your family and yourself to quickly procure a European passport. I’ve decided to arrange a second citizenship and heard that it’s now possible to receive a passport of Montenegro. Is this true?  Yes, the […]

Greek Government Will Offer a Moderate Lump-Sum Investor Tax of 25,000 Euro

Greece keeps on reducing taxes to attract even more international investors to the Greek residency scheme. After years of stagnation, the new government performed high-scale reforms to revive the economy and bring more funds into the country. The cabinet of Mitsotakis has already unveiled a three-year VAT exemption for developers, a 22% property tax decrease […]

Investor Immigrants in Portugal Get Increasingly Interested in Fund Investment

Since the launch of the Portuguese Residency by Investment Program in 2012, it’s been recognised as one of the most demanded immigration routes due to its simplicity and moderate requirements. The investment options under the programme include real estate, capital investment, entrepreneurship and private equity. Property acquisition remains the most coveted scenario, yet it looks […]

2019 Poised to Become a Record Year for Residence by Investment in the European Union

The data now available for 2019 reveals that it may become a peak year for the European Residence by Investment Programmes (RIPs). Greece, Latvia, Portugal, Spain and the UK have already published their half-year approval figures. Ireland and Malta still retain the data undisclosed, yet their input would account to just 15 percent of the […]

Three Hotels in Montenegro Pending Approval for Citizenship by Investment Programme

At this point, the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) has only included one approved project – a hotel in ski resort Kolašin. That said, more developments are planned for CIP later this year. The Montenegro programme was unveiled last month, yet applicants haven’t had any real choice so far. The delay in approving more […]

Greece Will Enable Credit Card Payments for Residency by Investment Programme

Unlike the previous government, the current Greek authorities have proposed to enable credit card payments as a form of transferring migration investment funds. This practice was previously banned as it tended to breach the capital control policy of China. Chinese investors are generally limited to $50,000 per year on payments in foreign currency. That said, […]

Spainish Residency by Investment Boosts Approval Rates by 80 Percent

The approval rates in Spain’s Residency Programme have reached record levels in the first half of 2019, reports the Ministry of Employment, Migration and Social Security. Spain issued 848 more investment-based residence permits from January to June 2019 than in the preceding six months. Chinese and Russian investors led the field with 272 and 187 permits […]

More South Africans Are Looking to Procure a Second Passport For Better Mobility

A passport of South Africa unlocks visa free access to just 100 countries. The Henley Passport Index now ranks it  #53 among the most powerful passports. To ensure easier travel, many South Africans are now looking to procure citizenship of the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. Earlier this year, local […]

The Big Dozen of Investment Migration Markets Predicted for 2023. Facts and Figures

Which countries will be the key sources of investment migration four years from now? Let’s pick up demographics, supply and demand and try to draft the 2023 forecast. The first crucial metric here is the number of high net worth individuals (HNWI). This figure scarcely correlates with a country’s overall population. For instance, some highly […]

Dominica Granted Citizenship to 2,100 in the Last 12 Months

Government officials report that Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program has yielded 2,100 approved applications in the period between July 2018 and July 2019. That’s likely to be a record yearly figure among other CIP programmes. Saint Kitts & Nevis could have greater showings, yet the country’s administration does not reveal its annual data. All […]

The Turkish Citizenship Was Granted to Astons’s Client!

Global immigration advisory Astons reports the first client who procured the Turkish citizenship through Astons’s comprehensive services. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme was revamped last year and has proved even more appealing to foreign investors. With a 30 years’ experience in investment immigration, the consultants at Astons have guided the customer through the application […]

Affluent Hong Kong Nationals Rush on Investment Residency and Citizenship Programmes

As Hong Kong’s political unrest goes on, an increasing number of Hong Kong’s HNWIs are looking for alternative passports. They are seeking stability and leveraging investment migration options as a future-proof solution. Protests started this June followed by a proposed law on extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. Although the proposal was rejected, demonstrations […]

Long-Awaited Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Programme Opened for Applications

This October, the Montenegro government has unveiled its brand-new Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). The initiative was announced over two years ago and gained due attention way before its launch. Experts view the Montenegrin CIP as an opportunity for HNWI from around the globe as well as a boosting factor for the local infrastructure. As […]

Enjoying Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a nation in the Caribbean in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It consists of two islands (unsurprisingly, Antigua and Barbuda) along with numerous smaller islands. It’s a country of great beauty, including hundreds of beaches, crystal-clear water, and plenty of sites to see. Below is a quick list of what to see […]

Greece Might Consider Doubling Minimum Investment and Imposing Mandatory Presence

The Greek government may decide to double the current €250,000 minimum investment required as part of the country’s Residency by Investment (RIP) programme. Besides, Greece may add compulsory physical presence requirements and introduce minimum annual spending. If the amendments come into force, the qualifying investment in real estate would rise up to €500,000. This figure […]

Why Choose Madeira for Portuguese Residence by Investment. Tax and Price Perks

Portugal is reputed to host one of the optimal Residency by Investment (RIP) programmes in Europe. What most people don’t know is that the island of Madeira, just 900 km off the Portuguese mainland, may as well be the best venue in the country for investment residency. An all-year tourist destination, Madeira features a favourable […]

Dominica Sees a Boom in Real Estate Financed by Investment Immigration Programme

Dominica’s government has committed to massive construction of residential and commercial property. Projects like Bellevue Chopin Housing are mushrooming across the island providing new investment opportunities to affluent migrants and participants of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program. Located in Bellevue Chopin itself, the development is expected to be completed by the end of this year. […]

Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Recruits over 10,000 Citizens in 12 Months

Since the Turkish government made a ‘discount’ for investors a year ago, over 2,611 main applicants and 7,351 family members have become Turkish citizens under the new programme. These figures place Turkey at the top of the rating of Citizenship by Investment (CIP) countries with the largest approval volumes. Just before the announcement from the […]

How Are Residence and Citizenship Different?

In the modern world, the notion of citizenship is not necessarily associated with birthplace, ethnicity or cultural ties. Many individuals choose a second citizenship as a form of relationship between them and the country’s government. The individual undertakes certain obligations. In return, the government offers this person privileges and protections enjoyed by the country’s citizens. […]

Citizenship by Investment as a Way of Migration to Free Countries

Among other things, Citizenship by Investment programmes (CIP) are a means of migration from countries with greater restrictions to countries with a wider sense of freedom. From the global economic perspective, investment migration withdraws funds from ‘unfree’ jurisdictions to the more liberal in terms of personal freedom, safety, taxation and mobility. Apparently, it’s affluent individuals […]

Visa-Free Travel. What Does It Stand For?

Individuals willing to travel across the border are often required to obtain a visa to their destination country. Visas may vary by type (tourist, business, transit), duration, multiplicity (number of entries) and other factors. Visa-free entry to another country – with no tiresome paperwork, interviews and other procedures – is only possible if the two […]

What Makes EU and US Citizens Invest in Second Passports

European and North American citizens are recognised to have the ‘most powerful’ passports based on a number of countries they can visit without a visa. At the same time, a sizable number of the ‘Golden Billion’ individuals are joining the Citizenship-by-Investment Programs offered by third countries. Granted an opportunity of free global travel by their […]

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