Mr Jabulani, from South Africa, was a successful businessman. He lived in Johannesburg with his wife and three daughters. He was troubled by the high crime rate and instability of South Africa, and although his business had flourished, he decided it was time to relocate to secure the safety of his children and their further education at the best universities, and wanted to take his business to new heights.

He was interested in dual citizenship but wanted the quickest solution and his ultimate goal was to live in the USA, which offered both world-class universities and business growth potential.

Our Solution

Astons were able to offer him a quick solution via the Grenada citizenship program.  For his family of four, he was able to apply for Grenada citizenship through the real estate option:

  • An investment of $350,000 into a hotel that appears to have good return potential.
  • A reasonable investment period of only 3 years, enabling him to review his investment in a short time.
  • Astons handled the whole application process with citizenship expected in only 3-4 months.
  • Mr Jabulani was excited to be able to travel worldwide visa-free to 131 countries with no further visa applications being required.
  • He could use his Grenada citizenship to apply for an E2 Visa, enabling him to invest, live and travel in the USA, meeting his ultimate goal for the education and lifestyle of his family.

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