The strength of the passport is due to the number of visa-free countries it opens up. Let's see which citizenship provides more opportunities to travel around the world.

  1. Japan

Nowadays, Japanese passport is considered the most powerful in the world and its holders can enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival regime with 193 countries.

  1. Singapore, South Korea

Two other Asian countries that jointly hold the second place on the list. Singaporeans and South Koreans have access to 192 countries of the world without


  1. Spain, Germany

The most powerful European passports that allow their holders to visit freely 190 destinations.

  1. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg

Three other European countries that lag behind the previous ones only by one country and provide visa-free access to 189 states of the world.

  1. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden

These European countries provide their nationals with restrictions-free access to 188 countries.

  1. France, Ireland, Portugal and United Kingdom

Four more European passports that hold high positions in this list making their nationals eligible for visa-free travel to 187 destinations. However, it is worth noticing that UK used to be higher on this list, but it lost its positions because of Brexit.

  1. Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United States

Passports of these countries have agreements with 186 states that allow travelling without visas.

  1. Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta enjoy visa-free of visa-on-arrival regime with 185 countries of the world.
  1. Hungary

The passport of this European country is also powerful and allows its holders to travel to 183 destinations without restrictions.

  1. Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia

These Eastern European passports enjoy visa-free travel with 182 states.

Although these passports are very powerful, but obtaining them might be a very difficult and time-taking process. However, there is an option of finally getting all the desired freedom of travel — citizenship by investment. That is why we draw up an alternative list of powerful passports of those countries that offer citizenship by investment programs.

  1. Malta: 185 countries

Minimum investment: €1,150,000

  1. Saint Kitts & Nevis: 157 countries

Minimum investment: $150,000

  1. Antigua & Barbuda: 151 countries

Minimum investment: $100,000

  1. Saint Lucia: 145 countries

Minimum investment: $100,000

  1. Grenada: 144 countries

Minimum investment: $150,000

  1. Dominica: 143 countries

Minimum investment: $100,000

  1. Vanuatu: 100 countries

Minimum investment: $130,000

  1. Montenegro: 123 countries

Minimum investment: $450,000

  1. Turkey: 110 countries

Minimum investment: $400,000

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