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2019 Poised to Become a Record Year for Residence by Investment in the European Union

The data now available for 2019 reveals that it may become a peak year for the European Residence by Investment Programmes (RIPs). Greece, Latvia, Portugal, Spain and the UK have already published their half-year approval figures. Ireland and Malta still retain the data undisclosed, yet their input would account to just 15 percent of the total.


All key EU RIPs except that of Portugal have shown impressive increase over the previous year. By mid-2009, Latvia has attained 73 percent of the entire 2018 number. Spain and Greece have reached 71 percent and the UK - 68. Portugal’s half-year figures have revealed a slight decrease in approvals (a 12 percent reduction), yet this may change in the second half.


At the current rate, Spain and Greece are poised to set the record this year. Latvia and the UK will most likely show their best since 2014. Extrapolating the half-year figures, Greece, Latvia, Spain and the UK will boost their year-to-year approval rates by 42, 46, 42 and 36 percent, respectively.


Speaking of revenue, the EU member states will attract investment of min. EUR 5.05B. That’s if you multiply the number of main applicants by the minimum investment. This figure would beat the 2018 showing by 43 percent, making 2019 a new record year.


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