A passport of South Africa unlocks visa free access to just 100 countries. The Henley Passport Index now ranks it  #53 among the most powerful passports. To ensure easier travel, many South Africans are now looking to procure citizenship of the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and other countries.

Earlier this year, local experts noticed a 125% year-to-year increase in demand for dual citizenship. In their inquiries, South African HNWI are interested in a plan B rather than physical relocation, yet the trend still stands.

Immigration experts in the country also witnessed a growing demand for EU residency (Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece).

South Africans seeking dual nationality should be aware of the Home Affairs’ procedures in order not to lose their South African citizenship. According to the local regulations, South Africans willing to keep their nationality are obliged to enter and exit the country using a valid South African passport. Currently, South Africans can use their foreign passports freely outside of the country.

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