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Government says almost all new UK jobs filled by Britons since Brexit vote

Since the 2016 referendum, Britons have filled almost all new jobs created in the UK, with businesses “clearly already adjusting” to lower levels of EU immigration, the Government says.


EU nationals joining the workforce since the Brexit vote in 2016 have fallen to fewer than 35,000, according to Employment Minister Alok Sharma, compared to the two years prior to the referendum where more than 410,000 EU citizens joined. In that two year period, EU nationals accounted for almost half the UK’s employment growth, but are now only responsible for five per cent.


Despite this fall, there are now in excess of one million extra people in work in the UK since the referendum. According to Mr Sharma, this is due to “returners”, or unemployed Britons and people who are returning to work after childcare or health issues boosting employment figures.


Mr Sharma added that Brexit has not prevented companies investing in creating jobs in the UK, however he maintains that the Government is not complacent. Official statistics demonstrate that 1.34 million people remain unemployed in the UK and an estimated 2 million “returners”.


He also states that Brexit will enable British employers to further utilise the talents of the UK and that “far from presenting a challenge to fill vacancies – employers should seize an opportunity”. He goes on to say that it is UK workers who are responsible for this “record jobs market” and it is UK workers who can help to maintain it.


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