In an interview with a leading French edition Le Monde, Astons’ Konstantin Kaminsky shared his insights into the perks of second passports in the time of pandemia.

Based in the UK and active globally, Astons has 30+ years of experience in investment migration. The company facilitates 15 citizenship and residency programmes worldwide helping affluent individuals fulfill their plan B. Since the lockdown, Astons has seen an influx of clients from developing – and developed – countries looking to escape the epidemic in their homeland and find quick and beneficial solutions.

Konstantin Kaminsky comments that his phone has not stopped ringing for four months: “The wealthy in poor countries have found themselves stuck at home in the midst of the epidemic, whereas they are used to seeking treatment abroad".

On the other hand, American clients follow the trend willing to leave the US right away and stay elsewhere should the next epidemic come. In the times of closed borders, a private jet is of no help. It’s the right of residence abroad that matters. What are the possible solutions?

The Vanuatu passport offers great value for money. Delivered by the postal services in just one month for 130,000 EUR, it’s one of the cheapest and fastest to obtain. One of the perks of the Vanuatu passport is an easy way to visit China amid the deteriorating US – China relations. The downside is, it doesn’t allow you to reside abroad for over six months.

Cyprus has no such disadvantage. For one, it’s revealed low COVID rates and an efficient healthcare system in place. You can obtain a Cypriot residence permit, swiftly followed with an EU passport, in exchange for a 2 million EUR investment in real estate.

"During the lockdown, our consultants in Cyprus took their smartphones to show luxury villas to our clients stranded abroad," Konstantin Kaminsky said. Even so, the demand has soared bringing more applicants to the Cypriot programme through Astons.

Feel free to contact Astons for a fast and cost-effective anti-COVID migration solution. Our agents work globally and are open to communication around the clock.

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