Investment visas offer a remarkable opportunity for those looking for citizenship status, global mobility, secure returns, and of course, a beautiful home in one of the most desirable locations on earth!

However, the key to a successful real estate investment is having local, on-the-ground knowledge.

Whether clients have a specific country they would like to relocate to or have a broad remit, it is crucial to work with an immigration specialist with dual experience in the regional property markets and the citizenship application process.

As a market-leading firm and one of few with accomplished teams in real estate, immigration, taxation and international logistics, Astons is delighted to offer a bespoke service.

If you’d like private access to virtual or in-person property viewings, do get in touch, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with confidential listings, many of which are exclusive and not available through the open market!

This case study shows the value of comprehensive guidance, supporting an American family looking for EU residency, along with robust investment opportunities to enhance their lifestyle, following localised instabilities.

The Portuguese Residency Application Scenario

Over the last year, economic and political volatility has driven many US citizens to look further afield.

In this case study, our clients made contact based on a recommendation, and we were delighted to take on their file, ensuring they achieved a successful outcome.

The professional family combined compelling skills, working as the Global SVP for a respected pharmaceutical company and a Lead Engineer for Google. Those highly sought-after skill sets mean:

  • A wealth of choices, with many nations seeking professional expatriates with high-demand professional abilities.
  • Global freedom, with both positions suitable to any location.

Our role was to consult with the client and understand their wishes, primarily to gain residency in an EU member nation and secure a viable investment as a way to secure their financial future.

We identified an outstanding option during the search for a property in Portugal. The residence was slightly above the initial investment budget but exceeded all expectations regarding living style and quality in an extraordinary location.

The client received the particulars and was assisted by our experienced property consultants in analysing the market in Portugal and evaluating the benefits of this unique investment opportunity.

They decided to proceed, and once Astons received approval, we began the application process immediately.

Applying for a Real Estate Investment Residency Permit

Astons is proud to provide an end-to-end service, assisting clients from their initial inquiries to delivering their new passports or residency permits.

We worked to secure the property, exclude it from further offers, and reserve the investment for our client, enabling them to relax safely in the knowledge that the residence was theirs.

The selected property required an investment of €845,000 at the Hyatt Lisbon, a prestigious development and globally recognised brand, in a prime capital city that offers distinguished schools, amenities, culture and entertainment.

Once the client had received the specifications and the paperwork submitted, we could proceed with the investment and receive final visa approval.

Expert Advice With Portuguese Investment Visas

The Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most successful European initiatives, attracting global investors seeking visa-free travel and access to countries throughout the Schengen zone.

Professional advice is strongly advisable since there are several criteria:

  • Investment thresholds vary from €280,000 to €1 million, depending on the investment route.
  • Real estate values eligible for residency depend on the region, with low population density areas commanding a lower investment than central cities and popular tourist zones.
  • Changes to the programme in late 2021 will impact the eligibility of properties in these sought-after locations, increasing demand and reducing the window of opportunity to achieve Portuguese residency and valuable property investment.

The Astons difference is in our commitment to providing exceptional value to every client.

Whether that means hand-selecting properties for your consideration, providing personal viewings or digital information, or shortlisting areas we think will match our lifestyle requirements, our local teams are here to help.

As a global immigration advisory team, our networks of colleagues span Europe, Russia, the Caribbean, UK, USA and many other top-rated destinations, allowing us the freedom to provide tailored guidance about a vast range of property markets.

This case study reflects the benefits of working with an immigration expert, ensuring that the stress and time pressures of completing applications, searching for properties and completing the investment process are all shouldered by the Astons team.

To learn more about the residency by investment programs across the world, please get in touch with our team at [email protected].