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UK Immigration from EU lowest in four years according to National Statistics figures

In 2017, The Office for Online Statistics ( ONS) stated that EU migration was at its lowest over the previous four years

However the figure for net migration from non-EU countries was noticeably higher and in fact the highest since 2011. On the whole, net migration was 282,000, which is an increase of 33,000 in one year.  The government hopes to reduce this figure.    


Net migration can be divided into EU and non-EU . ONS shows these figures last year to be 101,000 and 227,000 respectively.  There was also an increase in emigration of EU nationals last year of around 139,000 not seen nearly as high since 2008.


Although net migration of 282,000 in 2017 is lower than 2016, the figure is still considerably higher than the 100,000 of the government target.