The UK’s Home Secretary has announced a plan to revise the application requirements for those seeking British citizenship. A series of changes has been proposed including raising the English language requirements and giving greater emphasis to British principles and values.

The changes will be refined following a public consultation on the Life in the UK test. Individuals are required to pass this test as part of their application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. The plan is to ensure the test more closely reflects everyday life and culture within the UK.

The Home Secretary also indicated that the revisions will include revoking British citizenship for people convicted of serious violent crimes, in the interest of protecting public safety.

Language proficiency requirements would also be increased for anyone wishing to become a naturalised British citizen. Under the current regulations non-exempt foreign nationals applying for UK citizenship are expected to have language skills at a minimum level of B1 under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This language testing can be avoided if the applicant has a university degree from a school where their course was taught in English.

Because these changes are still in the proposal and development stage, there is currently no timeline for when revisions might go into effect.

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