With the surge of popularity of global mobility due to political and economic instability over recent years, and the rise in numbers of the global elite, it is evident that economic citizenship has a firm place in the market with huge revenue potential. Due to growing demand for dual citizenship programs worldwide, especially among Gulf region, CIS countries and Asia it’s the right time to tap into this trend and build a stronger presence in the marketplace. If you are in the business of offering Residence & Citizenship by Investment programs to high net worth individuals or serve HNWI clients with family office, legal, tax, or other wealth planning services and are looking to capture your share of the market by offering UK Tier 1 Investor Visas & Citizenship, or other residence & citizenship by investment programs in the EU & The Caribbean, this article is for you.

Whether you are entering this highly competitive industry for the first time, and considering offering a particular program, or if you are an existing big player in the market, with offices worldwide and thinking of expanding your CBI offering to include new jurisdictions where your business currently has no presence or network, or simply if you are expanding your service offerings, we would welcome the opportunity of collaborating.

Increase your CBI-program reach or add to your service offerings without added expenditure  

Limited industry expertise, early teething problems and upfront costs will be avoided when partnering with Astons who can offer your clients the most reputable global Residence or Citizenship investment solutions. Astons is firm that has international presence, with robust connections with a wide network of government officials, immigration associates and wealth advisors.  Astons are well placed to ensure that each private clients’ needs are met, regardless of the complexity, but based on clients’ specific wants, handled with transparency, due diligence and strictest confidentiality.

Leaders in UK Tier 1 Investor Visa and Citizenship

Applying for UK Tier 1 visa, gives applicants the opportunity to live in one of the most sought after locations worldwide. Contrary to Brexit hype, the UK still remains one of the most attractive citizenship programs worldwide, ranking highly in the passport index and attracting investors from all over the world.

The UK passport gives applicants many advantages including visa free access to over 186 countries worldwide.

With an investment of between £2-10 million, applicants can benefit from a UK Investor visa for their entire family including dependants.

There are no language requirements or English certificates required with the possibility of applicants acquiring citizenship within 5 to 6 years, depending on the level of investment made.

Once the applicant has made their application for a UK Tier 1 Investor Visa, and made their £2 million investment within 90 days, they can enjoy living in the UK, with a maximum of 450 days absence from the UK during the 6 year period prior to citizenship being granted, with a maximum of only 90 days absence in the 6th year.

Why Astons?

With over 30 years’ specialist expertise in UK Immigration law and almost 45,000 satisfied clients, we have gained a reputation for excellence. Through Astons Law, an accredited firm by the Solicitors Regulated Authority (SRA), our specialist immigration lawyers are well place to guide clients throughout the whole process from application submission through to ensuring they meet visa criteria, visa extensions and successful citizenship. As leading UK industry experts, we deliver immigration services of the highest calibre, for both companies and private clients alike.

Astons can offer ‘on-the-ground’ support and multi-discipline services in:

  • Our certified immigration lawyers will conduct a detailed consultation and select an immigration program suitable specifically for you.
  • We will prepare the documentation required for the application based on many years’ experience in immigration matters.
  • You will arrive in the United Kingdom. Our London office will provide support 24 hours, 7 days per week.
  • Astons will help you make the required investments, open a legal entity in the UK and collect all documents to be submitted to the immigration service.
  • Astons is ready to provide comprehensive legal support, every step of the way until you/your client receive the passport or ILR.

Trust Astons as your experienced and committed industry partner for UK and global citizenship and residency solutions.

Astons as committed Partners will:

  • Analyse and submit your RBI/CBI applications to the respective government agency/unit;
  • Organise client Itinerary for you and your client to travel to the country of their choice;
  • Make all appointments with the stakeholders involved, during the pre and post application process;
  • Follow up and monitor the progress of your client’s application, ensuring that it is advancing  as planned; communicate with the government agency/unit where necessary;
  • Connect you to our local partners or propose client investment opportunities for the perspective citizenship or residence programs;
  • Ensure that we act as an extension of your team and match your ethics by way of professionalism, conduct and client care, treating clients with utmost discretion and confidentiality and offering an efficient pleasurable experience, leaving them with a good impression on Astons, you as their trusted partner and your business;

Astons leaves you in control of the B2B and the client relationship, as well as the professional fees negotiated with the client. In return Astons are transparent with their service fees offered.

A firm with robust international connections, Astons has offices worldwide, including in London, Moscow, Dubai, China and Cyprus.

To increase your revenue potential today, enrich your service offerings or expand your immigration business to new jurisdictions, contact Astons now, who look forward to serving you.

Konstantin Kaminskiy
Associate Director/ Residency & Citizenship by Investment Consultant
Tel. +44207 292 2977
Email: info@astons.com