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May Denies Allegations she is Against Immigration Stating it Just Requires More Control

Accusations have been made against Prime Minister Theresa May from members of her governing Conservative party that she has a ‘problem with immigration’. 


May denied the allegations, stating that whilst immigration has had a positive impact on Britain, the nation just wants it to be regulated by the UK Government.


Just a few days ago, Conservative MP Anna Soubry quit May’s party, claiming that Brexit has been disastrously handled by the government, and alleging that May has a problem with immigration which has negatively influenced her Brexit negotiations. 


May refuted the allegations, insisting that she does not have a problem with immigration and that she has ‘consistently said immigration has been good for this country.’


With her six-year Home Secretary background, May has made immigration central to the discussions on Britain’s departure from the European Union. May stated that the 2016 vote to ditch the EU demonstrated that its four pillars of free movement were no longer what people wanted.


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