Malaysia’s MM2H is the biggest investment migration programme in the world by the number of main applicants and individual visas. Last year, the MM2H outperformed the US EB-5 programme by 27% in application approval ratio.

From its launch in 2002 till mid-July 2019, Malaysia had granted approval to almost 44K principal applicants, according to the official records.  At a modest estimate, the total number of participants now exceeds 100,000 – let alone dependants/family members. The total figures must be in the range of 150K. Many new residents purchased property in Malaysia’s notorious ‘Forest City’ complex, a $100 billion project close to the Singapore border.

That said, Malaysia still falls behind in terms of immigration programme revenue, ceding ground to a number of E.U. countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S. and other attractive destinations.

According to the local stats, almost 50% of MM2H participants come from China. South Korea comes second with 13%, followed by Japan (7%), Bangladesh and Hong Kong (both 6%).

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