The Home Office went back on the decision to suspend UK visas after just FIVE days, with Sajid Javid being forced to apologies for failing to secure Cabinet approval before his department announced the suspension of the investor visa scheme last week.

The home office were not accepting any new applications for the Tier 1 investor visa up until Thursday last week, but after a dramatic reversal from the government applications are being accepted again.

Taking a seemingly hard lined view the immigration minister warned that “we will not tolerate people who do not play by the rules and seek to abuse the system”.

Without offering approval of his plan the Home Secretary was forced to apologise by government departments.

In his apology letter he cites that “it was always our intention that we should follow collective agreements”.

As of this week the Home Office announced that suspension of the scheme is to be cancelled, but they still remain “committed to reforming the route”

The quick trigger response by the Home Secretary to suspend the Tier 1 investor program has had many people questioning the intentions of the government with some suggesting that this was a bold manoeuvre to produce a clamour for ‘last chance visas’, therefore resulting in them receiving more money and quickly.

As of next year the Home office has suggested that all applicants will face the scrutiny of independent regulated auditors to check their financial and business interests and to ensure that they have had control of funds for at least 2 years. As it stands, fast track-settling in the UK remains open, however with the unpredictable behaviour of this reactionary government now is not the time to hesitate and Astons is in the perfect position to assist you in your UK settlement aspirations. Call now for a free consultation.