Moving to a new country, is surely the best Christmas present ever! Soon, you’ll be exposed to new cultures, new people and possibly new language. You’ll need particular things in your new home, things to make you comfortable, to make you feel more at home. In that case, a personalised travel tag, a passport cover or a new suitcase, maybe even headphones would suffice. If that’s not enough, and you’ve moved already, then you’re probably learning a language, feeling a bit homesick maybe, or possibly out and about, exploring your new home town. Essentially, you’re getting adjusted, so here are some suggestions for gifts if you’re moving or living in the below countries.

1.    Caribbean

Are you moving to Antigua & Barbuda, or maybe St. Kitts & Nevis? Treat yourself to something essential and let’s face it – a smart choice. Treat yourself, family and friends with lots and lots of Sunscreen. It’s recommended to wear SPF30 in the Caribbean, the temperature reaching 27° in December. Then, you can have safe fun in the sun this Christmas.

2.    UK            


Calling UK Expats! Welcome! Still stuck on what to get yourself, or what to ask for this Christmas? How about a novel set in and about the UK. We all know there are lots of those, and that they’re pretty great. Get acquainted with living in GB and its world famous culture. If you’re not a reader, try British Christmas movies like ‘Love Actually’ or ‘The Holiday’. Or you could or should I say, must buy a kettle, as you’ll probably need to get used to drinking tea.

3.    Cyprus    


Moving to Cyprus? Get ready for horse-riding, historic sites and waterfalls. Already there even? Well, support the local small businesses this Christmas and get yourself, or a loved ones an assortment of handmade bags, jewellery, natural and fragrant aromatherapy beauty products. Or maybe t-shirts by a local Cypriot company. Either way, you can dress like a local and still be pleased with gifts given and received.

4.    Malta 

If you’re moving to Malta, you may want to get a gym membership, because it sounds like the Maltese love to eat -A LOT- over Christmas. Their traditional items of food includes, Turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding, mince pies, Sicilian style deserts, Panettone and much much more. Healthy cookbooks may also be an option, especially if you are doing the cooking yourself this December.

5.    Dominica      


This will be a hot Christmas and so if you’re a hiker, you may need new boots to trail the canyons. Or maybe you can gift a new swimming costume or swimming trunks, so you can thoroughly enjoy the idyllic waterfalls and pools this beautiful country offers. Perhaps you’re more into river tubing, or showering under a waterfall. You could also give to your loved one, binoculars, perfect for turtle or whale watching, or maybe even going on an Indian River boat trip, post-Christmas dinner.

6.    Grenada   


Yes, of course you can do outdoor activities in Grenada too. If that’s your thing, gifts 1 & 5 will apply to you. There’s another cause in Grenada that’s making headlines and if you live there already, you may be aware. Local schools and charities in Grenada are low on school supplies, children’s books and summer clothes. Be a good Samaritan this Christmas and donate whatever you can to these kids.

Idman Omar