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United Kingdom Will Stick to the Ankara Agreement Until the End of the Year

Turkish Ambassador to the UK Umit Yalcin announced that 30,000 Turkish citizens now reside in Britain with a special business visa. According to the Ambassador, this route for Turkish nationals will remain in force during the Brexit transition period that ends on December 31, 2020. 


Umit Yalcin assured that Turks living in the United Kingdom on the grounds of a business visa scheme that dates back to the Ankara Agreement will not be affected. Once the transition is over, the UK will introduce a new points-based immigration system to attract international talents so Turkish citizens will be able to apply for visas following the new policy.


The current route builds on the 1963 Ankara Agreement between Turkey and the EU predecessor - the European Economic Community. Almost 30,000 Turkish entrepreneurs entered the UK on the respective visa since 2000. In the first half of 2019, this route was taken by over 3,000 Turks.


Turkish Ambassador to the UK believes Brexit will open up new trade and business opportunities for both countries.


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