A hugely influential factor for many when looking to secure alternative residency or citizenship through investment is the wider benefit it will bring to their family and, more specifically, their children.

International real estate experts on residency and citizenship through investment, Astons, has revealed which Golden Visas offer the best chance of a great education.

Astons ranked each nation based on its Education Quality Index score, before highlighting where also provides some of the most cost-effective investment options with the best levels of education.

With a score of 78.2, the UK ranks top where the quality of education available is concerned. However, the process of gaining residency and citizenship is a lengthy one and also requires a minimum investment of £2m.

So what are the other options?

The United States requires a minimum investment of £662,108 and ranks with the second strongest quality of education, with an Education Quality Index score of 72. Australia ranks third with a score of 70.5, although the minimum investment required is higher at £840,900. Canada also ranks high, with a score of 69.8 where the quality of education available is concerned and a minimum investment of £694,546.

However, it’s Switzerland that offers the best all-round mixture of affordability and an excellent education. Swiss residency can be secured for as little as £166,449. Still, with an Education Quality Index score of 68.3, it also ranks within the top five nations for the best level of education available.

Ireland and Greece also present an attractive offering with minimum investment requirements ranging between £225,000 and £450,000, while they also rank within the top 10 where the quality of education available is concerned.

Managing Director of Astons, Arthur Sarkisian, commented: “The quality of life an investor can provide for their family can play a massive part in influencing their decision to invest.

Education, in particular, is a driving factor we see daily. While Covid and other political and economic factors have come to the forefront of late, the requirement to provide an excellent education to their children is one that investors have long prioritised on a long-term basis.

We’ve seen a considerable uplift in demand across many Caribbean countries over the last year as a route to escape lockdown measures. However, these programs are far less popular for the long-term, family-focussed investor due to the lower quality of education available.

However, a good level of education doesn’t necessarily mean a far larger investment and there are a wealth of programs with a minimum investment of less than one million pounds, in some cases less than £500,000, that still bring residency in a country with a high quality of education.”

The best Golden Visas for educating your children

Nation Residency/Citizenship Min investment – approx £ Education Quality Index
United Kingdom Residency / Citizenship by investment £2,000,000 78.2
United States Residency by investment £662,108 72
Australia Residency by investment £840,900 70.5
Canada Residency by investment £694,546 69.8
Switzerland Residency by investment £166,449 68.3
Singapore Residency by investment £1,387,687 66
New Zealand Residency by investment £1,580,726 63.4
Ireland Residency by investment £450,655 62.6
Greece Residency by investment £225,327 62.1
Cyprus Residency by investment £270,393 60.7
Latvia Residency by investment £225,327 60
Portugal Residency by investment £252,367 59.1
Austria Citizenship by investment £2,703,928 57.3
Italy Residency by investment £225,327 56.9
Spain Residency by investment £450,655 56.1
Bulgaria Citizenship by investment £461,470 55.4
Thailand Residency by investment £12,331 53.8
Turkey Citizenship by investment £183,919 53.4
Malta Residency by investment £297,432 51.3
Malta Citizenship by investment £1,036,506 51.3
Montenegro Citizenship by investment £315,458 43.4
Grenada Citizenship by investment £110,351 36


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