Official documentation from the government reflects a hefty £15.8 million was paid out in 2015/16 after losing up to more than 1650 court cases.

Taxpayers have now been called to cough up £600,000 due to a lost case by the Home Office. The case determined the future of four particular asylum seekers who masqueraded as tourists, refusing to leave the country.

Their lawyers were being paid £330 per hour in aid of winning this difficult case whereby these four asylum seekers had claimed asylum previously in Italy before entering the U.K.

Last year presented the biggest amount due in this case involving three Eritreans and an Iranian who claimed asylum in Italy and then the U.K. Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, denied them, but the case was then appealed in the supreme court. The government has now been billed by lawyers for more than £600,000.

Despite the outstanding bill pending, the case was won by the asylum seekers in supreme court as it was stated that there was a “real risk that he will be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment, his or her removal to that state is forbidden.”

By Idman Omar

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