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Investment migration experts at Astons answer frequently asked questions regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) of St Lucia and elaborate on the benefits of holding a passport of this Caribbean country. 

I heard that Caribbean citizenship is a smart choice for an investor. Is it true? 

It all depends on your personal goals and budget, yet it’s true that citizenships of Caribbean countries are extremely popular among HNWIs from all over the world. In 2020, the Caribbean programmes have once again topped the rankings of the investment migration market. The passport of St Lucia has become one of the most demanded among foreign investors.

How much will I need to invest to obtain a passport of St Lucia?

St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme (CBI) offers several options. Each one has its benefits. Astons’ experienced consultants will analyse your needs and interests and will help you pick the best fitting option.

Option 1. You donate $100,000 to the National Economic Fund of St Lucia. According to statistics, it’s the most popular option among foreign investors.

The sum of the non-refundable donation may change based on the number of family members included in the passport application.

Note! Until the end of 2020, St Lucia’s government will meet the investors halfway by lowering the minimum investment for family applicants. If you add your spouse to the application, the minimum investment will amount to $140,000 (instead of $165,000). For a family of four, you’ll have to pay just $150,000 (instead of $190,000). The Astons consultants recommend you jump on this opportunity before this offer expires. 

Option 2. You invest $300,000 in property. The real estate objects that you purchase for the minimum term of five years should be approved by the government (as additional protection of your interests). As a rule, foreign investors buy beachfront resorts and luxury hotels.

Option 3. You invest $250,000 in government bonds of St Lucia. Once again, St Lucia’s authorities offer a special deal for foreign investors. The minimum bond investment was $500,000. Until the end of 2020, you can invest just $250,000.

Is it true that St Lucia offers better conditions than other alternative citizenship providers? 

Yes! St Lucia’s minimum investment requirement within the Citizenship by Investment programme starts at $100,000 (which is very attractive even in Caribbean terms).

St Lucia citizenship will allow me to visit Europe without a visa, won’t it? It’s a crucial factor in the crisis times.  

Yes, the passport of St Lucia, member state of the British Commonwealth, unlocks free entry to 132 countries, including the strategically important EU, UK and Hong Kong. This opportunity is a real game changer in the pandemic situation. With St Lucia’s citizenship, you won’t hinge on current limitations and will be able to travel the world under any circumstances.

Is this a reliable immigration programme? 

Yes. The Citizenship by Investment programme of St Lucia was launched in 2015. During these five years, it has attracted a multitude of HNWIs from across the globe.

Obtaining a passport of St Lucia is an absolutely reliable process. You make the investment only after your application has been pre-approved by the authorities of St Lucia. All documents submitted within your citizenship application will be meticulously checked and rechecked by Astons lawyers, which guarantees successful passport processing.

What’s the situation with taxes in St Lucia?

This Caribbean country has a highly attractive taxation regime. There are no taxes for revenues outside of St Lucia, no dividend, wealth or inheritance taxes.

Great! Can I obtain passports of St Lucia for my entire family?

Sure. Investors can add to the St Lucia citizenship application their spouse, financially dependent children (under 30 years old), the main applicant’s and their spouse’s parents (from 55 years old) and the main applicant’s siblings (under 18 years old).

Many foreign investors whose children are in the right age for higher education opt for the Citizenship by Investment programme of St Lucia. The country is a member of the British Commonwealth and its passport holders have privileges when enrolling for some of the UK’s universities.

I see. How fast can I get a passport of St Lucia

Citizenship of St Lucia is processed very quickly. You’ll obtain the passport of this Caribbean country in just 3-4 months after the application.

What are the requirements for investors?

The requirements of St Lucia’s immigration programme are very simple and logical: you have to be an adult (over 18 years old), show a clean criminal record (and no ongoing criminal cases against you), and prove the legal nature of your investment. 

Suppose I decided to obtain the passport of St Lucia. What should I do?

Obtaining St Lucia citizenship is a transparent and confidential process. According to St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme, you can submit an application only with the aid of immigration specialists.

  • Astons experienced lawyers will lead you throughout passport processing. They will analyse your personal circumstances and suggest optimal investment scenarios.

  • The Astons experts will help you collect all necessary documents, check and double check them thoroughly. The documentation stage will take just 2-4 weeks.

  • After the documents are double checked, your application will be submitted to the government of St Lucia.

  • The authorities will review your application and grant preliminary approval in writing. This will take about eight weeks.

  • You make the investment based on your choice: government fund, real estate or securities.

  • You receive a certificate for passport retrieval and then obtain the passport itself. From now on, your family and yourself are citizens of St Lucia. Congratulations!

So the entire process is handled remotely?

Yes, absolutely. You can submit all documents remotely and receive a passport of St Lucia by mail. Alternatively, you can pick up the passport in one of Astons’ offices – in London, Dubai, Limassol, Beijing or Moscow.

Don’t worry, Astons experienced lawyers will guide you all the way. They will help you collect all required documents, submit the application correctly and obtain citizenship of St Lucia with the guaranteed result.

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