Considering citizenship in another country?

For ease, speed, and cost, you should take a look at St. Lucia.

In this article, we’ll explain how and why you should procure citizenship in St. Lucia. We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions regarding investment immigration and explain the advantages of a Saint Lucia passport for affluent individuals considering a reliable ‘backup plan’.

I heard that Caribbean citizenship is a smart choice for an investor. Is it true? 

It all depends on your personal goals and budget, yet citizenships of Caribbean countries are indeed extremely popular among HNWIs from all over the world. The Caribbean programmes consistently top the rankings of the investment migration market, year after year. The passport of St Lucia has become one of the most demanded among foreign investors.

I’d like to learn more about the citizenship of Saint Lucia. Is it really inexpensive to procure?

Yes. The investment programs offered by the Caribbean countries have indisputable benefits: they unlock free entry to a multitude of countries including the EU and the UK, access to a convenient and well-weighed taxation system and guaranteed confidentiality.

Saint Lucia’s citizenship investment program was launched in 2015 and has revealed perfect results ever since. You can obtain a passport from this Caribbean country quickly and reliably, and also at a very reasonable cost. For example, the citizenship of Cyprus will require a minimum investment of  €2 million, the Maltese passport will set you back at €896,000 onwards, whereas the investment required for procuring a Saint Lucia passport starts at €100,000 (a very good offer even at the scale of Caribbean immigration programmes).

With this reasonable investment into the ‘backup plan’, you will be granted citizenship that unlocks free global travel and many other rights and privileges.

Please elaborate on the benefits of Saint Lucia.

The passport of this Caribbean state has many advantages. The citizenship of Saint Lucia, a member state of the British Commonwealth, provides you visa-free entry to 132 countries, including the strategically important venues for life and business – EU, UK and Hong Kong. With St Lucia’s citizenship, you won’t hinge on current limitations and will be able to travel the world under any circumstances.

Procuring this passport is a reliable procedure. You will only need to invest after your application has been provisionally approved by the Saint Lucia authorities and all submitted documents have been thoroughly and repeatedly verified by the immigration experts.

A crucial factor for foreign business people is Saint Lucia’s exceptionally favourable taxation system. There are no taxes for incomes from outside of Saint Lucia, no taxes on dividends, wealth and inheritance.

Is this a reliable immigration programme? 

Yes. The program of St Lucia was launched in 2015. During these five years, it has attracted a multitude of HNWIs from across the globe.

Obtaining a passport from St Lucia is a reliable process. You invest only after your application has been pre-approved by the authorities of St Lucia. All documents submitted within your citizenship application will be meticulously checked and rechecked by Aston’s lawyers, which guarantees successful passport processing.

Sounds great! Can I arrange this passport for my whole family?

Yes, sure! The passport of Saint Lucia is a handy option for investors with large families. Within their application, investors can add their spouse, financially dependent children (under 30 years old), the main applicant’s and their spouse’s parents (from 55 years old), and even the main applicant’s siblings (under 18 years old).

Many foreign investors whose children are at the right age for higher education opt for the citizenship investment program of St Lucia. The country is a member of the British Commonwealth and its passport holders have privileges when enrolling for some of the UK’s universities.

How much time will I need to get the Saint Lucia citizenship?

The passport of Saint Lucia is very quick to procure. Just 3-4 months after application submission, your family and you will become citizens of this Caribbean state.

How much will I need to invest to obtain a passport of St Lucia?

The Saint Lucia programme includes three options with their advantages.

1. You donate $100,000 to the National Economic Fund of Saint Lucia

The sum of non-reimbursable investment may increase based on the number of family members included into your passport application. This option is the most popular according to Saint Lucia authorities’ stats.

2. You invest $300,000 into real estate

The property you purchase for the term of five years has to be approved by the authorities (extra protection of your investor interests).

3. You invest $500,000 into the government bonds of Saint Lucia.

Note! Based on the number of family members included into your passport application, the sum of bonds investment may increase.

So, within the Saint Lucia program, I may choose between reimbursable and non-reimbursable investments. Is that right?

Absolutely. You may choose the option that best fits your needs: non-reimbursable investment into a government fund or reimbursable investment into property or government bonds. In any case, the passport will remain in your possession for the lifetime.

I’m specifically interested in Saint Lucia property investment – what does the island have to offer?

You may invest in resorts and deluxe boutique hotels (approved by the local authorities). Within the immigration programme, foreign investors often acquire five-star hotels since this Caribbean state has a well-developed tourist industry.

What’s Saint Lucia taxation policy towards new citizens?

Like we said before, Saint Lucia has a transparent, clear and comfortable taxation system: no taxes on incomes from outside of Saint Lucia, no taxes on dividends, wealth or inheritance.

How long does it take to get a passport?

The citizenship of Saint Lucia can be arranged very fast. Just 3-4 months after you apply, your family and you will become holders of Saint Lucia passports.

Does Saint Lucia impose any requirements on its future citizens?

Yes, yet they are very simple:

1. You must be older than 18 years old

2. You must have no criminal record (or current criminal cases against you).

3. You must prove the legal nature of your investment.

Good. Could you tell me how the application process works?

Procuring a Saint Lucia passport is a transparent, simple, proven and confidential procedure. First of all, you need to contact consultants specialising in the Caribbean investment programmes. According to the program requirements, it’s not possible to submit the passport paperwork on your own without recruiting officially licensed immigration specialists.

The Astons experts will guide you through all the milestones of passport application, will help you speed up the process, minimise the risks and achieve the guaranteed result. Experienced lawyers will look into your situation and review your capacities, needs and interests, recommend the best-fitting investment options and offer you a detailed action plan.

1. The Astons consultants will help you gather all the documents required for the investment program and review them carefully. Due to this meticulous verification, you can remain confident in the guaranteed result. As a rule, it only takes two to four weeks to collect and review all the documents.

2. After the documents are double-checked, your passport application will be sent to the Saint Lucia authorities.

3. The Saint Lucia authorities will review and inspect your application and grant you a provisional approval. This may take around eight weeks.

4. On the next stage, you invest into a best-fitting option: a government fund, property or bonds.

5. Congratulations! Your family and yourself are now citizens of Saint Lucia. The local authorities will send you a certificate for passport collection so you’ll be able to retrieve the passport iself.

Sounds simple. Will I have to travel to Saint Lucia for the passport?

No, you won’t. The Astons experts will help you arrange everything remotely. You can opt to receive the Saint Lucia passport for your family and yourself by mail or pick up the passport in one of Astons’s global offices.

It’s very convenient. Will I have to pass any exams or go through an interview to receive the passport?

No. According to the immigration programme, you won’t have to pass any language or history exams.

Great! Is the weather good over there? We might consider a family vacation.

The climate of Saint Lucia is very favourable: the temperature is around 20-26°C all year long. The climate is tropical and mild: the heat is compensated by the sea breeze. The period from May to August may be rainy, yet the rains are short so you’ll be enjoying the sunshine just a couple minutes after a tropical shower.

Sounds fantastic! To be honest, I haven’t read that much about Saint Lucia. Is there any useful information that a potential citizen should know?

Saint Lucia is an island within the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. Its capital is the town of Castries. Castries is also the island’s most popular tourist destination with a beautiful port. This tropical land was discovered by Columbus at the very beginning of the XVI century on the day of Saint Lucia, hence the island’s name.

This Caribbean state is a member of the British Commonwealth. The monarch of Saint Lucia is Queen Elizabeth II represented locally by the Governor-General. The official language is English which is convenient for both tourists and future citizens. Many islanders speak patois – a local dialect of French.

Are there any sights to see there?

Sure! You may not only indulge yourself in the pleasures of seaside vacation but also see plenty of natural reserves: Maria Islands, Pigeon Island, Mankote Mangrove. There you’ll be able to observe rare tropical animals and stroll across abundant exotic flora.

If you decide to come to the island, make sure you visit the local restaurants: the cuisine of Saint Lucia has encompassed Creole, French, African and Indian traditions, which resulted in an astonishing blend. Local cooks can combine in a single recipe the tropical fruit and seafood so don’t hesitate to taste shrimp, grilled fish or chowder with the sauce of mango, pineapple or coconut.

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