The Council of Europe Language Policy Portal provides access to important resources. The Council of Europe understands the importance of language in the democratic functioning of society. In response to the needs of EU member states, the Council of Europe began compiling resources a few decades ago. These materials are available to benefit Europe’s citizens and it has become particular important to education professionals.

The portal isn’t limited to the official languages of European countries. The language portal includes foreign languages, minority dialects, regional languages, a variety of reference materials, and language resources designed for use in formal schooling settings. There is also a specific program that focuses on the needs of immigrants, migrants, and refugees to help them build skills in local languages and ease their integration into European cultures.

A range of learning tools and aids are available. These can be used to help expand current skills in a particular language or develop broader multilingual abilities.

The Language Policy Portal is part of the Council of Europe mission to promote intercultural understanding, the individual rights, social inclusion, and equal access to education.