The two New Zealand investor visa categories have raised nearly NZ$6 billion in the last decade, two-thirds of which are from Chinese applicants. However, authorities have also forfeited NZ$2.7 billion due to their high rejection rates.

New Zealand’s two investor visas have brought about capital worth around NZ$1.2 billion since July 1st, 2018. Accounting for fewer than a third of overall applications, the NZ$10 million category 1 visa contributed NZ$720 million, or nearly two-thirds of total investor visa revenue. Category 2, on the other hand, has had 155 participants invest nearly half a billion dollars over the last 11 months.

Since its 2008 launch, interest from Chinese applicants has dominated both investor categories. In aggregate, 65% of approved applicants (and 70% of those rejected) were welcomed from Mainland China.

On the opposite end of the scale, Americans have received 7% visa approvals, the British 5%, the Japanese 3%, while Singaporeans, Hongkongers, and Malaysians 2% each.

New Zealand’s programs have higher rejection rates than any other residence or citizenship by investment program. Out of the 2,901 investors who applied for one of the two visa categories since 2008, 974 (34%) had their application turned down.

As a consequence, New Zealand has surrendered around NZ$2.7 billion in potential investments.

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