The Astons experts are answering the frequently asked questions regarding immigration to Dominica and explain the advantages offered by a passport of this Caribbean state. 

When I was making inquiries on a second citizenship I learned it was possible to procure a passport of Dominica cheaper than with many other countries? Is this true?

Yes. Procuring a passport of the Caribbean states is many times cheaper than an EU citizenship. For example, the citizenship of Cyprus will require a minimum investment of  €2 million, the Maltese passport will set you back at €896,000 onwards, whereas the investment required for arranging a Dominica passport is only $100,000. At that, the citizenship of Dominica provides many benefits and privileges that will most likely cover your personal, family and business needs.

What are Dominica’s perks? 

They are manifold. The passport of Dominica, a member state of the British Commonwealth, provides you visa-free entry to 127 countries, including the EU and the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. It can be processed very fast – just in 2-3 months, and you can do it remotely. The local investment programme does not require living in Dominica – either before or after receiving the passport.

Another crucial factor for foreign business people is Dominica’s highly attractive taxation system. It doesn’t feature any taxes on foreign income, dividends, wealth or inheritance.

Can I get this wonderful passport for my entire family?

Sure. You can procure the passport of Dominica for your whole family in a broad sense: not only your wife and children (including financially dependent grown-ups below 30 y.o.) but also your parents (over 55 y.o.).

Sounds great. This must be a very popular investment programme. 

The Dominican programme has been in effect since 1993 and has enjoyed growing investor interest ever since. Moreover, in 2018 Dominica has topped the rating of countries providing citizenship by investment – for the second time in a row.

The immigration programmes were assessed by Financial Times based on a number of criteria: freedom of travel, living standards, minimum investment, compulsory visit or residence, ease of application processing, citizenship timeframe and security screening. Dominica led the field by all these factors.

I feel awkward yet I’ve always confused Dominica with Dominicana. Are they different countries?

Yes, they are absolutely separate countries although people often confuse them due to a similar name. The country in question Dominica is a Caribbean state, part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Dominica’s investment programme allows you to receive the passport in 2-3 months. Dominica’s official language is English.

The Dominican Republic is also in the Caribbean yet it’s part of the Greater Antilles and it’s located to the east of Haiti. The Dominican Republic is 65 times larger than Dominica. Its passport only allows you to visit 51 countries without a visa and the naturalisation process takes seven years. Most population of the Dominican Republic speaks Spanish.

I see. Suppose I’d like to get a passport of Dominica, where and how much should I invest?

The local immigration programme offers two investment options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and circumstances.

1. You may donate $100,000 to a state fund – the Economic Diversification Fund of Dominica. This investment is non-reimbursable.

2. You can invest $200,000 into Dominican property (approved by the country’s authorities) and hold this investment for three years only.

What are Dominica’s requirements for its future citizens? 

There are just a few:

1. Provide a certificate of no criminal record

2. Prove the legal status of invested funds

3. Be over 18 years old

4. Pass the security screening

5. Pass a medical test

Are there any exams? 

No. The investment programme of Dominica implies no language or history exams.

OK. What does the application process look like?

Procuring a Dominica passport is a simple and clear. You need to contact the immigration consultants specialising in the Caribbean investment programmes (it’s not possible to submit Dominica passport paperwork on your own).

The Astons experts will guide you through all the milestones of passport application, will help you speed up the process, minimise the risks and achieve the guaranteed result. Experienced lawyers will look into your situation and review your capacities, needs and interests, recommend the best-fitting investment options and offer you a detailed action plan.

1. The Astons experts will help you collect all required documents, check them thoroughly and submit to the Dominica authorities (through an authorised local agent as required by the law). In our office, you may provide fingerprints and get a list of recommended medical institutions where you can obtain a health certificate.

2.  The Dominica authorities will review your application and grant you a provisional approval

3. Once your application is approved, you will invest into a best-fitting option: the government fund or property

4. Congratulations! On this stage, you will receive a certificate for passport collection. After that, you’ll be able to get the passport within one week. You don’t have to travel for it – the new passport will be mailed to you. 

One more question: in case my family and I would like to live in Dominica for some period of time, is there anything to see?

Sure! Dominica is an exciting tropical country with a beautiful climate. Among its sights, you will find the Boiling Lake where the water temperature is 90°C, the Trafalgar Falls, astonishing beaches one of which was filmed in the Pirates of the Carribean, as well as mango, coconut and almond forests. Dominica also has a wonderful cuisine: the local restaurants are famous for their Spanish, American and Creole culinary traditions.

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